Ed is off to Kedang Kangri

Next week, ash cloud willing, we hope to be following Ed Douglas on his latest travels. Ed is off to Kedang Kangri and he will be updating us on Rohantime on his progress, technology willing.

In Ed’s own word
“The plan is straightforward enough. With two companions, Julian Attwood and Martin Johnson, I’m flying to Kathmandu, en route for the Tibetan plateau and a little-known range of mountains some 200km north of the Nepali border. Some parts of the Himalaya might be familiar ground, but this is a vast area and it doesn’t take much to escape the crowds. It’s not that we’re some kind of rare breed who must do something for the first time. It’s just fun sometimes to take the road less travelled. We don’t even have a proper photo of where we’re going. Our mountain, Kedang Kangri”…

Ed’s introduction to the trip on Rohantime.

Ed Douglas writes about mountain areas and their people. His articles have appeared in National Geographic, New Scientist, Outside magazine, The Guardian, The Observer and The Daily Telegraph. He is also a regular broadcaster on radio.

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