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Welcome to Rohan Newcastle from Manager Sharon Mabon, Sharon Andrews, Lynn Howe, Audrey Howe, Gailan Sharp, Jenny Carson, Alice Mabon and Pat Brown.

Shop Address: 17 Eldon Garden, Newcastle NE1 7RA

Shop Phone Number: 01912 610033

Shop Opening Times:

Monday: 11:00 – 16:00
Tuesday: 09:00 – 17:30
Wednesday: 09:00 – 17:30
Thursday: 09:00 – 18:00
Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
Saturday: 09:00 – 17:30
Sunday: Closed

Directions to store – We are situated in the city centre in Eldon Gardens. We are a 5 minute walk from Haymarket Bus and Metro Station. If you are travelling by car you can use Eldon Garden carpark off Percy Street which at present costs £5 per day or £1.30 per hour.

Staff Recommendations – Directly outside our store we have Esspreso cafe, where you can buy a wide range of snacks and beverages at reasonable prices. The nearest pub is the Goose which is just downstairs to us and offers a wide range of beverages to suit every taste as well as a varied bar menu.

Local Knowledge – Alnwick Gardens, Hadrians Wall, Cragside, Bamburgh Castle, Holy Isle of Lindisfarne, Keilder Water, Durham Cathedral, Beamish Museum, Coast to Coast Cycle Route, Northumberland National Park, High Force, Angel of the North and Hamsterly Forest, the list is endless of the regions highlights and whatever your interest you will find many options right on our doorstep. In our store we have the local knowledge of these attractions and will be only to pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you.


  1. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Summer Essentials is in full swing – be summer ready, not left behind !!!!

    We have a great range of summer clothing with a great discounts – Shirts, Polo’s and T shirts in fantastic colours. They will do just the job in keeping you cool and comfortable.

    We look forward to seeing you in store soon !!!!

  2. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    The sun is out, and summer is ready to begin! This warm weather may be glorious, but it does bring along with it hidden dangers. Luckily, Rohan pioneered fabric testing or UV rays over 15 years ago has you covered (literally!) with UV-blocking, sun protective clothing to suit all styles and situations.

    For ladies, we recommend the Essence T for casual warm weather wear. This soft and comfortable short-sleeved tee comes in a variety of colours, with Sun Protection UPF 40+ and Dynamic Moisture Control to beat the sweaty seasons! It is affordable at £29, and can be easily worn under warmer clothing, keeping you comfortable and protected all year round. If you prefer something smarter, the Sanctuary Shirt comes with the added protection of Insect Shield, helping to beat the sun and the bugs that so often come with it! Top either off these off with a pair of ankle-length Tangier Trousers, also with UPF 40+, and you have a smart but practical look to take to the beach!

    The men’s equivalent of the Essence T is the Element T, boasting the same Sun Protection and Dynamic Moisture Control properties in a variety of colours, as well as an additional Element Pocket T style with a handy chest pocket. It’s ideal for hot, casual weather, and won’t break the budget at £29. If you’d rather have something more adventurous, the Aura Shirt is smart, comfortable, and built for hot weather with UPF 40+, Dynamic Moisture Control, and Airflow weaves. Worn with the ultra-lightweight Goas, and you can take anything this Summer throws at you!

    Whether you’re out and about to do some pre-holiday shopping, or just stocking up on summer-ready clothing, pop by the Rohan Newcastle store at Eldon Gardens to see what we have on offer!

  3. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    I wouldn’t claim to be a superstitious person, BUT the only rain we’ve had this week in Newcastle has occurred today. On Friday 13th. Coincidence?

    We have had plenty of customers asking for lightweight waterproofs in the wake of this weather: I would call the need for a decent waterproof coat during summer more practical than superstitious! For the combination of hot weather and scattered showers, we recommend the Elite Jacket. This is our lightest waterproof coat, with a total weight of 300g, and fully customised with breathable Barricade technology. It is ideal for negotiating unpredictable weather, and can pack into its Packpocket to be thrown into a bag without weighing you down.

    If you prefer a more classic look, the Cloudscape Jacket is for you. Heavier than the Elite (then again, what isn’t?) at 595g, this two-layer system offers you more protection from the elements without sacrificing its waterproofing abilities. Inspired by the first Rohan designs, the Cloudscape will give you a classy vintage look while you’re out and about this summer!

    The Rohan Newcastle staff will be more than happy to help you pick the right waterproof for you, so feel free to brave the grey skies and stop by!

  4. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    What would YOU do with 18 hours of daylight?

    Personally, the first thing I would do is check the weather forecast, rub my eyes in disbelief, and maybe do a joyful little dance. Next, I’d be planning my next trip. Plenty of our regular customers are taking advantage of the gorgeous weekend ahead of us and heading to the coast and country, on camping and caravan (and glamping!) trips. It’s the perfect weather for it, and we’ve waited long enough!

    Our Malay & Tunis series for ladies are perfect for this kind of weather. The blended fabric is a special sort: at 55% linen, you get the cool feel of the fabric without the dreadful creasing issue that always comes with pure linen. The creases will naturally fall out with your body heat! We have quite a range of clothing in this material, from full-length trousers to sleeveless tops. Look smart and cool, feel smart and cool.

    Men can also take advantage of these lovely linen blends: we have the Zephyr Shirt for days when you want to look smart and casual in this warm weather, but for those times when looking dapper is key, the Maroc Trousers and Jacket combo is ideal. At 45% linen, the Maroc is particularly popular with people attending weddings or business trips abroad and in hot climates, keeping the heat at bay without sacrificing any of your charm. They come in Ink and Moonlight Blue Stripe, so feel free to mix-&-match and see what suits you best!

    If you can pull yourself away from the seaside this weekend, feel free to visit us at Rohan Newcastle and see what we have in store!

  5. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Have you ever had the feeling you’ve experienced a year’s worth of seasons in one week? At Newcastle, we certainly do! After a flash of lovely weather, followed by snowflakes the size of 50p coins, hailstones, 10 minutes of sunshine, and even more snow, I’m not ready to give up my Troggings just yet!

    Speaking of Troggings, the ever-reliable customer (and staff!) favourite is one of the cold-weather clothing items still in the Mid-Season Sale. Taking a huge leap from £57 to just £39 for both men and women’s versions, these walking trousers come armed with a water repellent coating and UPF 40+ UV protection and are one of the most comfortable yet practical trousers available. You might even end up needing multiples (I have two pairs!).

    The Mid-Season Sale has been so popular that this may be the last chance to get certain items suitable for colder weather. The sale ends this Monday (eep!), so act fast and come and see us at Rohan Newcastle to take advantage of the great savings!

  6. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    April showers bring May flowers, and April spiels mean fabulous deals! Our mid-season sale is now live, and we have many fantastic items at wallet-friendly prices looking for their ideal owners.

    Roamers fans (and I know there are lots of you) will know that our bestselling neutral Roamers almost never go in the sale … but rules are made to be broken! Normally £69, the black Roamers have gone down to a rare £55, making comfort even more affordable. Or, if you prefer our waterproof version, the Pewter Grey Dry Roamers with added Barricade technology are down to £63.50 from £98. Ideal for hikers, dog walkers, and … basically anybody who knows how quickly British weather can change!

    Men’s apparel is also seeing a drastic drop in price. Remember our pocket-y marvel, the Frontier Jacket? This jacket is one of our favourites, sporting a lightweight design and 11 pockets for holding maps, walking gear, and anything you may need along the journey: and the graphite version is plummeting to £119 from £149! Combine them with Dry Pioneers (also at £63.50) and you’ll be prepared to take on any wilderness!

    We have a selection of sale items currently in stock, and remember – if we don’t have your size in store, we can always have it ordered in (or sent to your home to avoid another trip into town!). Just ask a sales associate at Rohan Newcastle, and we’ll be more than happy to help!

  7. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    The scenery around Rohan Newcastle lately has been looking less like a glorious English springtime and more like a scene from Silent Hill. What dreadful fog! We’ve been having such in-between weather: too hot for heavy coats, and far too cold for thin jackets.

    As spooky as it is, this is the kind of environment that our lightweight waterproof jackets thrive in. The Elite Jacket is the lightest waterproof we do, and has proven very popular in this uncertain weather. Fully waterproof with Barricade technology, wind-resistant, and made of rip-stop nylon, it is tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions, while at 335g is light enough not to overheat and overburden you. It’s even small and light enough to pack into its own Packpocket, so you can throw it in your bag when the sun DOES decide to make an appearance! It comes in Amber & Pitch Blue for men, and Fuse Pink & Blue Haze for women. Stylish, and very, very functional!

    If you’re brave enough to make your way through the mist, stop by Rohan Newcastle and try on the Elite Jacket (or any of its Rohan relatives) for yourself!

  8. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    I’m currently sitting here, looking out the window of the Rohan Newcastle warehouse, where it looks like the Heavens have opened for the first time in ages! After a run of lovely weather, it looks like Mother Nature has decided to remind everyone exactly what keeps this region so green. Surrounded by luggage and brand new travel clothing, it definitely makes me crave an adventure.

    And apparently I’m not the only one. Many of our regular customers have been trading leisure for adventure this year, opting for active exploration holidays and road trips rather than a week on the sun lounger. North and South America, Australia, and New Zealand have been particularly popular destinations, and our customers know they need to come prepared! That’s why the Frontier and Tourer Jackets have been so well received. Designed to be lightweight and comfortable during long treks, the Frontier Jacket boasts eleven (yes, ELEVEN!) pockets to accommodate wallets, passports, maps, and anything else that may come in useful out in the wilderness. Made from the same Airlight material as our famous Bags, the Tourer Jacket is lightweight and practical, high-wicking and fast-drying, and comes in a vest version for those who prefer something even lighter. You’d be set on the longest of long hauls with either of these fantastic jackets!

    If you’re planning on being adventurous this summer, trek on down to Rohan Newcastle and check these jackets out for yourself!

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