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Welcome to Rohan Newcastle from Manager Sharon Mabon, Sharon Andrews, Lynn Howe, Audrey Howe, Gailan Sharp, Jenny Carson, Alice Mabon and Pat Brown.

Shop Address: 17 Eldon Garden, Newcastle NE1 7RA

Shop Phone Number: 01912 610033

Shop Opening Times:

Monday: 09:00 – 17:30
Tuesday: 09:00 – 17:30
Wednesday: 09:00 – 17:30
Thursday: 09:00 – 18:00
Friday: 09:00 – 17:30
Saturday: 09:00 – 17:30
Sunday: Closed

Directions to store – We are situated in the city centre in Eldon Gardens. We are a 5 minute walk from Haymarket Bus and Metro Station. If you are travelling by car you can use Eldon Garden carpark off Percy Street which at present costs £5 per day or £1.30 per hour.

Staff Recommendations – Directly outside our store we have Esspreso cafe, where you can buy a wide range of snacks and beverages at reasonable prices. The nearest pub is the Goose which is just downstairs to us and offers a wide range of beverages to suit every taste as well as a varied bar menu.

Local Knowledge – Alnwick Gardens, Hadrians Wall, Cragside, Bamburgh Castle, Holy Isle of Lindisfarne, Keilder Water, Durham Cathedral, Beamish Museum, Coast to Coast Cycle Route, Northumberland National Park, High Force, Angel of the North and Hamsterly Forest, the list is endless of the regions highlights and whatever your interest you will find many options right on our doorstep. In our store we have the local knowledge of these attractions and will be only to pleased to share our experience and knowledge with you.

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  1. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    YEAH SUMMER IS HERE! we currently have 20% off some selected summer lines . Why not pop in to our store and have a look around we have great staff who are very happy to help.

  2. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    It seems I spoke too soon – after singing the praises of the warm weather from last week, things have definitely taken a downwards turn! Torrential rain up and down the country, sparing no mercy for the North East. You’d never believe that summer was just around the corner!

    During weather like this, you want a waterproof that is lightweight enough not to overwhelm you in the heat while keeping you dry and comfortable in the rain. For ladies, we recommend the Vapour Trail Jacket – fully waterproof with our 2.5-layer Barricade technology and wind resistant, it can take whatever the British winter can throw at it For men, we love the Dry Delta – also fully waterproof, it’s lightweight and soft to the touch, lacking the slick, plastic sensation of most waterproof coats. And if it gets too chilly? Layer up with our Microrib and Microgrid fleeces. Available for both men and women in a variety of colours, the grid and ribbed designs trap air between divots of fabric in the garment, keeping you warm without bulking you out with excess padding and material. Mix and match to keep yourself at the perfect temperature!

    So if you’re headed anywhere hot this half term or just want to update your summer wardrobe, swing by Rohan Newcastle & see what we have in store!

  3. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Your friendly neighbourhood sales advisors at Rohan Newcastle have been loving the gorgeous weather as of late! We’ve been spending our days off visiting lovely local sites and sights, such as Plessey Woods and Longsands Beach. Both come highly recommended by us, but it is also highly recommended that you stay cool as the spring/summer heat ramps up.

    Our Linen Plus range is ideal for combatting the warm weather. Made of a blend of linen and polyester, this fabric has the cooling power of linen without the weakness of a rapidly creasing material. It’ll fold nicely in luggage, and any creases it might take on will fall out as you walk, reacting to your own body heat. For women, the Malay range includes long-sleeved and sleeveless shirts, mid and maxi dresses, full-length trousers, cropped trousers, and even a wide-brimmed sun hat! For men, the Maroc range includes long and short-sleeved shirts, suit jackets, and suit trousers!

    Our recommendation? Slap on the sun tan lotion, throw on some Linen Plus, and enjoy the sunshine! Swing by our Rohan Newcastle store to stock up for the summer!

  4. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    As I we don’t spoil you enough … the Rohan Mid-Season Sale is now on!

    This season’s mini-sale includes a variety of both warm and cold-weather clothing. If you feel you missed out on some chilly-weather clothing, are headed on holiday, or just fancy adding to your wardrobe, this is an ideal opportunity to take advantage of some massive savings. Dry Roamers (navy) are down to £79 from £99, Dry Requisites (fog grey) see a drop to £64, and the Tundra Jacket – one of our personal favourites – is taking a huge tumble from £245 full price to just £98!

    Savings opportunities like this don’t come around often, so swing by Rohan Newcastle and see what we have in store

  5. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Hope you’re all having a lovely Easter weekend! The four-day weekend begins today, and people are already taking advantage of the lovely sunny weather and flocking to North East beauty spots. If you’re visiting, we recommend Seahouses, Whitley Bay, Tynemouth, and Bamburgh Castle to soak up the sun and relax!

    Of course, sometimes a lick of sun tan lotion isn’t enough. It’s always important to cover up and make sure you’re well-protected from UV rays, even in our changeable climate – a cloudy sky can turn to burning sunshine within minutes! Luckily, Rohan has you (quite literally) covered with our Essence and Element T’s. Available in a variety of colours for both men and women, they’re our standard tees with lots of hidden extras. Dynamic Moisture Control spreads moisture through the fabric and allows it to evaporate over a larger surface area, keeping you drier for longer, and a UPF protection of 40+ ranks it with our best UV-ray protective clothing. Think of them as your secret armour from the harsh sun!

    We have many more UPF protective clothing in stock, so stay safe this weekend, use plenty of sun tan lotion, and check into Rohan Newcastle to see what else we have in store!

  6. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Well, Gift Your Gear at Rohan finished. For those of you who managed to take advantage of our 15% offer, congratulations on your new summer wardrobe!

    It’s as if Mother Nature is paying attention, because this week in the North East has been glorious. Gorgeous sunshine, interspersed with the occasional, predictably unpredictable weather. I was stuck in an indoor market for an hour on Saturday while hailstones fell outside! Not the most pleasant experience, but a good way to illustrate how useful hot weather waterproofs are!

    The Elite Jackets are famously are most lightweight, breathable, and protective waterproof coats. At 350g and with a pack size of 850ml, it’s light and small enough to fold into a suitcase or bag while not being used – just whip it out when the Heavens open, as they undoubtedly will in the UK! The Elite comes in a men’s and women’s version, with the men’s in Cloud Grey and True Blue, and the women’s in Crimson. But if you prefer a little more coverage, the women’s Skyline Jacket is also an option: just like the Elite, but longer, and in a fetching Damson purple!

    If you’re thinking about a lightweight summer waterproof, now is the ideal time to swing by Rohan Newcastle and see for yourself!

  7. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    There’s just one week left to donate to Gift Your Gear at a rohan shop!

    Some customers have been asking what our favourite items of the season are, and we can’t recommend Merino enough. Merino is a soft, fine , self-regulating wool that adapts to your own body temperature, keeping you as warm or as cool as you need to be. It’s an extremely effective wicking fabric, delaying the onset of perspiration during warm weather or intensive activity, and stays fresh far longer than any synthetic equivalent, making it perfect for travel, keeping fit, general wear, and … just about anything! We have many Merino products, from shirts to socks to hats to winter coats, but in particular we recommend the Extrafine Merino Knitted Crew-Neck Top for men, and the Extrafine Merino Knitted Cover-Up Cardi for women, both smart-yet-practical options for the upcoming months, and beyond!

    If April 2nd flies by and you miss this year’s Gift Your Gear, you’ll have another chance later this year when the next season’s stock arrives. But if you’re shopping for warm weather gear from our SS17 range, you don’t have much time left! Come to Rohan Newcastle and see what we have in store!

  8. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    Seven giant boxes and counting – aren’t our Newcastle customers a generous lot?!

    The bi-annual Gift Your Gear event is one of my favourite times of the year working as a Rohan employee. We get to see some of the most interesting items from times gone by, from well-loved Bags to Olfio Jackets & Wild Vests. It’s great to see these clothes have stood the test of time, but even better to see customers walking away with something brand new, on-trend, and 15% off!

    Everything full price is 15% off when you donate your unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Newcastle. The keen-eyed among you have been taking advantage of this offer when it comes to lightweight waterproofs, such as the top-of-the-line Elite Jackets. In Crimson for women and Cloud Grey/True Blue for men, their feather-light 300g weight means they’re an ideal coat for the summer, and for packing into suitcases. A tiny weight and 850ml pack size means more room for souvenirs … or more Rohan clothes! And with Gift Your Gear, the usual £249 Elite is now a much more agreeable £211.65, saving you £37.35 in total. Not a bad swap for your old t-shirt gathering dust in the wardrobe!

    Donate to Gift Your Gear at Rohan until the 2nd of April, so swing by Rohan Newcastle and take advantage of the great spring/summer offers while you can!

  9. Rohan Newcastle Team says:

    It’s that time of year again! It seems like whenever Gift Your Gear isn’t on, we have customers asking when the next Gift Your Gear is on. As of today, Gift Your Gear Spring/Summer 2017 is live! But it’s only until the end of the month.

    You know the drill: donate any used but wearable walking gear at your local Rohan store, and receive 15% off something brand new! From waterproof coats to woolly pants, we will honour the discount on anything full-price in store, and your old gear will be going to a good home. Everything you donate goes to one of the approved Gift Your Gear charities and community groups. Check out our website for more on Gift Your Gear success stories from across the country! Your donations make all the difference.

    You’ll get another chance to hand in your used clothes for something sparkly & new this September, but if you’re after some warm weather clothing at a great discount before they start to sell out, now is the time! Hop down to Rohan Newcastle, and see what we have in store to stock up your summer wardrobe!

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