From the Mags… LRO – Rohan Bags Used and Abused

Land Rover Rohantime

From the Mags… Land Rover Owners Magazine April 2016

Rohan Bags Used and Abused (Page 32)

Big thank you to Peter Galilee for sharing his Rohan Bags story with Land Rover Magazine

Used and Abused – Rohan Bags

“Here’s my old pair of Rohan Bags – put simply, polycotton activity trousers with lots of pockets and reinforced knees. I bought my first pair in the mid 1980’s: a newspaper special offer claimed I’d never wear jeans again, after these I never have.

Bags are lightweight and quick drying and they pack small. They’re tough – this pair is about 18 years old!. They have been all over world as travel trousers, were demoted to machinery installation work (brutal on clothing) and eventually to gardening and dirty LRO photoshoots. They’ve been worn and washed hundreds of times. Some of the zips don’t work now and there’s a rip in the seat, but they are still useable.

I just bought a replacement pair. There is nothing like them – alternatives just won’t be was good. And over their lifetime, Rohan Bags are probably the cheapest item of clothing you will ever buy.

Verdict:- After these, forget jeans – indispensable” – Peter Galilee

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  1. Two iconic bits of kit designed for the outdoors that have stood the test of time. Land Rover and Rohan Bags

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