How do you like your waterproofs?


The long and the short of it – How do you like your waterproofs?

The reason I ask is because on very many occasions in the last couple of years I have been more than grateful for the longer length waterproof. Previous to a couple of years ago I have been happy wearing what is now the standard length for most waterproof jackets, the Alpine look,  which ends just over the bottom. Or, depending on your height not even over the bottom. They are contoured to accommodate the hip area and end somewhere in that area.

I first revisited the longer waterproof when I found myself walking the Dales Way with Clare Balding.The weather was to say the least dreadful. The tail end of storm Bertha prevailed. I was wearing a Hilltop and Rohan Bags. At some point during the early part of the walk Clare asked me if we (she) should put on waterproof trousers. I said no. I have never been forgiven. In hindsight the reason why I said no was totally self-interest. I didn’t need to. The Hilltop Jacket covered all the core body area. The lower Bags leg, although socking, well we all know how long Bags take to dry.

Since then I notice that I have been drawn to the longer length for walking. I could put this down to the end-on storms we are experiencing. The secret added bonus, I have discovered, is given my long arms the longer length and lower pocket positions means I can walk with my hands in the pocket at a more comfortable level. Not a lot of people know this, unless you have long arms.

The good news is the Hilltop Jacket is no longer alone, a sister jacket the Women’s Skyline Jacket has joined the celebration of length.

Available in a longer length than its cousin, the Elite Jacket, the ultra-lightweight Skyline Jacket is brilliant for more coverage in wet weather. Read more about the Rohan Women’s Skyline Jacket

Rohan Womens Skyline Jacket

How do you like your waterproofs?


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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    I like longer for walking, but shorter for packing away (to save weight and bulk)

    The Men’s Skyline is, sadly for me, an aspirational garment…

  2. Atlas is also a longer jacket,and designed to be fairly spacious in order to allow for layering.

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