Nick Hughes 30 years of International Aid Work

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Nick Hughes from Rohan Woodbridge on his 30 years of international aid work – and the refugee crisis the world faces today.

Listen to Nick talking to Lesley Dolphin on BBC Radio Suffolk

His work in international development and emergency relief took him around the globe, providing humanitarian aid during the final years of the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia, the fall of Kabul to the Taliban, the invasion of Iraq, and internal conflict in Sudan.

“There are parallels with Afghanistan in the 1980s”, explains Nick Hughes, reflecting on today’s ongoing Syrian migrant crisis.

“Soviet occupation forced four or five million refugees into Pakistan and Iran. What’s different about Syria is the number of people coming into Europe.”

Nick is able to draw such a comparison, having spent the years between 1981 and 2010 working for international aid charities including Save the Children, War ChildSave the Children, War Child and the children’s rights organisation, Terre des hommes.

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    Thanks for the positive feedback on this so far. I hope to get a .wmv file of the interview that I can post.

    There may well be more to come in a few months so don’t go thinking you’ve got away with it just yet, Nick may well be invited back as there is more where that came from.

  2. Rohan Woodbridge Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

    If you’re at a very loose end on Tuesday 2nd. February and in the Radio Suffolk area between 1500 and 1600, Nick will feature as Lesley Dolphin’s guest talking about his work overseas.

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