New Arrivals Update Rohan Spring 2016 – Spark Vest

Rohan Spark Vest Women's

We are featuring on Rohantime a selection of stand out new arrivals.

Today the New Arrival is the Spark Vest

Spark Vest


“There is a lot of Rohan in a Spark”

There certainly is. Spark has a lot of heritage behind it stretching back over 30 years. Ultra-lightweight, warm, insulated Spark Vest is good for any season or occasion that calls for extra core warmth.

Mens Spark

Fabric: OUTER: 100% polyamide. FILLING: Insuloft™ 100% polyester (40gsm body) LINING: 100% polyester.
Weight: 125g
Pack Size: 350ml
Drying Time: 2 hours

Spark the lightweight, reversible, excellent warm to weight, windproof, water-resistant and small pack size.

If you have a Spark Vest please join in. 

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