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Welcome to Rohan Norwich from Manager Selina Clarke, Steve Harvey, Simon Riceman, Sue Sharman and Sylvia Campling.

Shop  Phone Number: 01603 624328

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Shop Address: 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich, NR2 1PT

Rohan Norwich Shop 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich, NR2 1PT

Parking – If travelling by car, you could use the vast central Castle Mall car park, which is inexpensive. Other car parks (St Stephens, St Giles and St Benedicts, names reflecting gates in the medieval city wall) are dotted around the city centre. Norwich is a great town to stroll around and, wherever you park, keep your eyes open for historical buildings such as the city’s towering Norman Cathedral (a museum which also houses a wonderful collection of works by the Norwich School of Artists such as Cotman and Crome), the ancient flint Guildhall, The Royal Arcade, our impressive, art deco 1938-built City Hall near the Market Place and the recently re-opened Dragon Hall in King Street.

Staff Recommendations – Two large covered shopping malls, Castle Mall and Chapelfield, are handily placed and are well furnished with restaurants and coffee shops. In fact, there are too many good eateries in town to list, though The Waffle House in St Giles deserves special mention- which has been the location of many staff birthday parties.

rohan_norwich instore

Local Knowledge – Norwich was long regarded as the second most important city in the Kingdom (a claim the York store also makes for its own town, we notice!) but the ancient port of Norwich and most of the traditional old light industry for which Norwich was famous- especially shoe manufacturing- has given way here as everywhere else in Britain to new commerce, with tourism, financial and service industries, the local economy’s mainstays nowadays. Happily, many old streets survived the craze to modernise and widen in the 1960’s, notably the picturesque cobbled Elm Hill. Old narrow alleys known as The Lanes house a multitude of interesting little shops, and the city comes alive at night in numerous clubs and pubs and in the well-known Arts Centre. A short trip out of town will bring you to the Norfolk Broads, famed for boating holidays, while Norfolk’s countryside and Seaside resorts bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the county every year.

With so many attractions on your doorstep in Norwich, why don’t you come and see us?



  1. Rohan Norwich says:


    Last year’s Finnic Cardi came in a charcoal print,
    and sold out faster than a Usain Bolt sprint.
    This year’s print is navy blue,
    and already as rare as rocking horse poo.

    But whisper it quietly we’ve just had a few delivered to store,
    so to avoid disappointment beat a path to our door.
    Don’t miss out two years on the trot,
    when these are gone, that’s your lot.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor & Travel Clothing.

  2. Rohan Norwich says:

    Cold mornings are now upon us why not try one of our Icepack Jackets.
    With a better warmth-to-weight ratio to a fleece.
    Its lightweight and filled with Insuloft so great for keeping you warm even when its wet.
    The Fabric is also shower proof so great if you get caught in the rain.
    Come in and take a look and feel how light this jacket really is.
    Available for men and women.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  3. Rohan Norwich says:


    Why doesn’t our parka have a faux fur hood?
    Perhaps you’re thinking it really should.
    But when we get more rain than snow,
    faux fur gets soaking wet, don’t you know!

    It also comes minus a fish-tail rear,
    as you probably won’t be riding a Vespa anytime this year.
    So if you are no longer a 60’s Mod,
    perhaps you should give a 21st century parka the nod.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    The new Outpost Jacket for men and women, a new
    take on the classic Parka.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor & travel clothing.

  4. Rohan Norwich says:


    We have a small but beautifully assembled range of Ecco footwear.
    For both men and women we have styles suitable for City breaks
    through to serious trail walking. Why not come in, discuss your
    requirements and try on a few styles. If you are new to Ecco footwear
    we think you will be impressed.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  5. Rohan Norwich says:

    Here in Norwich we would like to say a MASSIVE Thank You to all our customers for their kind generosity.
    We have sent off 12 large boxes of Gift Your Gear donations to the BIG sort soon find new homes and be put to great use again.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  6. Rohan Norwich says:

    Looks like we are in for a week of lovely warm sunny days
    but very cool mornings and evenings. This is just the sort
    of weather our Microgrid and Microrib fleeces were designed
    for. Far warmer than their weight and lack of bulk would
    suggest, perfect for those chilly mornings and evenings. Then
    when things warm up they pack away very small, many in to
    their own pack-pocket.
    Don’t get caught without one.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich.
    Specialists in Outdoor & Travel Clothing.

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