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Welcome to Rohan Norwich from Manager Selina Clarke, Assistant Manager Sally Toro, Steve Harvey, Simon Riceman, Sue Sharman and Sylvia Campling.

Shop  Phone Number: 01603 624328

Shop Opening Times:

Monday 09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Shop Address: 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich, NR2 1PT

Rohan Norwich Shop  8 Back of the Inns, Norwich, NR2 1PT

Parking – If travelling by car, you could use the vast central Castle Mall car park, which is inexpensive. Other car parks (St Stephens, St Giles and St Benedicts, names reflecting gates in the medieval city wall) are dotted around the city centre. Norwich is a great town to stroll around and, wherever you park, keep your eyes open for historical buildings such as the city’s towering Norman Cathedral (a museum which also houses a wonderful collection of works by the Norwich School of Artists such as Cotman and Crome), the ancient flint Guildhall, The Royal Arcade, our impressive, art deco 1938-built City Hall near the Market Place and the recently re-opened Dragon Hall in King Street.

Staff Recommendations – Two large covered shopping malls, Castle Mall and Chapelfield, are handily placed and are well furnished with restaurants and coffee shops. In fact, there are too many good eateries in town to list, though The Waffle House in St Giles deserves special mention- which has been the location of many staff birthday parties.

rohan_norwich instore

Local Knowledge – Norwich was long regarded as the second most important city in the Kingdom (a claim the York store also makes for its own town, we notice!) but the ancient port of Norwich and most of the traditional old light industry for which Norwich was famous- especially shoe manufacturing- has given way here as everywhere else in Britain to new commerce, with tourism, financial and service industries, the local economy’s mainstays nowadays. Happily, many old streets survived the craze to modernise and widen in the 1960’s, notably the picturesque cobbled Elm Hill. Old narrow alleys known as The Lanes house a multitude of interesting little shops, and the city comes alive at night in numerous clubs and pubs and in the well-known Arts Centre. A short trip out of town will bring you to the Norfolk Broads, famed for boating holidays, while Norfolk’s countryside and Seaside resorts bring hundreds of thousands of tourists to the county every year.

With so many attractions on your doorstep in Norwich, why don’t you come and see us?



  1. Rohan Norwich says:

    Rohan Norwich open today and wishing
    the Canaries well in the play-off final
    at Wembley. “ON THE BALL CITY”.

    Rohan Designs Ltd, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor & Travel Clothing

  2. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the weather being so unpredictable at the moment, we have already had showers, hail and sunshine this week.
    You will need that lightweight waterproof just in case……
    Both the Elite jacket and Escapist jacket for ladies and gentleman are all completely waterproof, breathable and very lightweight.
    Come along and take a look.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns.

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  3. Rohan Norwich says:


    This is going to week of sunshine and showers,
    sometimes warm, sometimes chilly. In summary
    very changeable. Precisely the conditions the
    Windshadow Jacket was designed for. Incredibly
    lightweight, packs up very small, highly wind resistant
    and of course showerproof. Don’t get caught without

    Rohan. 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  4. Rohan Norwich says:

    A Taste of Summer

    Come and see our superb Summer range in store now!

    For The Ladies
    Tangier Range Trousers and Capris,
    Lightweight, Stretchy and UPF Protection.
    Ideal for home or Travel
    For The Men
    Goas are back!
    A lightweight No fuss pull on trouser
    High wicking finish UPF protection with Dynamic Moisture Control
    they will keep you cool all summer long!

    Rohan 8 Back of The Inns
    Travel and Outdoor Specialists.

  5. Rohan Norwich says:


    With only two days to go, preparations are well under way for the second Bird Fair to be held in Norfolk.
    It will be held again in the delightful surrounds of Mannington Hall,
    We will be there for both days so take time out this weekend to pop along and say Hello.
    We will be in the main marquee with many great offers.
    If you come along Sunday you will also get the chance to meet Bill Oddie who will be about and giving talks.
    See you all there.

    For more information visit

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  6. Rohan Norwich says:


    Rohan Norwich are going to be at this great event
    which promises to be bigger and better than last year.
    Held in the magnificent setting of Mannington Hall
    between Norwich and Holt, this is going to be a
    fabulous event for all those who enjoy wildlife, the countryside,
    beautiful gardens, historical settings and all things appertaining to
    the great outdoors.
    This year we will be selling our great clothing at the event
    so come along and check us out and benefit from the great
    show offer of 20% off all lines

    The Norfolk Bird & Wildlife Fair
    15th & 16th May Mannington Hall, Norfolk.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor & Travel Clothing

  7. Rohan Norwich says:

    Here comes Summer…….
    Get your sun protection clothing from Rohan
    Keep safe in the sun!
    Rohan uses state of the art technologies to protect you from the
    harmful rays .
    We offer the lightest most packable clothing to keep you safe
    and comfortable anywhere in the world.

    Rohan 8 back of the Inns
    Specialists in Travel and Outdoor clothing.

  8. Rohan Norwich says:

    It’s Bank Holiday Monday.
    We are open.
    Weather-wise it’s the best day of the week,
    and it’s the last day of our Mid-Season Sale.
    So today’s the day if you want a great deal on a waterproof,
    for tomorrow you get wet.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialist in Outdoor & Travel Clothing.

  9. Rohan Norwich says:

    Mid Season Sale is well underway
    Take advantage of our great offers, Many lines over 35% off.
    Hurry now …Sale finishes
    Monday May 4th!

  10. Rohan Norwich says:

    There never was a better time to take advantage of our
    Mid-Season sale. Plenty of summer wear for days like
    this with the sun shining, but also plenty of warmer items
    for the cooler days we are being told to expect over the
    next few weeks. Don’t miss out.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich.
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  11. Rohan Norwich says:

    The mid season sale has now started with lots of offers now in store.
    Pop into store and see what we have got. Ends in store on 2nd May.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Travel and outdoor clothing.

  12. Rohan Norwich says:


    A blend of 55% linen and 45% polyester giving you that cool
    linen look and feel without all the creases.
    Our ladies range has expanded this year. We now have two
    dresses the Malay and the Tunis. Two colours of the Tunis
    Trousers and two colours of the Malay Jacket. Add the Malay
    Top and Malay shirt and we have everything you need for that
    smart/casual look as the weather gets warmer.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor & Travel Clothing.

  13. Rohan Norwich says:

    Reasons to love the Fenland Shirt.

    1. New Poly/cotton mix.
    2. UPF 40+ sun protection.
    3. Secure zippered pocket.
    4. Long or short sleeved.
    5. Cheaper price point

    What are you waiting for?

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  14. Rohan Norwich says:

    With temperatures set to rise this week, why not come in and take a look at our new Spring/Summer Collection.
    We have a vast range of shorts for the men and shorts and Capri trousers for the ladies.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  15. Rohan Norwich says:

    Technical Travel Clothing doesn’t need to look like
    Technical Travel clothing.
    Pop along today and our friendly knowledgeable staff will be happy
    to help you with all your travel and outdoor needs !

    Rohan 8 Back of The Inns
    Travel and Outdoor Specialists .

  16. Rohan Norwich says:


    Gentlemen, now the sun is shining at last we have never had a better
    choice in shorts. Choose from Bag Shorts, Convey Shorts, Outrider Shorts,
    Fusion Shorts, Consignment Shorts. A great choice of lengths, fabrics, colours and pocket configurations means we have something for everyone.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  17. Rohan Norwich says:

    We would like to wish all our customers a very Happy Easter, and don’t forget we are open on Easter Monday from 10-4 so come along and see us.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  18. Rohan Norwich says:

    Take advantage of the last day of Gift Your Gear.
    Ends 31st March.
    Bring in your old walking gear which is in a clean usable condition and get 15% off any new full priced stock.

  19. Rohan Norwich says:

    New arrivals into store today
    The lightweight Aura shirt in long and short sleeves for men, and the New Tangier Capri’s for the ladies.
    Come in store today to take a look.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Travel and Outdoor Clothing.

  20. Rohan Norwich says:


    Gift Your Gear ends a week today,
    That’s next Tuesday, to put it another way.
    Time is running out to support the cause,
    and if you want to save money you’d better not pause.
    31st March is the end of the current campaign,
    Miss it, and you must wait ’til it comes round again.
    If 15% off is what you are about,
    Don’t delay, time is running out.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  21. Rohan Norwich says:


    Rohan Norwich will be at the Norfolk Bird & Wildlife Fair at
    Mannington Hall on 16th & 17th May. Hope to see you there.

    Our resident Peregrine Falcons have nested again on our
    cathedral spire and have so far laid 2 eggs. Check them out
    on the Hawk & Owl Trust web site where you can view a web-cam.

    Have you voted yet for our National Bird? See our earlier post and
    vote at

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  22. Rohan Norwich says:


    When the new season Bags appeared in Dark Gold
    I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sold.
    Then Came the Pampas Jacket in an identical hue
    and I’m thinking, is it me, or our designers who haven’t a clue?

    Well very quickly I’m thinking it must be me
    this level of interest I didn’t foresee.
    Much to my surprise they are selling rather well.
    It seems they lift the spirits, they make you feel swell.

    Now I find when the shop is quiet they call to me
    I keep trying them on, just to see!
    The colour has got to me, I think I’m hooked
    Today I tried the jacket (again) to be told how good I looked.

    This guilty pleasure is not just for the men.
    We have the Tourer Jacket for you women.
    I keep seeing our manager try it on everyday
    she carries it off I have to say.

    It just goes to prove we don’t always know what will sell.
    When it comes to Dark Gold our designers have done well,
    and today I hear our Area Manager is really keen
    which is good for us, he’ll never creep up unseen!

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialist in Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  23. Rohan Norwich says:

    Britain’s National Bird

    Voting has now opened to nominate
    Britain’s National Bird. Unlike many countries
    Britain does not have, and has never had, a
    national bird and yet we have many iconic birds.

    The flock has been narrowed down to the final
    ten and you can now go on-line and cast your vote.
    The result will be announced on the same day as
    the general election result and is sure to over-shadow
    it in terms of national importance.

    Cast your vote at

    For me it’s the Barn Owl, but I understand the Robin
    is the bookies favourite.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing
    Much of which is great for bird watching (funnily enough!)

  24. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Linen collection has arrived.

    Look effortlessly elegant in Rohan Linens, we have a great collection
    of dresses, trousers ,jackets and shirts, just for you lovely ladies !!
    Crease resistant, durable easy care and machine washable .

    Don’t forget Gift Your Gear and get 15% off full price for the month of March!

    Rohan 8 Back of The Inns, Specialists in outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  25. Rohan Norwich says:

    Today’s new season arrivals.

    Men’s Pampas Jacket in Dark Gold or Ink.
    Women’s Tourer Jacket and Tourer Vest in Dark Gold (not the vest) or Riverstone.

    Light weight jacket options for him and her with plenty of pockets. Ideal for walking or travel.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  26. Rohan Norwich says:


    A new year
    Another opportunity to Gift Your Gear
    By now you know the drill
    Donate your old gear, save money at the till
    Clear you wardrobe, start anew
    The beneficiaries will be thanking you

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor and travel Clothing.

  27. Rohan Norwich says:

    More new arrivals in store toady, we have the Stronghold cap, Escaper cowl cap and the Outrider cap, come in and take a look, and while your in take advantage of the last day in store of the Winters End Promo.
    Ends online 1st March.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  28. Rohan Norwich says:


    Our Men’s Jeans now come in a tapered leg.
    Fantastic fit right off the peg.
    Technical features you’ve come to expect.
    Quality and performance you’ve learnt to respect.
    Our great stretch fabric that allows you to bend.
    Rohan Tapered Leg Jeans, bang on trend.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  29. Rohan Norwich says:

    Winters End

    Pop into the Rohan store and bag a bargain !
    Winters End promotion starts today, that’s a great saving on
    Vests, Down Jackets and Coats.
    Save nearly £100 on our Nightfall down Jacket, for men and women,
    its extremely light, lofts up fully for maximum warmth a bargain to be had and lots more!

    Rohan outdoor and travel store
    8 Back of The Inns

  30. Rohan Norwich says:


    Fenland Shirts – just received the new short sleeved version of our very successful poly/cotton shirt. Three really great colours.

    Frontier Jacket – replacement for our great Field Jacket and better in every way. Two great colours for that bird watching or safari trip.

    Freight Vest – updated version with a lighter more flexible fabric. Just as tough and with 10 pockets.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  31. Rohan Norwich says:


    Are you the shy retiring type,
    do you like to hide at the back?
    Or are you the bold, devil may care sort,
    prepared to give anything a crack?

    If you are the latter,
    then we have some trousers for you.
    Bags in an exciting new colour,
    far removed from fifty shades of blue.

    You will spot them as soon as you walk in,
    it’s a colour we call Dark Gold.
    They are a little bit in-your-face,
    a little bit bold!

    But are you confident enough
    to give them a try,
    Strut your stuff,
    With your head held high?

    They are not for the timid,
    they are not for the shy.
    They will definitely get you noticed,
    they will certainly catch the eye.

    If you like them but still want more,
    there is a matching jacket to come.
    We call it the Pampas,
    and together you will out-dazzle the sun!

    So if you fancy yourself as the dandy of the Dales
    or the dapper chappie of the Wold
    It’s the latest Rohan Bags you need
    in rather fetching Dark Gold.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

    • Peter Clinch says:

      I must admit my yellow Bags saw little enough action that I sent them to Keswick to frighten the shoppers there, but the Dark Gold holds little fear. My favourite Bags Shorts are my shocking pink ones, after all… (my original pair, rather faded and much repaired, are also in the Originals collection, but I sourced another pair that had clearly seen a lot less sun and wear on eBay).

  32. Rohan Norwich says:

    Another new arrival today.
    For the men this time we have the return of the Escapers.
    The popular lightweight stretch trouser, now available in 3 colours.
    Come in and take a look.

    Rohan Norwich.
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  33. Rohan Norwich says:

    Just tried on the new Journal Jacket with the new
    Fenland Shirt and the new tapered Jeans Plus.
    If I say so myself I Iook rather good!

  34. Rohan Norwich says:

    We have new stock arriving daily.
    Lots of new colours and designs.
    You can always give us a call first to make sure we have items in stock.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  35. Rohan Norwich says:

    It maybe cold outside but…….

    They have arrived GOAS are back with a slight modification, and they are already selling.

    Follow link below to find out more about these.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and travel clothing

  36. Rohan Norwich says:

    Lots more stock has arrived this week.
    We have the long and short sleeve Equator Shirts and Fusion Shorts for men, and for the ladies we have the Serenity dress and top, a lovely cool fabric and the new colour Swift T Shirts,
    Pop into The Norwich store to take a look
    New stock arriving all the time.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  37. Rohan Norwich says:


    The Sale is over.
    Now we look towards Spring.
    Preparing for warmer weather
    now becomes our thing.

    Lightweight and cool
    is now what we’re about.
    New lines appearing daily
    with performance beyond doubt.

    So if the hotel’s reserved
    and the flights are booked
    Check out our Spring/Summer range
    you’re sure to be hooked.

    But it is only January
    and Winter is still here.
    So if you fear the cold and wet
    we still have the gear.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  38. Rohan Norwich says:

    It’s the final countdown to the last weekend of sale.
    With Saturday being our last day in store come along and see what we have left.
    While your here take a look at some of our New Season Spring/Summer stock.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialist in Travel and Outdoor Clothing

  39. Rohan Norwich says:

    New season stock coming in thick and fast now. Arrived today:

    Ladies Crossover Trousers, slimmer in the leg and minus the patch pockets.

    Ladies Pinpoint T, a new design to keep you cool in style. Check out the prints.

    Men’s Progress Polos, great hot weather performance and exciting new colours.

    Men’s Fusion Trousers, in two new colours.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  40. Rohan Norwich says:

    New in today, Amblers. Ladies you will love these,
    think summer weight Troggings. Brilliant for walking,
    yoga, pilates or let’s be honest simply lazing around, check them out.

    Also new colours for the ladies Meridian Jacket and
    Sanctuary Shirts.

    Also if you’ve been waiting for the men’s and women’s
    convertible Trailblazers, wait no longer, they’re here.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns Norwich.
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

    • Hi please can you let me know what the patch of material on the inside bottom left iin a womens sanctuary shirt is for.

      Many thanks

      • Rohantime says:

        The fabric is a designed to be used as a handy glasses/sunglasses cleaner.

      • Rohan Norwich says:

        Hi Dawn,
        Its a soft piece of fabric designed for cleaning glasses/sun glasses.

        Hope this helps
        Rohan Norwich

  41. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Rohan Winter Sale
    Further reductions continue in store. Stock is getting low and with only a couple of weeks left, pop into grab yourself a bargain.
    If you like, give us a call on 01603 624328 to see if we have particular garments in stock.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing

  42. Rohan Norwich says:

    Many lines now at half price.
    Come in and grab yourself a bargain, while stocks last.
    Don’t Forget we are now at:-

    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing

  43. Rohan Norwich says:

    Everyone here at Rohan Norwich would like to wish all our customers a
    We look forward to seeing all customers old and new in the new year.
    Lots of new stock already appearing in store so come along and take a look

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  44. Rohan Norwich says:

    Its Here……..!
    Rohan Winter Sale starts today at 9am
    Come along and grab yourself a bargain, and while your here take advantage of 12% off all non sale lines for the first 12 days of sale.

    Find us at
    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back of the Inns

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  45. Rohan Norwich says:


    Christmas isn’t here yet,
    but we’re already looking beyond.
    Our big SALE is coming,
    full of bargains of which you are fond.

    There really are some cracking deals,
    for some you will have to be quick.
    So on the 27th come in early,
    you don’t want to miss a trick.

    Jackets and fleeces,
    trousers and more.
    Fantastic reductions,
    bargains galore.

    But let’s not wish our time away,
    for it’s a special time of year.
    Enjoy your friends and family,
    Merry Christmas, be of good cheer.

    Thank you to all our customers,
    be you old or new.
    We truly value your custom,
    So happy New Year to you.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  46. Rohan Norwich says:

    Just in time for Christmas, we have some new stock arriving over the next couple of days.
    Pop in and take a look, it might be just what your looking for.

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back Of The Inns

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing

  47. Rohan Norwich says:


    Well there’s not long now,
    just ten days to go.
    Have you got it all sorted?
    or are you screaming “Oh no”

    Please don’t panic.
    Please don’t fret.
    Just pop in and see us
    for the best gifts yet.

    From clothes to gadgets,
    presents big and small.
    Big bucks or just a few pounds,
    Rohan has them all.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists on outdoor and travel clothing.

  48. Rohan Norwich says:

    With Christmas just around the corner, we have gifts for everyone, from waterproof jackets, hats and scarves, to small stocking fillers like key racks and bug lights, come in and take a look, there may be something to attract you as well..

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back of the Inns

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  49. Rohan Norwich says:

    Its getting cold out there ….
    Rohan has everything you need to keep you warm this winter .

    Rohan Norwich, 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  50. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the weather now getting colder.
    Is it time to get a new warm insulated coat or jacket?
    Follow links below to see what we have to offer.

    Pop in store to take a look, don’t forget we are open Late night Thursdays and Sundays on the run up to Christmas.

    You can find us at ‘8 Back Of The Inns Norwich.’

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  51. Rohan Norwich says:

    This is your Last chance to buy Winter Warmers at 20% off ….The offer finishes today!
    We are now Open Sundays 10-4 pm and Thursday late night shopping until
    7pm on the run up to Christmas …We look forward to seeing our regular and new customers, and Wish You all a Merry Christmas, from the Rohan Team.

  52. Rohan Norwich says:

    Only 4 days remaining of our Winter Warmers promotion
    Pop in today and receive 20% OFF selected lines !

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing

  53. Rohan Norwich says:

    Just as our ‘20% Off Winter Warmers’ promotion starts the temperature plummets. You now only have until Monday 1st December to snap up some great bargains to keep the biting winds and frosty mornings at bay.

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  54. Rohan Norwich says:

    20% off Winter Warmers

    We have 20% OFF selected lines running until 1st December.
    Pop into store to see what is on offer.

    You can find us at:-

    8 Back of the Inns

    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing

  55. Rohan Norwich says:


    The build up to Christmas is underway
    No sign of snow, no sign of sleigh.
    But the trees are bedecked with baubles and lights
    Shopping centres promoting their late nights.

    Windows are themed with many a present idea
    People rushing by, faces filled with despair.
    Queues at the Post Office getting longer by the day
    New self-service machines but we say ‘no way’.

    Coffee shops are adding stuff to bring us good cheer
    Stuff you wouldn’t dream of any other time of year.
    Perhaps it time to buck the trend
    Re-think the presents we usually send.

    The true magic of Christmas is found far from the tills
    It lies on the byways, it exists in the hills.
    Christmas trees for me grow by the dunes
    The sound of the breeze in the branches, my Christmas tunes.

    It’s not about penguins, red lorries or blue chocolate bars
    It’s about a walk on the beach under the stars.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  56. Rohan Norwich says:

    Rohan have all your winter needs … Cosy winter warmers this season,
    for the Ladies technical fleeces and merino base layers and for the men
    Sentinel shirts and Headland Jackets in various colours.

    We are now selling at just 9.99 ‘The Lake District HELVELLYN with Mark Richards’, which would make a nice gift !

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel Clothing.

  57. Rohan Norwich says:

    Our Finnic Cardis for the ladies and Finnic Crews for the men are selling really well so if you are contemplating a purchase I should act without delay. These are so good they may not be around much longer.

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialist in travel and outdoor clothing.

  58. Rohan Norwich says:

    Rohan now have all there winter warmers, fleeces, vests, merino base layers, down coats and jackets.
    Keep warm this winter with Rohan gear

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialists in outdoor travel and clothing.

  59. Rohan Norwich says:


    We now sell SUGRU
    There’s a million things it can do
    So I thought I would list a few,
    Repair a leak in your shoe,
    Stick the tip back on your snooker cue,
    Make a hook to attach things too,
    Mend a tear as good as new,
    It sticks to anything just like glue,
    It comes in five colours including blue,
    So there you have it SUGRU,
    Just what you need, only until now you never knew.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  60. Rohan Norwich says:

    The weather is changing, are you prepared for the wet weather this winter.
    If not pop along to Rohan where we will be pleased to advise and show you our selection of Waterproofs…Whether you need a Coat, a Jacket, or Trousers, we cater for all. Waterproof Trousers for people who don’t do Waterproof Trousers.

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  61. Rohan Norwich says:

    The new stock of Stowaway Day Bags have now arrived in store in three different sizes in a variety of colours.
    These bags are great for a day or evening out they are lightweight and pack into their own pockets when your not using them.

  62. Rohan Norwich says:

    Time is running out …
    Rohan Mid Season Sale will end this weekend
    Pop in today and bag yourself a bargain

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of The Inns
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing

  63. Rohan Norwich says:

    Our MID SEASON SALE has great reductions on items from
    this year’s Autumn/Winter range. With the aftermath of
    ex-hurricane Gonzalo heading this way what better time to kit
    yourself out with some top gear and save yourself some serious

    Rohan, 8 Back of the Inns, Norwich.
    Specialists in Outdoor and Travel clothing.

  64. Rohan Norwich says:

    Mid Season Sale starts today and runs until 26th October.
    Lots of offers on old and new stock, but hurry as some of them are only on a temporary reduction.
    So pop into store to see what we have.

  65. Rohan Norwich says:


    When the sun was shining and the sky was blue,
    you said to yourself “this old jacket will do”.
    But now it’s raining proper rain
    and that old jacket’s proving a pain.

    The seams are leaking, you’re getting wet.
    The membrane has failed, you’re in a sweat.
    The outer surface is wetting out.
    The zip has gone, it’s had it’s day beyond a doubt.

    On top of that it’s heavy too,
    you might not like it but you know what you have to do.
    It’s time to put that old jacket in the (recycle) bin,
    seek out ROHAN and come on in.

    We’ll show you jackets that are bang up to date,
    technology and performance that’s truly first rate.
    Yes, it’s going to cost you a few pounds and pence,
    but come on, replace that old jacket, you know it makes sense.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

    Rohan, Norwich 8 Back of the Inns
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  66. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the wet weather here now, why don’t you pop into the Norwich store to have a look at what waterproofs we have to offer.
    We have a vast range for both men and ladies with both jackets and trousers all using our unique Barricade technology.
    Want to know more come in for a chat.

    Rohan Norwich.
    8 Back of the Inns.

    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  67. Rohan Norwich says:


    The first condensation on my window pane,
    after a dry month, the return of the rain.
    Blue skies give way to grey,
    it now feels chilly at both ends of the day.
    Leaves to rake up on my lawn,
    spiders indoors in search of the warm.
    My thoughts change to comfort food,
    it warms me up, it lifts my mood.
    The fields around me are suddenly bare,
    muddy puddles reappear.
    Autumn is here with winter to come,
    I shall venture outside in rain, wind and sun.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns

    Rohan 8 Back of the Inns Norwich.
    Specialists in outdoor and travel clothing.

  68. Rohan Norwich says:

    We have just received some more winter lines in store, the sentinel shirt in two new colours, Winter routes for men and for when it gets really cold we have now took arrival of the Nightfall jackets for men and women.

  69. Rohan Norwich says:

    Gift Your Gear has been a great success again this September, we in Norwich have already sent away seven boxes and with it finishing in store on the 4th October we hope to send off some more.
    So take advantage of the last day and get 15% off any full price line now.

  70. Rohan Norwich says:

    We would just like to thank all our customers who contributed towards the Worlds largest coffee morning.
    We managed to raise £51.98 for Macmillan’s.

    Rohan Norwich

    8 Back of the Inns

    Specialists in outdoor travel clothing


    When it comes to mathematics, I know I can be a bit slow,
    but there is one thing that even I know.
    15% of not a lot, is not a lot,
    whereas 15% of a lot, is a lot!

    Now this is a very good thing,
    especially in an Autumn that feels like Spring.
    This may be the driest September for 60 years,
    but being the great British weather it’s sure to end in tears.

    So with this in mind Gift Your Gear will run a little bit longer,
    making the pound in your pocket all the stronger.
    So take this opportunity to get 15% off a new waterproof jacket.
    You’ll see from the receipt you’ll be saving a packet.

    And when the rain comes as surely it must,
    you’ll have a waterproof jacket in which you can trust.
    Now you could always chose to get 15% off a new pair of socks for your feet,
    but that won’t seem such a good saving when you’re battling through the rain and the sleet!


    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

    Rohan Norwich 8 Back of the Inns,
    Specialist in outdoor and travel clothing.

  72. Don’t forget we are holding a coffee morning in aid of macmillans, so pop along and while your here take a look at all the new Autumn/Winter stock

  73. Rohan Norwich says:

    Rohan Norwich will be Supporting The MacMillan Cancer Charity.

    Come along to our coffee morning on Friday 26th September and try Sues buns, Selinas cup cakes, Steves Scones and Sallys Victoria Sponge – It will be a delight! and all for a good cause. We look forward to seeing you.

  74. Rohan Norwich says:

    Ladies you are clearly liking this year’s Pathway Cardis,
    they are flying out of the door. So if you haven’t yet been
    to check them out can I suggest so you do so quickly as we
    would hate to disappoint.


    Gift Your Gear is here!
    Yes its that time of year…
    Bring in any unwanted, Unused items of outdoor gear
    It could be Trousers, Jackets, Fleeces and more
    So hurry on down and bring them in to the store
    Choose any item of our New Autumn Winter range,
    Try it on,
    Take it to the till,
    We will be happy to give you 15% off your bill!
    Look forward to seeing you

    Rohan Norwich
    8 Back of The Inns

    Outdoor Travel and Clothing Specialists

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  76. Rohan Norwich says:


    On Saturday we were very busy indeed.
    Being short-staffed left us working at full speed.
    Lunchtime came and went and no food was had,
    but customers come first so we didn’t feel sad.

    A very good customer sensing our plight,
    thought a little sweet treat would be just right.
    A six pack of doughnuts was left within reach,
    so The Bard and the Manager wolfed down three each!

    We wouldn’t normally be so weak of will
    but there were queues at the changing rooms, queues at the till.
    Buzzing with sugar we worked through the fray
    and ended having a very good day.

    So many thanks to our customers for your patience and good cheer,
    provision of doughnuts and items of Gift Your Gear.
    Looking back there were only a couple of things missing from our day,
    a large cappuccino and a cafe latte.

    Now I know I’m being cheeky and should be grateful no matter what,
    but it has to be Cafe Nero with that fabulous extra shot!

    The Bard at the Back of the Inns.

  77. Rohan Norwich says:

    With most of the new stock now in store and with the recent new catalogue launch, why dont you pop along and see what we have.

  78. Rohan Norwich says:

    Gift your Geai is back….!
    For the month of September we are giving our customers a chance to donate clean usable unwanted walking clothing:- Shirts Fleeces trousers and jackets, and in return we will give you 15% off any full price item.
    Why not take advantage of this with lots of new season stock to choose from, now is an ideal chance to pick up a fantastic bargain.

    Follow link below for more information

  79. Rohan Norwich says:

    Fantastic New Autumn Winter Lines Now In…

    Also this is the final week to redeem your voucher booklets !

  80. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Sentinel Shirt, possibly the best thing we do,
    currently available in dark shadow, russet and two types of blue.
    Soft to the touch and toasty to wear,
    something to don in the cool months of the year.
    Casual if you wish but always quite smart,
    whenever you wear one you’ll always look and feel the part.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

  81. The Bardess says:

    This Bank Holiday Monday we are open 10-4

    Come along and see our exciting Autumn/Winter Collection.

    For the girls: New pathway cardi in Gold Ochre, Mahogany Red and Ivory Marl,

    For the guys: Headland Jacket in Marine Marl, Chili Pepper and Slate Marl.

    We look forward to seeing you, and helping you with all your outdoor needs.

  82. Rohan Norwich says:


    Arriving tomorrow: –

    Ladie’s Cocoon Coats in two colours
    Men’s Icepack Vests in two colours
    Men’s Outsiders (trousers) in two colours
    Men’s Sentinel Shirts in four new colours

    These are sure to attract a lot of early interest so don’t delay.

  83. Rohan Norwich says:

    Time is running out….
    With only two more weeks to use your passport voucher booklet, pop into store to take advantage of the 10% off all NEW SEASON stock, lots more have arrived in store. so come along and give them a try.

  84. Rohan Norwich says:

    New Season Stock arriving almost daily,
    our very latest offerings are as follows: –

    Mountain Leader Waterproof Jackets (replacement for the Mountain Guide)
    in Ruby Red, Yale Blue and Teal Green for the ladies, and
    Chilli Pepper and Charred Black for men.

    Superfine Merino T’s in Ember Orange and Charred Black for men
    Element T for men in Golden.

    And for ladies the long sleeve Sundown Shirt in Mahogany and Woad Blue prints.

    Come in and chack them out.

  85. Rohan Norwich says:

    Rohan socks are back……
    We have just had delivery of the Temperate and cool and the cool and cold socks for both men and women come in and see all the new colours.

  86. Rohan Norwich says:

    New colours and a new design Microgrid stowaway zip has now arrived in store, along with the Pathway cardigan for Ladies and the Microrib V neck for the men

  87. Rohan Norwich says:

    Also just landed new Autumn Season products, come take a look at the new collections arriving in store.

  88. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the weather predicted to be warm over the weekend come along and see what new lines we have to offer
    New Essence T-Shirts for ladies in bright colours, and for the men the Element T is now in, in a variety of new colours.

  89. Rohan Norwich says:

    With many new lines now instore for both Men and Women, including the return of Uplanders for men, why not pop along to the Norwich store to take a look.
    Dont forget we are at:-

    8 Back of the Inns
    NR2 1PT

  90. Rohan Norwich says:

    Sunshine and showers are the order of the day
    so make sure you pack that really light weight
    jacket before you step outside.

    What do you mean you haven’t got one?

    We have several so come and check them out,
    you won’t regret it.

  91. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Little British Things Tour

    Diane is already on her 2014 Little British Things Tour,
    Fundraising for the RNLI.
    Her expedition around Britain in 80 days in search of everyday Britishness
    which we at Rohan are pleased to be involved in and support,
    Aiming to raise £10,000!!!!
    On her journey she will be visiting the Norwich store in July.
    Look out for futher updates!!!

    The Bardess
    Back of The Inns

    • Hello there Rohan Norwich!

      Looking forward to catching up with you in a couple of weeks!

      Until then, magical sunshine …

      Diane (From St Andrews)

  92. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the weather looking warmer for the weekend, take a look at our UPF clothing for both men and women
    Follow links below

  93. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:


    Things are not always what they appear to be,
    not all the poetry you read here is written by me.
    Spotting the difference is not that hard,
    there’s no mistaking the work of the Bard.

    Our Asst Manager, Sally is her name,
    fancies herself at this poetry game.
    She likes to think she can steal my thunder,
    but resorting to verse is bit of a blunder.

    Rohan customers shouldn’t settle for second best,
    you know our products pass the test.
    So the poetry you read should be just the same,
    no pale imatation, clumsy and lame.

    So if you happen upon some dodgy prose,
    or poor little rhymes that get up your nose.
    It’s not the work of the Bard, it’s the Bardess,
    and I apologise profusely for any distress.

    Please don’t think of me as cruel or unkind,
    it’s not that I fear a rival, I really don’t mind.
    But managers should manage and poets should write,
    so there will be no more Bardess on this web site.

    The (one and only) Bard at the Back of the Inns.

  94. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    Fathers Day is drawing near
    Pop into Rohan for his gift this year
    Perfect gift ideas for the special day
    Will bring smiles and joy on this Fathers Day !

    The Bardess

  95. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    Three out of four Peregrine falcon chicks have now safely fledged
    from their nest on the cathedral spire and are living happily on the cathedral
    itself. It is still possible to chat with members of the Hawk and Owl Trust
    and view these fabulous birds through a range of telescopes. While you are
    at it why not swoop by and have a look at our summer wear, just the thing
    for this glorious weather we are enjoying.

  96. Rohan Norwich says:

    Only a few days remaining of our summer essentials, so come along and get 20% off
    selected lines!
    Offer available until Sunday 8th June

  97. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Summer essentials promotion continues this week, with selected lines at 20% off
    Come into store and take a look at whats on offer…

  98. Rohan Norwich says:

    The Rohan Norwich team would like to Thank all our customers for a great birthday celebration.
    We all had such a great day, meeting and chatting to customers old and new.
    Also Thank you to Colin for attending the event and chatting and answering lots of questions.

  99. Rohan Norwich says:

    This Thursday 29th May is our birthday, we are
    celebrating 20 years trading in Norwich. As well as
    having 20% off all full price stock for the day we will
    also be commencing our Summer Essentials promotion
    giving you 20% off selected T shirts, vests and shorts etc.
    So basically there will be 20% off everything!

    There will be wine and nibbles and between the 4pm
    and 7pm our company Chairman Colin Fisher will be
    in store to meet you all. He will be able to tell you
    what the company is planning for the future and will
    be interested to hear your views and stories concerning
    our products.

    So come along and join in the celebrations.

  100. Rohan Norwich says:

    Thursday 29th May is a very special Day
    Rohan Norwich is celebrating their 20th Birthday
    We value all our customers and its you we have in mind
    So come along and enjoy some birthday cake and wine
    We want to Thankyou for buying throughout the year
    So are offering you on this special day
    20% off all Full Price Rohan gear !!

    Come along and enjoy the fun open 9.30 – 7pm

    The Bardess back of the inns

  101. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the weather warming up again, and the sun shining today here in Norwich.
    Pop along and have a look at our great range of T-Shirts for both men and women.

    Click links below to take a closer look

  102. Rohan Norwich says:

    Great Weekend at the Norfolk Bird Fair
    Weather was great and the surroundings were amazing. If you ever visit Norfolk have a walk round the grounds and surrounding areas of Mannington Hall.
    Its a grade 1 listed building which is still occupied by the Walpole family.
    We got to meet both customers old and new and heard lots of stories about our products and ‘How well they last’
    Lets hope with continued support we will see many more Norfolk bird fairs.

  103. Rohan Norwich says:

    Just a reminder that the forecast for Norfolk is looking good this weekend, so why not pop along to the first Norfolk bird fair at Mannington Hall nr Holt.
    Rohan Norwich will be there both days between 9am – 5pm. Pop along and say hello.
    Its going to be a great day out with activities and lectures and lots of stalls to look round and while your there take in one of the lovely walks which surrounds the area.

    For further information follow link below

  104. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    The internationally renown Norwich & Norfolk Festival is now underway
    with a whole host of events across the county.
    Entertainment for the whole family, adults and children, hybrow and lowbrow.
    Check out the program and enjoy the culture, fun and games.

  105. Rohan Norwich says:

    With the forecast for the weekend looking like showers, youll need to be thinking about a lightweight waterproof.
    Come along and see the Elite Jacket for both Men and Women.
    It’s totally waterproof, phenomenally breathable and, although minimalist, offers all the features you really need. We think it’s the best, multi-activity, three-season shell jacket money can buy.

    Follow links below to find out more.

  106. Rohan Norwich says:

    We will be at Mannington Hall this month on the 17th/18th May at the first
    Norfolk Bird Fair
    The event runs from 9am to 5pm on both days and we will be there.
    So pop along and say Hi……….
    More info at

  107. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    The Peregine Falcons nesting on our
    cathedral spire have just hatched the first eggs.
    Why not visit the Hawk and Owl Trust volunteers
    who have a stand in The Close and view the birds
    through the telescopes and webcams.

    While you are at it why not give us a visit and
    have a look at the amazing offers we have in our mid-season sale,
    no telescopes or webcams required!

  108. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    Bank Holiday on Monday,
    Back to work Tuesday,
    Back to school on Wednesday,
    An event not to be missed starting Thursday.
    Keep watching this space for further info.

  109. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    If your planning a trip this Easter and want to travel light, pop into Rohan where knowledgable staff will be happy to advise!

    NEW IN

    Linen Jackets and Trousers for him and her,more durable and robust, a classic fit,
    easier to wash and faster to dry, the perfect holiday gear !

  110. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    Arrived this week:

    Maroc ‘linen plus’ jackets, trousers, shorts and shirts for men – cool, comfortable and stylish.

    Aura shirts in three colourways for men – very,very lightweight.

    Element tee shirts for men – 2 new striped colourways.

    Tunis Capris for ladies – two colours in ‘linen plus’

    Pacer Capris for ladies – new vibrant Saffron colour.

    Sundown tops for ladies – two new colours with short sleeves.

    Essence T shirts for ladies – new colour in Sea Coral.

    Microgrid Zips and Jackets for ladies – 2 new colours Raspberry and Azalea.

  111. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    “Packed with Technology”
    it’s what we’re known for.
    Designed to perform’
    as you walk out the door.

    to reduce your load.
    Packs up small,
    when you’re on the road.

    Barricade membrane,
    to keep you dry.
    Fast wicking,
    when the sun is high.

    Goose Down or Insuloft,
    to keep you warm.
    for when the bugs swarm.

    Whatever your clothing needs,
    Rohan has the solution.
    Except perhaps,
    For continental polution!

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

  112. Rohan Norwich says:

    Here at the Norwich store we would like to Thank all our customers for there generous donations for Gift Your gear.
    we have now sent away 5 large boxes that will now be sorted and sent along to there new homes.

  113. Rohan Norwich says:

    You’ve only got a few more days to take advantage of GIFT YOUR GEAR…
    Pull out an item of outdoor gear that no longer fits or suits your need and pop along to the Norwich store and trade it in for any full price line to to get 15% off your purchase
    Dont Miss out…!!

  114. Steve @ Rohan Norwich says:


    You have gear in your cupboard you don’t wear anymore,
    some of it goes back to the days of yore.
    Most of it is Rohan and lasts for ever,
    so throwing it out wouldn’t be very clever.
    You’ve looked in the catalogue and fancy something new,
    but don’t truely need it, what should you do?

    Trousers, jackets, fleeces and more
    you can now bring in to store.
    Choose a new item and take to the till
    and we’ll give you 15% off the bill.

    This scheme is called Gift Your Gear
    something we do just once a year.
    Your old clothes go to a very good cause,
    helping the less fortunate get outdoors.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

  115. Rohan Norwich says:

    GIFT YOUR GEAR is back……
    Do you have any unwanted outdoor gear you no longer require, if its in a clean wearable condition and is a Jacket, Fleece, Trousers or a shirt, pop it into the Norwich store and get 15% off any full price line.
    Dont forget we except childrens outdoor gear too..
    Follow link below to find out more

  116. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    You might be surprised to learn,
    a good time to shop with us is during half term.
    Many of our regulars stay away
    fearing, perhaps, the shop will be full of kids at play.
    Be assured you will find no riot,
    as we tend to be very quiet.
    So if you are new to Rohan come in for a chat,
    you won’t be pressurised to buy, we don’t do that.
    And if you want to bring the kids along, we really don’t mind,
    Rohan at half term, a truely great find.
    And once you’ve sampled the quality of our wares,
    you’ll keep coming back for years and years.

    The Bard at the Back of the Inns

  117. Steve@Rohan Norwich says:

    If ever there was a time you needed a top quality waterproof coat/jacket, that time is now.
    With record levels of rainfall and flooding, gales and sea defences being breached, if you are going outside your clothing needs to be state of the art. We tend to be quiet in the shop at this time of year so now is a great time to come in look at the products and discuss your requirements. We are confident that we have exactly the waterproof you need that will perform for many years to come. Don’t skimp on this essential piece of kit. We have waterproofs at several price points. Pop in and see us and have a chat about what you would like.

  118. Rohan Norwich says:

    Many new lines now in stock.
    Pop in and take a look at the new Action Bags for men and for ladies we have the new tourers in the same fabric…

  119. Steve @ Rohan Norwich says:

    Did the discontinuence of Bags for ladies make you sad?
    Does constant change make you mad?
    Well here is a new product you just might like,
    The new Tourers for ladies, trousers born to hike.
    Made of the same Airlight fabric as Bags of old,
    But with a far more flattering fit, I think you may be sold.
    Retaining many of the features you loved for so long,
    I am confident your loyalty to the new Tourers will be just as strong.
    So keep an open mind, come in and give them a try,
    We think they’re better than Bags, and you might just see why.

    The Bard at Back of the Inns.

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