The Secret Diaries of a Long-distance Walker


There is a walk on the western side of the North York Moors called the Mosaic Walk, which links to Mosaics. In the picture taken in 2010 I am on 5ft of snow at Sutton Bank.

We are really grateful to David Maughan for this post.

North of England Way 1993

North of England Way 1993 looking towards Eskdale from Harter Fell. It was the first time I completed the 200 miles walk in its entirety in one go.

Cumbria Way 1993

The end of the Cumbria Way was taken in 1993 at Carlisle after walking 20 miles in heavy rain, such that the path went into the river and we had to divert. I pulled myself up a bank and got a black eye when a branch snapped and hit me in the eye. That’s what I told my wife! You can  tell from the photograph it was a challenge.
My greater interest in walking and Rohan products started when I moved to York and since then I have regularly shopped at the Rohan shop in York. Indeed when anyone asks me what I want for Christmas or my birthday I always say Rohan gift vouchers. I then started long-distance walking in 1990 (see Diaries) and since then have completed 43. The reliability of my outdoor gear and weight became crucial as I would carry everything in my rucksack for up to two weeks. It is in this area that Rohan outdoor gear excels.

North of England Way 2000

North of England Way 2000 was on completion at Scarborough North Bay. 200 miles from Ravenglass on the Irish Sea to the North Sea. Note the Rohan top.

Pulpit Rock Newtondale North York Moors 2015

Pulpit Rock, Newtondale, North York Moors. It took me 29 years to find this fantastic viewpoint on the North York Moors just this year. It is on Killing Nab Scar and I have Christened the rock Pulpit Rock after the more famous Norwegian Pulpit Rock. Note the Rohan top.

I have always found the Rohan Shop in York very helpful. Indeed when my waterproof trousers leaked (a very rare occurrence) in a force 10 gale on the top of Cape Cornwall a replacement pair were provided after testing even though they were out of the usual 1 year guarantee with other products.  It is another story as to why I was on the Cape in the gale!

Hovingham Hobble Bog 2015

Fortunately, before my Rohan Olfio was retired after over 25 years of excellent service. The photo was taken on the Hovingham Hobble Bog 2015

Norway Fjords 2015 Geiranger

Norway Fjords 2015 Geiranger was taken after climbing up to about 1,000 feet to a fabulous viewpoint. Note the Rohan trousers.

I have also travelled extensively (10 trips) in winter and summer to Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Svalbard  and found the Rohan products have coped with temperatures down to minus 25 degrees (e.g. the goose down jacket and body warmers) but also as high as 80 degrees.

Norway FebMarch 2009

Norway Feb/March picture was taken on 2009 on a trip to Norway in Winter – one of my favourite destinations. Note the Rohan goose down jacket. I am going again next July to Svalbard for my 11th trip.

Norway Fjords 2015

Norway Fjords was taken on a walk from Eidfjord in Norway in May 2015. Unexpectedly, I came across the lovely beach with only 2 other people on it.


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