International Mountain Day 2016 – 11th December

International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day is celebrated each year on 11th December

I am sure it is not difficult for us all to empathise with this special day. We have the pleasure of  publishing on Rohantime some fantastic stories of the world’s great mountain ranges. Their spectacular beauty never fails to amaze us.

So we will be celebrating International Mountain Day.

international mountain day 2013In 2002 the International Year of Mountains, and the United Nations General Assembly mountains designated 11 December as International Mountain Day. Every year there is a different theme related to mountain development and awareness.

This years theme is Mountain Cultures: celebrating diversity and strengthening identity.

Mountains cover 22 percent of the world’s land surface and are home to some 915 million people, representing 13 percent of global population. Yet 1 out of 3 mountain people in developing countries is vulnerable to food insecurity and faces poverty and isolation.

The concept of traditional heritage, culture and spirituality is intrinsically linked with peoples’ livelihoods in the mountains, where it is often traditional lifestyles that determine the way people make a living and subsist. Many mountain areas host ancient indigenous communities that possess and maintain precious knowledge, traditions and languages.

Mountains have a spiritual meaning for most religions: Mount Olympus, Mount Sinai, Machu Picchu, Mount Athos, the four Holy Buddhist Mountains, just to name a few. Mountain peoples have developed remarkable land use systems, which are rich in globally significant biodiversity and have evolved over centuries thanks to the harmonious co-existence of communities with the environment.

For mountain peoples, land, water and forests are not simply natural resources. Following in the footsteps of their ancestors, new generations understand that their well-being, their sense of identity and their children’s future depend on careful stewardship of the environment. Their traditional knowledge and techniques are key to managing and enhancing the resilience of fragile mountain ecosystems… read more

For more facts and information visit the International Mountain Day website and Facebook


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