Ben Fogle Call of the Wild Tour 2015 – The Album

Ben Fogle at the Inverness Eden Court Theatre

A really big thank you to everyone who supported the successful Ben Fogle Call of The Wild Tour. We really hope you enjoyed it as much as we did. I am sure you will join us in saying a big thank you to Ben for making each evening so special.

Speakers from the Edge

Special thanks to Speakers from the Edge for all the hard work organising us all

photo credit: Laraine Wyn Jones taken at Inverness Eden Court venue

Garmin our fellow sponsors. It has been great working with you.

Ben Fogle Inverness

Rohan Inverness Ben

Ben hard at work with the team from Rohan Inverness

Rohan Inverness Team

Big smiles from the Rohan Inverness team


A special thanks to Laraine Wyn Jones for the review Laraine-Wyn-Jones-and-Ben-Fogle

Rohan Aberdeen team
The team from Rohan Aberdeen really enjoyed the night

Ben Fogle and Rohan Swinfen Team Birmingham Town Hall

Ben Fogle and Rohan Swinfen Team at the Birmingham Town Hall venue

Ben and the Rohan Worcester team at Malvern Theatres

Ben and the Rohan Worcester team outside Malvern Theatres

Rohan and Garmin Joint Sponsors of Call of the Wild 2015

Please share a photo of the evening if you have one in the comments below…

Good News: Rohan nominated twice in TGO Awards – Voting Now Open.


Rohan Heritage

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