Nacro Receives Gift Your Gear Donations

Nacro Receives Gift Your Gear Donations

I mentioned in our story on The BIG Sort one of the highlights of the weeks spent sorting all the lovely donations is meeting up with some of the beneficiary groups at the Gift Your Gear depot. Not all Gift Your Gear beneficiary groups collect their boxes, it is always good to meet up with the ones that do.

We thought we would share a few of their stories on Rohantime

Early in the morning we meet up with Richard who is Outdoor Learning and the D of E Award Manager at Nacro, the crime reduction charity based in Wythenshaw Manchester. Not far from Gift Your Gear HQ. Whilst we loaded their mini van Richard told use about their work centred around changing lives and reducing crime amongst young people.

Gift Your Gear Nacro

Richard left the depot with a good cross section of donations, mentioning it would take the rest of the day to get them settled into their gear store. I am due a visit to lean more about their work .

An added bonus. The Gift Your Gear collections at Rohan shops always generate a lot of Heritage Rohan. These include a number of Super Striders, Nemises, Black Striders, Salopettes and Super Salopettes.

Rohan Super Striders Nemises and Black Striders circa 1980

The striking thing about most of these is they are in excellent condition. We do offer them to the beneficiary groups that collect from the Gift Your Gear depot. Most cannot accommodate them but a few do. I have noticed the number that are interested is growing, especially for the stretch breeches.  Richard promised a photo of Heritage Rohan Super Strider and Olfio (a classic combination) in action back out on the hills in the next couple of weeks. You may remember we had a story of Olfio’s finding their way back out on the hills in the story from Rohan Keswick

Rohan Olfio's back out on the hills

Au Revoir Olfio – See You Again Soon Update

Maybe we are at the front of a breeches comeback that would be ironic!

More Gift Your Gear beneficiary stories to following on Rohantime.

Back to work.

Gift Your Gear Autumn 2015 – Thank You!

Gift Your Gear – The BIG Sort Autumn 2015

UPDATE: 12th October 2015

Richard from Nacro  with Rohan  Olfio and Super Striders back out on the hills over the weekend. Looking very good. Thank you Richard

Richard from Nacro Manchester out on the hills with Rohan Heritage Olfio and Super Strider


Rohan Heritage

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