Don’t you just love the Rohan ‘D’ Ring?

Rohan Bags

Rohan and the D ring have been together for a long time.

First used on Rohan Bags prototypes in the late 1970’s. These went all over the world with the Alpinists that tested so much of the early Rohan gear. Testing Rohan Salopettes for serious climbing and mountaineering and a few also had Rohan Windlord. All left home wearing a pair of pre. Mark 1 Bags which they wore until they had to break out the series climbing gear. As reports came back it was obvious the D Ring was here to stay. Some of the very early D rings were metal.

There have been many references to the D ring over the years. The one that sticks in my mind is Rohan Lord of the D Rings. I think it last appeared a few years back when we asked everyone for their Rohantime tag line suggestions. Remember that one?

The rest is history. Bags & the D ring have been together now for over 37 years.

Fast Forward 37+ years …

Please share any D ring stories in the comment below?


Rohan Heritage


  1. John Penny says:

    I want to echo the comments here. BRING BACK the D_RING. I first bought Rohans in the 70s & have worn them ever since. The 50%cotton/50% polyester material of the original bags didn’t wear as well as the 100% polyester materials of some other trouser styles such as the Backpacker. I have found the D ring inside my backpacker trousers particularly useful.
    Recently you seem to have started to reintroduce the D ring to your trouser ranges. I HOPE THE D_RING WILL BECOME UBIQUITOUS ONCE AGAIN.

  2. Donald Wilson says:

    Agreement from me too. The original ring is/was one of the most useful features. The little metal triangular ring was a joke. And there now seem to be more ranges with nothing at all. The benefits of saving a gram or two in weight are nothing compared to its usefulness. BRING BACK THE D_RING on the whole range.

  3. I unequivocally agree! I was disappointing however to find that some trousers in 2013/14 seemed to have reverted to a metal ‘triangular’ (non)-D ring? Apart from being metal (and not a ‘D’), it was considerably smaller making it more difficult to attach keys and gear to it. Bring back the original please !

    • Christine Burridge says:

      I fully agree. My D ring is one of the really useful bits of my gear – to be without it = lost.

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