So how do we feel about trousers with articulated knees?

Rohan Trousers

What are Articulated knees or Knee darts?

Trousers with articulated knees mirror the shape of our legs allowing for a more comfortable fit and greater freedom of movement. In theory you should be able to bend the leg without having the bottom of the trousers move.  So you could do a squat and not have the fabric around your ankles rise up. However a lot of this depends on other factors, none the least your leg length and width in relation to the darts. The number and depth of knee darts can vary.

So how do you feel about trousers with articulated knees?

Feedback in comments below please.

Another approach is stretch panels:

Upland Trekkers for example. The main fabric is 100% polyamide canvas – it’s lightweight, hardwearing and extremely quick drying. At the seat and knees are stretch panels, made from a blend of polyamide and elastane, which offer unrestricted freedom of movement and comfort.

Upland Trekkers


Rohan Heritage


  1. Peter Clinch says:

    Of course, if they’re pre-bent then they’ll look slightly off when you’re stood up straight, but given most of us are not stood up straight for long periods then it makes sense to average things out with a bit of articulation

    However, I prefer a bit of stretch which builds at least some articulation in to the fabric, rather than the tailoring. Did I ever mention I’d love a pair of Bags in a fabric like the Escapers’?

    • Rohan Inverness says:

      Hi Pete,
      you will not have too long to wait for your stretch Bags, having recently had a chat with design, they are in the pipeline for next year, if I remember correctly.

      • Peter Clinch says:

        Hurrah! Now I just have to cross my fingers that colours will include something other than various options of Stealth…

        • Rohan Inverness says:

          Early stages yet Pete, but it’s possible that there will be one stealth and one more colourful. I’m with you on the more colour.

        • Rohan Inverness says:

          Update Pete, Stretch Bags due August this year, in Coal and Kingfisher Blue. I’ve got my name on a pair.

          • Peter Clinch says:

            Thanks for that, I have a Gift Card which I will be keeping dry until August, quite possibly one of each…

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