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When asked to describe Rohantime ‘home of the Rohan community’ often follows.

That is exactly what it is. The place to take about Rohan clothing and equipment, the environment it is used in, the places we have visited, the places we would all like to visit, events of interest and issues that effect all of this.

We have our postcard post on Rohantime which is a running story told by Rohan customers and friends.  All contributions very welcome. The Rohantime Archive is now very popular as is Rohan Flashback a dedicate Rohan Heritage category which has over 150 stories about the History of Rohan told by friends and customers. Some of the other categories are Rohan Clothing, Rohan Shops, Rohan Reviews. Our What’s On page has updates from Rohan Shops and customers about events that may be of interest to us all.

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