Rohan Bags – Why the Funny Pockets?


This question just popped up on Rohantime search terms…

Why the Funny Pockets on Rohan Bags?

It struck me that the reasons have probably been lost in the mists of time.

Am I right?

Anyone like to have a try answer below please…

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    I asked what the vertical rear was about the first time I saw it (mid 80s). And the owner pointed out it could be a lot easier to get in to it when seated in a chair, or if you were wearing a rucksack. Not completely convinced by the seat thing, but the rucksack one definitely the case.

  2. Prior to 1983, the zipped security pockets were on the outside of the Bags’ front patch pocket. The reason that Paul Howcroft once gave for changing the design, was that a Bags wearer travelling in an exotic locale, like Morocco or some such, was attacked by an aggressive pickpocket who attempted to rip the entire front pocket off the pants. in order to gain whatever was protected by those RiRi zips. As I recall, to story went that the heavy duty stitching held the base of the pocket to the Bags and the pickpocket broke off the assault. But nevertheless, Paul revised the design, so that the zippered security pocket couldn’t be levered away away from the body of the pants.

    And he added in the now iconic snap fastener adjustable bellows panel which adds extra volume. The rear pockets remained unchanged, having been carried over from the same design used in the Super Striders, et al.

  3. strider says:

    I guess it was just a pocket-related by-product of the essential nature of Bags but when I was mugged in downtown Amsterdam (not the red light district, honest Guv, – I’d been to a performance at the Concertrgebouw – I think Ricardo Chailly was conducting) that the muggers failed to access the particular pocket that held my currency/passport/return ticket/ credit cards/ etc.

    To my mind, the more and “funnier” pockets, the better.

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