Miranda Krestovnikoff My Favourite Beach

I have a few favourite beaches around the coast of Britain but it’s a close call between Marloes in Pembrokeshire which is great for rockpooling, it’s sandy, has caves and fantastic wildlife and Longis Bay in Alderney. I am a patron of the Alderney Wildlife Trust and fell in love with the island the first time I visited.

The beaches there are just so deserted and so clean – it is like going back 50 years or more. On Longis, the deserted sand just seems to go on forever, it’s a sheltered bay with crystal clear water for swimming and snorkelling and sea kayaking. The rockpooling is also some of the best I’ve discovered – last time we were there we found an ormer (abalone). Alderney is the most northerly point of their range.

For the children, they can run around without fear of stepping on glass or being approached by strangers as everyone knows everyone else there.

Miranda Krestovnikoff 

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