Soap Box – A Throwaway Society

Waste – that’s what I think the world needs to think about. We waste so much food, fuel and resources and we really need to address this – both as individuals and as a society.

We have become a throwaway society: we buy things cheaply, they break and we throw them away. Items have so little value nowadays. I believe that we need to get back to where we used to be maybe 50 or 60 years ago where things were reused and valued and also look abroad to countries where nothing gets thrown away. In Vietnam old lorry tyres get turned into bicycle pedals for example.

There are lots of statistics about how much food we throw away – up to a third of what we buy. This is crazy when there are so many hungry people around the world and there is a fear that we do not have enough land to support the growing population. I cannot stand food wastage: as a family we grow much of our own food so it is more valued. Leftovers become a tasty meal the next day and any waste food gets fed to our chickens or composted and we recycle as much as we possibly can. I’m not perfect but I feel that I am definitely doing my “bit” and I would encourage others to do so, too.

Miranda Krestovnikoff

Rohan Heritage

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