The Sale Feature – Rohan Trailblazers

Rohan Trailblazers The Sale

A search on the  Rohantime Archive and the Rohan Forum  delivered lots of Trailblazers stories including reviews, customer stories and comments. No surprise then our The Sale Feature today is Trailblazers. The ultimate British walking trousers. Rugged, protective and supremely comfortable. Perfect for everything from Sunday afternoon strolls in the Yorkshire Dales to tough multi-day traverses of the great Scottish ridges.

Men’s Trailblazers

Women’s Trailblazers

Trailblazer Review Country Walking Magazine

Rohan Trailblazers in FHM Magazine

Review of Rohan Trailblazers Convertible – Adrian Partridge Hillwise

Portugal Packing – Wisepacking Style

How Do We Really Feel About Trouser Thigh Pockets?

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