Rohan Social Media c.1983

Tu Quo Que 1983

Social Media c.1983

In the Spring of 1983 the first copy of Tu Quo Que was published and sent to the Rohan community.

TQQ, as it soon became known, was an attempt at meaningful communication between ourselves and our customers. We had a lot to communicate. By 1983 Rohan had developed into a power house of design and function in the UK outdoor industry.  A glance through the eight page magazine sets the scene. Rohan in Long Preston the first Rohan Shop was about to open. The Regional Shows were underway. A number of bespoke ranges had been completed for the BBC, Marks & Spencer, Damart, British Airways, Beaufort and a famous motor racing team.

This little magazine said so much about Rohan at the time. It really gets to the heart of what early Rohan was all about. Please take some time to browse the TQQ on the Rohantime Gallery I guarantee it will raise a smile.

Now Rohan like most brands has Facebook, Twitter,Rohantime, TheForum and The Gallery  all are a two-way street, facilitating dialog between us all. Back in the day that wasn’t so easy, which is why TQQ became so valuable to us.

Sarah Howcroft  Co Founder Rohan

Rohan Heritage

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