Iconic Rohan Bags and The Bags Price Index

Rohan - Gold Bags

We have been talking about Rohan Bags on Rohantime recently. It’s not often you can buy a new product today at the same price as 1990.

I have just been looking at the Bags Price Index. We have been tracking the price of a pair of Rohan Bags on Rohantime since 1979…


Today – The Sale Rohan Bags £39 in Gold 

Rohan Bags Gold

Read more about Rohan Bags in The SALE

Rohan Heritage


  1. Barry King says:

    I was one of the early aficionados of Bags, my first pair were bought in one of the travelling roadshows held in hotels [Cumberland hotel London] might have been in the late ’70’s.

    Although I no longer have the original pair, I have been buying them ever since, in most shades from white to black and many in between. As far as I am concerned the best fabric for lightweight trouser’s ever made.

    A truly innovative and amazing product.

    • Sarah Howcroft says:

      Hello Barry
      Think you so much for the memory.
      I remember the Cumberland Hotel Regional Show before that it was at Scratwood Services. Which was the first London Regional Show. Late 1970’s and early 80’s.
      Airlight, as you say, is a very special fabric.
      It has unique properties.
      Sarah Howcroft

      • Barry King says:

        Hi Sarah

        It was not only bag’s that my wife an I bought, striders, super striders, pampas jacket’s, airlight shirts.

        Today we had delivery of a pair of Hilltop jackets, we appreciate the quality of the Barricade fabric as we have had the globetrotter raincoats for years.

        All power to Rohan!



  2. Iain@Rohan Inverness says:

    First weekend of sale over and our best selling item…. Bags in Riverstone. Still as popular as ever. Especially at £39.

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