The Labrador Wild Man and Rohan in Canada

Red Bay Labrador

Hi Rohantime from Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada.

I first found Rohan in 1985 in a magazine, and sent away for the catalogue a week later. I received a small book style catalogue which I kept for years. I mail ordered the grey Bags, grey Hot Bags (Winter Bags) grey Olfio, yellow shirt sleeve and the long sleeve.

This was a life changer for me! I was in the Royal Air Force and I did a lot of traveling until the day came; when I settled down in Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada. By this time I had out grown my first set of Rohan gear and managed to keep up with the new design though on-line shopping.

The Labrador Wild Man and Rohan in Canada

In Goose Bay we have a very short season Winter/Summer, we can get wet snow in September and sometimes at the end of June. Temperatures range from -50c with the wind chill in Winter and the hottest is up to 35c in the Summer!

My Rohan clothing has been outstanding in these conditions.

I have four pairs of winter bags and my Nightfall Jacket, which I wear throughout the winter. This past winter of 2015 it was colder than normal in Goose Bay and we saw large amount of snow fall, about 17 feet in total.

Colins Hut 2012

I remember one night. I had to clear the snow from the driveway and make sure the cars where plugged in to keep the oil warm, else cars will not start. I just had my outdoor gear Winter Bags and Nightfall Jacket on it was blowing very hard, so hood up, googles on, temp was close to -40c and the wind was very dangerous, I was outside for 30 minutes and my Winter Bags and Nightfall Jacket stepped up and kept my legs from freezing and my body warm, Thank you Rohan!

I love the winter in Goose Bay as there is so much to do, but most of all snowshoeing and winter camping is for me. I managed to get two pairs of Super Striders which work great for snowshoeing to keep your body from overheating and for my top I love the Goa Smock loads of pockets, Thank you Rohan!

Spring Snowshoe 2015

Our summer is very short, plus very hot and we can’t forget the Mosquitos are here until August and Black fly until November. This is the time for my Rohan Bags and Overland Shirts and if the flies are not too bad my short sleeve one. Thank You Rohan!

My Striders in autumn of 2014, myself for the first time spent a week in Québec in the Monts Groulx/Uapishka Plateau area which overlooks the Manicouagan Crater. It is a place that I had been planning to visit for a year. I had to update my map reading, compass and GPS knowledge as it’s an isolated place where search and rescue are days away. So I had to be prepared for the conditions such as, snow on the mountains at 3500 feet. So had my Bags, Striders Trousers, and my Rohan Buff which I use in all seasons. The weather was not too hot and the flies were manageable. I started off with my Striders and I am glad I did. It took eight hours to get onto the Plateau and I camped for the night enjoying some spectacular views. I managed to get to Mount Jauffret at 3400 feet and camped near there for the night. Then in the morning headed to my next mountain, Harfang at 3100 feet. There was a massive storm while I was on top of this last mountain which lasted all night. In the morning I had a good breakfast and headed down again. What can I say my Striders came into their own. AGAIN!

Onto my next adventure! Thanks Rohan and for the years to come

David Hawes Rohantime Goose Bay Labrador

Rohan Heritage

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