Rohan Cool Silver Trunks Review

Rohan Customer Review from Rohantime Forum
Bouquet: Men’s Cool Silver Trunks

I bought a few pairs of the predecessors to the Cool Silver Trunks for an operational tour to Afghanistan. I then bought a couple of pairs of Cool Silver Trunks so the only underwear I’ve used for the past three months is Rohan.

They just work on every level. Although it’s not as hot as summer the weather has been very warm, but my vitals have remained comfortable. The pants have survived the camp laundry – everything is washed at the temperature of the Earth’s core, and dried in similar heat. Lesser shreddies fade and shrivel; not so my Rohans. To top it all, they pack so small I shall have the luxury of a clean pair every day during the inevitable flight delays getting home next week – we have to carry a sleeping bag and overnight kit in a daysack as hold luggage is taken and not returned until back in UK. My five-day sojourn at Brize Norton on the way out was no problem as I was able to wash the skids in the sink and they dried quickly.

Although expensive compared to normal underwear, I think these are worth every penny“.

ScarletPimpernel  Rohantime Forum

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