The Sale Feature: Talking about Rohan Bags

Rohan Bags in Mallard Blue

During The Sale we are featuring on Rohantime one stand out sale item a day with links to reviews and features.

Sale Feature: Rohan Bags – The iconic Rohan Bags are the original multi-functional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers.

We have gathered together some of the many stories Rohantime has published on Rohan Bags over the years. Including of course the history of Rohan Bags. Dip in and out when you have time. All questions welcome in the comments below. Enjoy

What did a pair of Bags cost in 1980? – The Bags Price Index – Iconic Rohan Bags

How many times have Gold Bags been in the range? New Arrivals: Gold Bags Old Friends

A little bit of Bags History –  Rohan Bags The Original Multi-Functional Outdoor Trousers

Can you put a pair of Bags in a coke can Yes You Can Rohan History

The first pair of Bags was made in  – Iconic Rohan Bags – Made in Yorkshire

The conservative/ The radical –  Radical Rohan Bags, Olfio 1986

What came first Bags or Airtlight? – Never Mind The Quality Feel The Width

How did Rohan Bags happen (from the co-founder) – In the beginning there were Bags…

Enough? We have lots more, in fact there are twenty seven pages on Rohantime all with nine unique Rohan Bags stories that’s 243 stories on #IconicRohanBags.

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Rohan Heritage


  1. What’s with the horrendous zip-pulls on Bags now? After several years wear every pair of Bags has had the plastic (rubber?) part of the pull break off. Back pockets first then the font.

    It’s a major design flaw. Fashion over function?

    It’s crazy that the fabric lasts for considerably longer than the ‘fashion’ zip pulls.

    Please bring back normal all-metal zip pulls.

    How far things have sunk since Riri zips! Remember them? No need to go back to such quality zips, but the current incarnation is shoddy.

    • Peter Clinch says:

      I remember the Riri zips, have lots to play with… to the point where I’d say the design of the pulls on the new ones is probably to mirror the look of the later (late 80s) Riri ones.
      I have these on my recent Bags (a couple of pairs, both well used) and haven’t had any of them come off. I actually find they work better than the metal tags used more recently, or the much older small metal tags on properly vintage Riris.
      I think the current zips are YKKs, they’re widely reckoned to be around as good as it gets.

      Maybe I just got lucky, or you got the opposite?

    • Rohan Customer Service says:

      Hello Jeff,

      Thank you for your post.

      We always value our customers taking the time to offer us their feedback and I was sorry to read that you have had cause to be disappointed with the zips of your Rohan Bags.

      Component parts such as zips, poppers and buttons, can deteriorate at a faster rate than the rest of the garment. We use YKK zips as a company renowned within the retail sector for making tough and durable zips.

      Nevertheless, I can appreciate that you have been disappointed and, should you feel that your latest trousers are at fault, please do feel welcome to call our Customer Service Department on free phone number 0800 840 1411 and we would be more than happy to discuss this with you further.

      Best Regards,
      Rohan Customer Service

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