Rohan Stamford Gift Your Gear Donations

Sandra Barton and Dan Wallace from Endeavour with Sam Brigstock, Dee Phillips and Megan Parkin from Rohan store at Stamford  with donated outdoor wear.

Spring 2015 Gift Your Gear in all the Rohan Shops left us with some great memories.
Meeting the people who donated all the unwanted outdoor gear, the wonderful stories of the trips, holidays and expeditions and at the end of the Gift Your Gear month the stories from all the Gift Your Gear beneficiary groups. Happy memories.

We thought we would share this photo on Rohantime from Dee at Rohan Stamford. The picture shows Sandra and Dan from Endeavour a small national charity working at grass roots level with some of England’s most disadvantaged and disaffected young people collecting the donated outdoor gear from Dee and Megan from Rohan Stamford. We have added this photo’s to The Album

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