Chris Townsend – Rohan on the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)

Chris Townsend  At the start on the US/Canada border in Glacier National Park, May 31, 1985


UPDATE: The Great Outdoors July edition: Continental Divide Trail & Backpacking Tents

A  recent post by Chris Townsend titled  Thirty Years Ago: The Continental Divide Trail has prompted some action on Rohantime…

The post starts with the following…

On May 31, 1985 I walked 10.5 miles in Glacier National Park in the Rocky Mountains.They were my first steps on the Continental Divide Trail, a 3100 mile walk that would take me from the snowbound Northern Rockies to the deserts of New Mexico. En route I encountered deep snow, searing heat, floods, droughts, forest fires, blizzards and thunderstorms. I saw bears, moose, mountain goats, bald eagles, rattlesnakes and much more. I camped out on 149 nights, often in the most spectacular places.It was a wonderful, glorious wilderness walk.

Read more and see the photo’Thirty Years Ago:The Continental Divide Trail

30 years is a very important milestone for Chris and for Rohan. Dedicated Rohantime readers may remember in 2012 we had a lovely post from Chris in our Rohan Flashback category called Rohan on the CDT. This is a very comprehensive post and in Chris’s own words gives us a snap shot of the fantastic trip and ends with this…

Rohan clothing used on the CDT with weights in ounces.

Cool T 4oz
Jekyll Shirt 9oz
Shorts 7oz
Bags 12oz
Moving On II 10oz
Sohao Jacket 24oz
Wild Vest 14oz
Master Jacket (Gore-Tex) 21oz

Many will know these early Rohan classics, to jog memories and help the people who have no memory of these treasures  I have linked to the Rohan Heritage Gallery. If you find yourself in Keswick please call in and see the Rohan Originals Collection in Rohan Keswick. Example of all of the above are included.  Enjoy!

It would be an interesting exercise to see what a similar kit list today would weigh in at. Anyone?

A very big thank you Chris for sharing this with us all.



Rohan Heritage


  1. Rohan Inverness says:

    Okay I reckon this is a good copy for nowadays. Chris carrying 101 oz

    Ultra Silver T 2oz
    Ether Windshirt 5oz (If you can find one)
    Shorts 7oz
    Bags 12oz
    Spark Top 8oz
    Icepack Jkt 14oz
    Freight Vest 15oz (only one heavier)
    Elite Barricade Jkt 12oz.

    total 75oz.

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