The Quilt of Many Rohan Shirts at Rohan Perth

Quilt made from Rohan Shirts made by Liz at Rohan Perth

News from Rohan Perth: The Quilt of Many Rohan Shirts. Now finished…

Quilt made from Rohan Shirts by Liz Rohan Perth

My name is Liz

I work one day a week in the Rohan shop in Perth.  My husband Brian, also works there with Mel, Jake and Robin.

We have been Rohan fans for more than 25 years, and our wardrobes are shrines to Rohan past and Rohan Outdoor and Travel Clothing. Every year at Gift Your Gear  time we try to have a tidy out and donate suitable items. There are some items of clothing that we find very difficult to part company with.  You could say that they have sentimental value.

I have made quilts from shirts before, strongly believing in recycling good quality fabric.  Making this Rohan quilt was an interesting challenge for me.  It is made from about nine shirts, all of them Rohan, only the backing and the binding are different fabrics. The majority of the checked shirts are Central shirts from 2010 (Blue, Beacon Red, Sandstone and Loden Green), the others predate them, going back as far as the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

It is difficult to say exactly how long it has taken to make the quilt, as I often have several projects on the go at one time, as I also spin yarn, knit, crochet and weave.  The special features of a Rohan shirt lend themselves to creating a very unusual quilt design using the labels, pockets, buttons, zips and other fasteners to show a very unique product in a different light.

Just think how much fun it would be as a child under a quilt hiding your precious things in the colourful pockets!

I will send photographs of the completed quilt when it is finished.

Liz – Rohan Perth

A lovely story about creative reuse. If you have any of your own please share them with us.


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