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Welcome to Rohan York from Manager Gary, Andrew, Ken, Harriet, Charlie, Mirela and Rachel.

Shop Address: Rohan York, 24 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS

Shop Phone Number: 01904 674619

Opening Times:

Monday 09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday  09:30-17:30
Thursday  09:30-17:30
Friday  09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday 11:00-16:30

Directions to our shop: York Station is a central hub for the region. All trains from London through to Scotland stop at York, as do the cross-country trips from Birmingham and Manchester. Once at York follow the path left out of the station (100yards) to a crossroad, continue ahead and follow as the footpath veers right under the City wall and then left at the traffic lights. Proceed ahead, you will find yourself crossing a bridge over the River Ouse. The major shopping area, and the heart of the city, are now of close distance. You should be able to see York Minster ahead, about 50 yards from the bridge take a right. A short distance down this street and past the prominent Post Office takes you into a small Plaza. Turn left and ahead you should see a Quaint little street called Stonegate. Our store is midway on the left!

Rohan York Interior

Most bus services stop at the Train station so follow the above directions. We also have a Park and Ride service from the Designer Outlet (just off the A64), Monks Cross and Askam Bryan. Most people find these easy to use and much cheaper than central car parks.

The Nearest Parking – The centre of York is limited access. It is encouraged that visitors use the various Park and Ride schemes located on the outer ring road of the city. There are a number of car parks central: Clifford’s Tower, Picadilly, Leaman Road, Clarence St., Foss Island, Stonebow and Rougier St. These are normally sign-posted as you enter the city. Charges are varied depending upon where you go.

Our shop was opened March 1990 and has been a strong feature of one of York’s most recognised streets now for almost 20 years. Located on Stonegate (recently voted the 2nd best fashion clothing street in the UK by Google), which in medieval York housed many of the city’s most prominent members of the merchant classes, as well as a strong presence from the Minster’s religious hierarchy. The building itself dates from the Stuart period, like the majority on Stonegate. Most of the buildings on the street have also been affected by the Georgian and Edwardian periods, when many older buildings were bricked up on the outside to make them look newer, while retaining the original interior features. The shop’s main nod to this past is the exposed beams on the first floor.

 York Wheel located in the Royal York Hotel grounds

Staff Recommendations –  Like most cosmopolitan cities, York is no exception in that it has many coffee shops. However if you are wanting somewhere child friendly, then the Spurriergate centre is a great place to drop off at serving healthy food too.

A great Bistro close to the Store is Stonegate Yard. This is a firm favourite with the York Team.
If take-away sandwiches are chosen desire, then our recommendation is Krusties. This one is a best kept secret from tourists.
For somewhere in the evening we strongly recommend Cafe No.8. Amazing food in an intimate environment.

Local Knowledge – York has been known as England’s second city for the best part of the last millenium. This stems initially from its origins as a major Roman settlement in the north (known as Eboracum), and then the first city in the Viking north (known as Jorvik). In Cristian and then Norman England, it maintained its dominance in the north in the large part due to its religious rivalry with Canterbury and its strategic location for campaigns against the Scots.

St. Mary's Abbey located in the Museum Gardens

York’s lack of industrial success has led to the maintaining of the medieval street plan within the city walls, allowing for both a great day out shopping and a wonderful insight into the life of York in its heyday. York still holds so very much of that Viking heritage today, however, as the majority of York’s street names derive from their occupation here. In Norse, ‘gate’ means street, hence Monkgate and Coppergate. The towers which allowed access through the city walls were known as ‘bars’, hence the saying in York that ‘ The streets are called gates, the gates are called bars and the bars are called pubs!’ By the way, there are apparently 365 of these within the city wall, one for each day of the year.


Gift Your Gear


  1. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    So right about now you should all be receiving your shiny new Rohan Spring/Summer catalogue. We’ve been looking through ours in store and it’s another good one. Do remember there are some lines in the new range that aren’t in the catalogue, but you’ll find everything here in Rohan York. Please give us a ring with any queries about items you see in the catalogue, and we’re more than happy to save things for you to try: 01904 674 619

    Andrew @ York

  2. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Gift Your Gear just started 1st March.
    Donating your old gear will make a big difference for children and young people that need to get outdoor.
    If you have something that you don’t wear it anymore , don’t throw it way, bring it to us and we will be happy to give you 15% off at any full priced purchase.
    Thank you and see you soon in our store.

    Mirela@ York Rohan

  3. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Today is both the last day of the Winter’s End Sale, and the first day of the Gift Your Gear Promotion, here at Rohan York, so whatever you’re after there are plenty of great deals to be had!

    With the sale drawing to a close, sizes in some garments are growing a little thin on the ground, but never hesitate to ask a member of staff to try and track something down for you, even if we don’t have it in store.

    As for Gift Your Gear, simply bring in any unwanted (but still usable) hiking gear to your local Rohan store and we can give you a whopping 15% off any purchase in store. This promotion last for the whole of March, so have a rummage in the back of the wardrobe and bring what you find with you on your next visit :D

    Happy Shopping


  4. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Take advantage of the first day of the GIFT YOUR GEAR offer this month at the York Rohan store. You can donate a suitable pre-worn jacket, trousers or fleece and receive 15% off of your purchase of Full price items.


  5. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    This weekend’s your last chance to get your hands on our fantastic Winter’s End Sale items here at Rohan York! With 40% off Down and Synthetic Insulated Layers, plus Men’s Winter Trousers, it’s the perfect opportunity to get yourself wrapped up for the last of the cold weather!

    Happy Shopping


  6. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Last few days of the Winter’s End promotion here at Rohan York, but there’s still time to get your hands on some heavily-discounted winter items. Women’s Downtown Coats and Men’s Nightfall Jackets have been the big sellers this time – both have nearly £100 off! – so stocks are a bit low, but we can still track things down! Pop into Rohan York or give us a call on 01904 674 619 to enquire about any items at all…

    Andrew @ York

  7. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    We are coming into the final few days of benefiting from the Voucher Booklet we gave you a short while back so if you’ve just forgotten about it then check it out there may be something in it for you.



  8. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Now that the weather is getting a bit warmer, stop into the York Rohan store to see our latest clothing for more temperate weather.


  9. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Winter’s End Promo start and we have really great offers.
    Women’s Downtown Jacket is at the moment £147 and it was £245.
    It is a lovely winter jacket, lightweight, water resistant for town and winter travel.
    Well, come in our store and find the perfect jacket for you for an amazing price.

    Thank you and see you soon.

    Mirela@ Rohan York

  10. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    With Spring just round the corner, Our Winter’s End Promo is here, Savings a plenty! Fancy our Nightfall Jacket.. Well its now £147 reduced from £245.

    That is just the tip of the Iceberg

    Come along to the York Store you won’t be disappointed


  11. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Half Term is here! All sorts happening on the busy streets of York this week, from performers to markets to art shows. And it feels like Spring is nearly here, so no better time for a trip to York. Do make sure you pop in and say hi at Rohan York too! We’re right in the city centre, down Stonegate.

    Andrew @ York

  12. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Ladies Skyline Jacket arrive in our store. Is a jacket that you will want for this Spring. Is a versatile wet weather jacket, lovely colours, longer then our three-layer successful waterproof Elite Jacket.
    So, come in our store and have a look at it.
    Mirela @ Rohan York

  13. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    With our brand new Spring/Summer range chock-full of UPF 40+, Bite Guard and Coolant Technologies, as well as some choice favourites from the Winter range, we’ve got you covered for every weather imaginable – which here in York, tend to happen all in one day!

    Happy Shopping


  14. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    We have a great new assortment of the latest seasonal clothing at the York Rohan store. Stop in today!


  15. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    With more and more lines flooding in every day – and with new and brighter colours to make up for the ever-grey weather – what better excuse to stop by our York store and expand your Rohan wardrobe, or find that perfect first time item to start out the new year?

    Come by the store or give us a call in advance to secure any item you might have your eye on, and our sales team will be more than happy to help you out

    Happy shopping


  16. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Here at Rohan York we’ve been busy unpacking lots of items from our new season range. Fresh in this morning are our new men’s Escapers trousers! Lightweight and stretchy, our Escapers are perfect for active pursuits all year round.

    Pop into store to see these and more of our great new arrivals.

    Harriet @ Rohan York

  17. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    New arrivals are now in our store. Attractive colours, comfortable and practical.
    Women ‘s Amblers Trousers are lovely and they cost only £49 .
    Our designer inspired from our popular Troggings, Amblers are made from a soft, comfortable and lightweight performance fabric.
    See you in store,
    Mirela@ Rohan York

  18. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Stop into the York Rohan store to try out our newest arrivals in stylish and comfortable clothing!


  19. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    At long last, Goas are back! So many of you have enquired about them in the last few years, it’s great to see them in again. If you’re not familiar with Goas, come into Rohan York and give them a try.

    Other new arrivals in Rohan York this week include Escapist and Windshadow Jackets (Men’s and Women’s), Men’s Sentry Shirts, Ultra Silver Ts and Canopy Capes; and Women’s Tourers, Globetrotter Mac, and Roamer Shorts.

    Andrew @ York

    • Peter Clinch says:

      Goas, for some values of “Goas”, are back: they’re quite a bit different now to how they were originally…
      However, I’m pleased to report the change is mainly positive. I’ve put a “first impressions” up on the RohanTime Forum. (My wife is quite pleased to report the same, not being a fan of the looks of the originals!)

  20. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    The sale is sadly over here at Rohan York, but a few choice items are still floating around in stores, and there’s always the chance that our sales team can track down that illusive item you’ve had your eye on

    In more exciting news, new stock is flooding in every day from our Spring/Summer range – for instance today we’ve had delivered the new Fenland shirt, available in Atlantic Green, French Blue and Ionian Sea, as well as our classic Jeans Plus in Dark Denim, a perfect casual Spring-time outfit

    Happy Shopping

    Charlie :)

  21. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Plenty of new season arrivals are now in at Rohan York. Good-sellers so far include Men’s Gridlock Henleys, Equator Shirts, Grand Tour Chinos and Spark Tops; and Women’s Meridian Jackets, Coastline Fleeces, Strata Tops, Pinpoint Ts, and Pacer Capris.

    And there’s plenty more still to come. Pop in whenever you can to have a look; we’d love to hear your feedback on all our new lines.

    Andrew @ York

  22. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Today is the last day of the Sale here at Rohan York! Any of the sale items left by the end of the day will be sent back to Head Office, so today really is your last chance to get your hands on one of our amazing offers! If you can’t find something in your size, never fear, our sales team will be more than happy to help you track down that special item you’ve had your eye on.

    Onward and Upwards however, and more and more of our new Spring/Summer range is pouring in every day, so while you’re in, why not be the first to get your hands on our latest products?

    Happy Shopping


  23. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Stop into the York Rohan store for the last day of the final offers. There are some great deals!


  24. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    There’s only one more day of the sale here at Rohan York, so the time is now to stop by and see what bargains there are to be had! While in some lines, certain sizes can be a little thin on the ground, you never know what you might find, and it could well be that that perfect item has been waiting for you all along – stranger things have happened, and there’s really only one way to find out!

    Happy shopping,


  25. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Ladies come in our Rohan Store to check our functional wind resistant, Windshield Jacket. Is breathable, soft and you can get it now with 20% off .
    See you in store.
    Mirela @ Rohan York

  26. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection of items on further reductions. There are some great products at great prices.


  27. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Check out our soft, lovely Coastline Jacket with minimum layer construction reduces weight and bulk, while maximising comfort and breathability. Is easy to care and will dry very fast.
    Don’t forget that you can still get 12% off of our new items.
    See you soon in our store.
    Mirela @Rohan York

  28. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    The 12% off all full price items offer ends tomorrow here at Rohan York, so be sure to take advantage while it lasts!

    Never fear though, further reductions on selected lines will continue through the month of January, so there are plenty of bargains to be had while stocks last! With every purchase you will also receive an exclusive booklet of coupons and vouchers to use in store, as well as great deals with Inntravel, Countryfile magazine, Forest Holidays and more, which will activate at the end of January!

    Hope to see you soon, and Happy Shopping!


  29. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Looking for some great fleeces to zip into your Rohan waterproof coat? Try the mens headland jacket or icepack vest as well as the shivling jacket for our womens range. You may find some other selections as well.


  30. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Charlie here from Rohan in York, wishing you a very happy new year, and what better way to start out the new year than making sure you’ve got everything you need for the year to come by paying us a visit and taking advantage of the sale?

    We’ve got loads of great offers that are practically flying off the rails, so grab them while you can, but remember, if you can’t find anything you’re after, our sales team will be more than happy to see if we can order it in for you at no extra cost

    …also if anyone wants to pop by just to a wish me a happy birthday, that would be nice too – it’s not every day I turn 22!

    Happy Shopping


  31. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Our lovely Atlas Jacket in Ionian Sea colour just arrive. Is a perfect waterproof jacket that offers complete protection with a smart, everyday appearance.
    See you soon in our store.

  32. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Join in to the 12 days of Christmas sale at the York Rohan store. Items are at least 12%off, with many more items at even further reduced prices.


  33. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Ladies I invite you to buy our beautiful Hilltop Jacket on the 27 of December , when sales start.
    Is totally waterproof and highly breathable, it’s made from our very own, bepoke 2-layer Barricade.
    See you on the 27th of December.
    Mirela@ Rohan

  34. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    3 days to go until Christmas and time is running out! If you still haven’t finished all your shopping, why not pop in to see us at Rohan York and we’ll help you find the perfect last minute gift for someone special

    Don’t forget to keep an eye out for our after Christmas sale either! But remember, stock will be going fast so grab it while you can!

    Happy shopping,


  35. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Looking for some great clothing for this winter? At the York Rohan store you can try our selection of fleece tops and insulated jackets, including goosedown coats.


  36. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    So it’s the last shopping weekend before Christmas, and a lot of you have been here in Rohan York for those last few presents today. We’ll be open tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday as normal, and until 2.00pm on Christmas Eve. It’s great in York right now, with carol singers and the Christmas market adding to the festive atmosphere, so well worth a trip in…

    Andrew @ York

  37. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    For those of you who still have not used your Autumn/Winter Catalogue £10 gift cards hurry up, cause they expire on Christmas Eve!
    Here @Rohan York we have plenty of items you can use your gift card to buy. It could be a small Christmas stocking filler or you could use it towards something bigger and get a £10 off.

    Lucy @Rohan York

  38. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Looking for a warm coat this winter? At the York Rohan store you can see our selection of goosedown coats and other insulated products. Enjoy the outdoors.


  39. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Late night opening once again here in Rohan York tonight. We’ll be here ’til seven – and next Thursday, the 18th too. Come in and say hi if you’re about!

    Andrew @ York

  40. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    It is really cold and windy at this time of year that is why I recommend you our comfortable and beautiful Winter Jeans are perfect for cold-weather travelling and everyday winter wear.
    See you soon in our store

  41. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Well, those cold winter days have finally arrived. If you haven’t done so yet it’s time to get some winter warmers. Here at Rohan York we have all you need to keep warm and cosy – down coats, insulated trousers, superfine Merino base layers.
    So, visit our store and pick what’s best for you!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  42. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Stop into the York Rohan store for your travel adventure clothing. We have insect-repellent shirts and trousers as well as a great range of waterproof coats.


  43. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    We count down the days to Christmas and most of our shops will be open on Thursday till 19:00 o’clock, so you still have time to get your Christmas presents.
    Hope to see you soon.
    Mirela@Rohan York

  44. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Lovely Jacket ,perfect for cold weather trekking and travel but equally useful as an everyday winter coat
    Additional features include a comfy, fleece-lined , elasticated bindings at the cuffs and drawcord-adjustable hems.
    Mirela@Rohan York

  45. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    As Christmas approaches why don’t you visit our York store and view some of the accessories such as the waterproof wallet and Climate sock range – make great Christmas presents!


  46. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Now it appears winter has arrived why not come in to the York store and try on our male and female warm merino wool base layers

  47. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Now its turning colder why not come in to the York store and try on our male and female warm hats, scarves and gloves

  48. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Only few days left of our Winter Warmers promotions and the stock is flying off the shelves!
    So, hurry up and get your 20 % off our fantastic down coats, Superfine Merino base layers and winter trousers here at Rohan York!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  49. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Really busy this week in Rohan York! Seems that the belated arrival of the cold weather has brought a lot of you in to see us, which is great! And it couldn’t have coincided any neater with our Winter Warmers promo too!

    Don’t forget: St. Nick’s Fayre this weekend – hopefully see you all here!

    Andrew @ York

  50. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Winter Warmers are selling fast here at Rohan York, but never fear if you can’t find your size in store! our sales team will be more than happy to help you find exactly what you’re looking for – or that perfect gift for someone special!

    Don’t forget your complimentary Mince Pie with the Christmas offer voucher, and complimentary coffee in store – just another reason to stop by and warm up after a hard day shopping

    See you soon


  51. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Just a reminder that next Thursday (27thNov) sees the start of possibly the Largest Xmas festival in the land. St Nicholas’ Fayre. To experience Xmas in York is an unforgettable experience!
    It also coincides with our 20% off Winter Warms promotion so pop in to see us


  52. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    So by now you’ve probably all received your winter promotional discount from us at Rohan York, which is valid for the next two weeks. Many lines are already flying out – certainly those in the Winter Warmers promo – so give us a ring on 01904 674619 if there’s anything you want us to save. See you soon in-store at Rohan York for some mince pies and coffee. Oh and don’t forget to bring your competition entry too!


  53. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Winter warmers promotion continues @Rohan York! Visit us and get 20% off selected winter garments. My personal favourite are Superfine Merino base layers. We have a great variety of colours and styles that will keep you warm and cosy on those cold winter days.
    You won’t need any more layers if you pair them up with our also-in-promotion down Nightfall Jacket.

    Lucy @Rohan York

  54. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Look out for your vouchers for a complimentary Mince Pie in our Christmas promotional pack, being delivered to customers in the York area, as well as free coffee for all in store here at Rohan York – the perfect warming pick-me-up while you’re doing your Christmas shopping!

    Hope to see you soon!


  55. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Selected Winter Warmers are now 20% off! Why not visit our York store and tick some boxes on your Christmas shopping list today…

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  56. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Christmas is almost coming, therefore we wait for you in our store to get your Christmas gift with 20 % discount. See you soon!

    Mirela@Rohan York

  57. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection of waterproof coats and trousers. Stay dry this holiday season.


  58. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Our fantastic Icepack Jacket is just what you need on a day like today! It is ultra light and provides perfect insulation for high warmth with low bulk. It can also be zipped together with your interchangeable waterproof or simply packed into its own pocket when not needed.

    Come and try it on today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  59. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Rain rain rain and more rain in York today. But never fear, we’ve got you covered. From waterproof coats to waterproof trousers to waterproof hats to waterproof shoes and boots. And even waterproof gloves and waterproof notebooks and pens and waterproof wallets. And, of course, brollies. So get yourselves to Rohan York in preparation for more to come!

    Andrew @ York

  60. Well, winter is approaching fast. It won’t be long until we get the first snow. Our Backcountry Shirt will keep you warm and protected when those low temperatures finally hit. It looks like a shirt, protects like a jacket and insulates like a thick fleece.
    And to be fully protected why not visit Rohan York and pair it up with one of our insulated trousers!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  61. Stop into the York Rohan store to try our great selection of waterproof jackets that offer the interchange system, when you can zip in a warm fleece top.


  62. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    November weather seems to have descended all at once here at Rohan York – as they say, all good things must come to an end, and as we say goodbye to the balmy autumn weather, the time has come to stock up on winter coats and fleeces!

    (also not a bad time to start scouting for christmas presents….)

    Charlie @ Rohan York

  63. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Have you ever needed a self adhesive which will bond to aluminium, steel, ceramics, glass wood and fabrics like Gortex? Well we have the answer at Rohan York – Sugru. Great as an additional stocking filler for Christmas and only ten pounds for a pack of 5 sachets!
    Rachel@rohan york

  64. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Even though the weather has been relatively warm, those cold winter days are not far away. And when it’s cold outside there is nothing more important than keeping your feet warm.
    So, why not pop into Rohan York and try on our ECCO winter shoe selection. Coming in different styles and colours they are warm, comfortable and have Hydromax water-repellent treatment to protect from snow and rain.
    They work perfectly with Rohan socks and will last longer with Brasher shoe care kit – all available @Rohan York!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  65. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Try out the latest down coat styles at the York Rohan store. They are specially treated to help reduce the absorption of water, so you are better prepared for unexpected seasonal showers.


  66. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    It’s very rare and very special – and we believe it’s the best performing next-to-the-skin fibre money can buy….

    Superfine Merino Wool- everyone should have one, so come and try it on today in our store!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  67. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Just a quick reminder: if there’s anything at all you’d like us to get in for you from the Souk area of our website, please just give us a ring here in Rohan York and we’ll be more than happy to track down any items for you. If an item exists somewhere in the company, we’ll find it! So if you’d like to try an item for size, or to see colours and fabrics in person, anything at all, call us on 01904 674619 and we’ll have them for you in no time!

    Andrew @ York

  68. Rohan York says:

    Hi we have some warm long sleeved mens Sentinel shirts which would make a superb Christmas present. Call into your York Rohan store to see what else you may like
    rachel@rohan york

  69. Rohan York says:

    Today is the last day to take advantage of the latest offer on great clothing at the York Rohan store. Stop in today!


  70. Rohan York says:

    Ladies our Women’s Cascade Jacket is what you need at this time of the year. It offers a complete coverage and totally waterproof protection, our Cascade Jacket is perfect for walking, but it’s also an excellent choice for travel, everyday or work wear.
    Mirela@Rohan York

  71. Rohan York says:

    Looking for a bargain? You’re in the right place – our Mid Season Sale is now on and we’ve got many items reduced by over 30%. But, if something takes your eye, don’t hang around, because it all ends TOMORROW!!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  72. Rohan York says:

    Midseason sales continues @Rohan York! Check this out:

    Womens Crossover trousers – £32.50 (50% off)
    Womens Journal Jacket – £49 (down from original £125)
    Womens Progress Polo – £29 (down from original £46)

    Hurry up, there are only 3 days left to grab a bargain!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  73. Rohan York says:

    Our superb mid season sale is on at Rohan York until Sunday. Many of our popular ranges have been reduced including our Essence T shirts, Microrid Stowaway Jacket and waterproofs. So why not make the most of our mid season sale and layer up ready for the colder months..

  74. Rohan York says:

    Our Mid-Season Sale continues! Lines selling especially well so far include men’s Escapers, Grand Tour Chinos and Equator Shirt; and women’s Progress Polos, Crossover Trousers and Cascade Jacket. Stocks are limited for these and other items so call Rohan York on 01904 674619 if you’d like us to save anything for you. It all ends on Sunday so look lively!

    Andrew @ York

  75. Rohan York says:

    It’s a great time to stop into the York Rohan store to see our great selection of warm clothing, with some great items on offer to discover as well!

  76. Rohan York says:

    Week three on the job here at Rohan York and clothing is flying off the shelves for our Mid-Season Sale! Talk about being thrown in the deep end, but with so much great stock on offer, it’s difficult to go wrong!


  77. Rohan York says:

    Beautiful Women’s Carrig Crew Top is one of the fleece that you will love it
    Offering all the performance of a technical fleece in conjunction with the rugged good looks of a conventional knitted pullover, our Carrig Crew Top offers the best of both worlds.

  78. Rohan York says:

    As the weather changes why not try on some of our super warm light weight fleeces and may be team them up with one of our waterproof jackets. Please do call in to your Local York Rohan store and view our new seasons arrivals

  79. Rohan York says:

    York Marathon is now behind us, but the enthusiasm of its participants is still sky high this morning in our store! Troggings are a very popular choice for those who want to keep warm, dry and comfortable whilst active, preparing for their next big run.

    Come and see us today. This season we introduce Mens’ Troggings as well.


    Dobra @ York

  80. Rohan York says:

    At the York Rohan store we have many items to help you layer properly to be comfortable in any weather conditions. Stop in to see our selection.


  81. Rohan York says:

    Another busy week is almost done here in Rohan York, so here are our top-selling lines: In the Men’s range the new Sentinel Shirt colours have flown out, and the new design Crossborder Coat has proved very popular. The Boundary Button Jumper and Stronghold Trousers have also sold well. In Women’s, our new Countrywide Jacket is doing very well, as is the Pathway Cardi in all three colours. The new Radiant Dress and the Carrig Crew Top are also doing the business. Come in and see these plus many, many others…

    Andrew @ York

  82. Rohan York says:

    Well, it has been cold and wet here in York, meaning it’s time to think about something that will keep you dry and warm. Available at Rohan York our Waterproof jackets with interchange system are a perfect solution.
    For example, ladies could go for our Hilltop Jacket and a matching colour Shivling fleece. Or if you think that Shivling fleece is a little bit too warm you can choose our Mountain Leader waterproof and a matching colour Microgrid fleece. All you need to add is our Superfine Merino Top as a warm base layer.

    Lucy @Rohan York

  83. Rohan York says:

    Ladies is getting cold and we need to wear something that is cosy, warm and easy to care for.
    I present you, our beautiful garment Women’s Finnic Cardi.
    It features a traditional print on the outside and a brushed inner face for extra comfort and insulation. It is eaxctly what we need for this time of year.

    Mirela@ Rohan York

  84. Rohan York says:

    Looking for a good range of warm winter clothing? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection.


    KC at York

  85. Rohan York says:

    As the season changes why not pop into your Rohan York store and try on some of our new season fleeces and waterproofs

  86. Rohan York says:

    After dry and sunny Sunday, Monday welcomed us with heavy rain and autumn chill. It is time to prepare ourselves for those wet October days.

    Our totally waterproof and highly breathable Globetrotter Mac combines advanced mountain technology with smart, town looks.

    Come and try it in our York store today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  87. Rohan York says:

    Our new season Nightfall down jackets have arrived in Rohan York! The warmest jacket in our range, our Nightfall Jacket is perfect for high mountain camping and winter trekking – but just as useful around town in bitterly cold winter conditions.
    It will work perfectly with our Superfine Merino Tops and Winter Trousers.
    So, come and have a look yourself, cause winter is approaching fast!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  88. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear Extended to 5th October At Any Rohan Shop! You can still donate and receive 15% off any full price item until Sunday!! Come and see us in our York store today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  89. Rohan York says:

    Did you know that our Gift Your Gear promotion has been extended to the 5th October, so if you havent had chance yet to receive your 15% discount at Rowan York on full price purchases please do call in.
    The items we can receive include fleeces, waterproof jackets and trousers and they will be donated to local good causes.

  90. Rohan York says:

    Stop into the York Rohan Store to take a look at the Envoy series of business suits jackets and trousers. Great for long workdays and journeys, and plenty of helpful features.

    KC @York

  91. Rohan York says:

    Hello ladies! Have you seen our new Ridgeway Cord skirt yet? If not, what are you waiting for? This season it comes in a lovely claret red colour, needless to say that it is a perfect skirt for travel and everyday wear.
    It goes perfectly with our Radiant tops (rollneck, hoodie or cardi) and Pathway Cardi.
    So, come and see us at Rohan York!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  92. Rohan York says:

    Winter is coming and i cant wait to wear Women’s Radiant Dress. It is warm and it’s ideal for sightseeing during the day and with a quick change of jacket and boots, the perfect choice for an evening in a relaxed restaurant or bar.

    Mirela @Rohan York

  93. Rohan York says:

    The Company have just announced that there will be an extention of 1 week on the Gift Your Gear Promotion so what this means to you is that instead of it ending on the 30th of September you will now be able to have a discount of 15% off a purchase with us (when returning a product as a gift) until the 5th October.


    See you in the York Store


  94. Rohan York says:

    Feels like Autumn has finally arrived this morning, a definite chill in the air for the first time. And like clockwork our loyal customers have already been in looking at our baselayers, fleeces, jumpers, lined trousers and insulating jackets. Pop into Rohan York for all the items you’ll need for the coming months and the impending cold…

    Andrew @ York

  95. Rohan York says:

    Here come the cool autumn mornings! On a school run today one piece of garment made me lovely warm and comfortable- Downtown Vest.

    Designed primarily for wearing around town in cold, changeable, winter conditions, our Downtown Vest is filled with a high-quality blend of goosedown and feathers.

    It’s also very versatile – we’ve treated the down with a highly-effective and specialised hydrophobic treatment which dramatically increases the filling’s resistance to moisture.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  96. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear donate your unwanted outdoor clothing during the month of September, that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand and receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day. Offer ends 30th September 2014.

    KC @ York

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  97. Rohan York says:


    If your not sure about what to buy an awkward partner then fear not the answer is a Rohan Giftcard.
    This way it takes the stress out of buying a present which could end up being wrong.



  98. Rohan York says:

    Big-sellers in Rohan York recently include the Men’s Crossborder Coat, Downtown Jacket, and Sentinel Shirts; and the Women’s Countrywide Jackets, Carrig Crew Tops and Ridgeway Cord Skirt. But all of the new season range is selling very well. Give us a ring on 01904 674619 if you’d like to speak to one of us about any items at all.

    Andrew @ York

  99. Rohan York says:

    Even though the weather has been relatively warm so far, the winter will approach fast! So it’s always good to be prepared. Come to Rohan York and have a look at our winter Downtown down range (vests, jackets and coats). They are so warm that all you need to wear underneath is our Superfine Merino base layer or just a thin Microgrid fleece.
    As always our friendly sales assisants are here for you to help you make the right choice!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  100. Rohan York says:

    Today we have our Rohan Designer in the York store so if you have any feedback please do call by!
    Rachel@Rohan York

  101. Rohan York says:

    To date Gift Your Gear has supported over 250 community organisations, youth groups and charities who work with young people in the outdoors. We hope that we can increase this number to 350 by the end of the Gift Your Gear – Rohan event.

    Come to our York store today, donate your unwanted outdoor clothing that’s all outdoor clothing, rucksacks and includes children’s clothing regardless of brand and receive 15% off any full price purchase made on the same day. Offer ends 30th September 2014.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  102. Rohan York says:

    Our Microgrid Stowaway Woman Jacket is now in our York store.Is a functional jacket, but casual looking . It’s a simple, technical design which is perfect as a layering piece – both in the hills or around town.
    It feels soft,light, it is much more packable and far more breathable.
    The Microgrid Stowaway Jacket for women you can wear it with Tourers Trousers and Superfine Merino Zip.

    Mirela @Rohan York

  103. Rohan York says:

    With Autumn very much with us I thought I’d share an ideal Waterproof Jacket you for the season.

    Follow this link:



    If you want a stylish country styled jacket which is impressively lightweight, odourless, Wax look and protective then you may just have found the answer.

    Pop in to the York Store for a closer look, you won’t be disappointed.


  104. Rohan York says:

    Try our Microgrid Jackets and Microgrid Zip tops to help keep you warm this autumn. Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection.


  105. Rohan York says:

    Only few days left to redeem our 30% off Microgrid Zip vouchers. So, hurry up and get a Microgrid Zip for him and for her here at Rohan York!
    And while you are here why not have a look at our base layers that will compliment perfectly your new Microgrid – Element and Essence Ts or our Superfine Merino range for a bit more warmth and comfort.
    As always we will be more than happy to help you find the outfit that is right for you!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  106. Rohan York says:

    Our fantastic range of Superfine Merino is back!

    The Rohan Superfine Merino takes full advantage of the incredible properties of nature’s finest technical fabric – it’s very rare and very special. It’s incredibly soft, luxuriously comfortable, high wicking, UV protective and has an uncanny natural resistance to the build up of odour. We think it makes the perfect cool weather base layer.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  107. Rohan York says:

    Hi, have you received our new catalogue? Did you receive your £10 gift voucher? You can redeem it at Rohan York against any purchase. We look forward to seeing you soon

  108. Rohan York says:

    Hey Guys,

    It’s time to clear the wardrobes and drawers of those old walking trousers,fleeces and waterproofs. Gift Your Gear is back on again and as ever you could get 15% off your next purchase.

    So why not pop into the York Store we have a fantastic range for the coming season



    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  109. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear this month at the York Rohan store. You can earn 15% off your order when you donate a jacket, trousers, or fleece item.

    KC @ York

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  110. Rohan York says:

    It’s a beautiful day here in York! Sun’s shining, town’s buzzing, and our shop’s very busy! If you’re in town do pop in and say hi. And if you bring a Gift Your Gear donation we’ll be happy to give you 15% off your purchase today in Rohan York. We’re open ’til 4.30…

    Andrew @ York

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  111. Rohan York says:

    For those of you who have felt that our Striders for men are a bit limited in terms of leg length and colour we can now offer an alternative – our new season Outsiders that are already selling well @Rohan York! They are made of exactly the same fabric, but come in 2 leg lengths (short and regular in Graphite) and an additional colour (Moonlight Blue).
    Pair them up with our new Sentinel shirt and Element T and you have a perfect autumn outfit!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  112. Rohan York says:

    If you are looking for a warm, water-repellent, lace up boot that’s perfect for cold-weather travel and every day wear in winter, come and look at our fantastic new arrivals from Ecco!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  113. Rohan York says:

    Winter is almost here so I am happy to announce that we’ve just receive our beautiful, warm and soft SHIVLING JACKET. I LOVE IT! It has a long pile fleece on the inside, gives extra warmth and as I said before, a lovely soft feel.

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  114. Rohan York says:

    You’ll be sure to find Stanley in the building. Keeping drinks piping hot for longer is his forte
    See Below:

    It’s a Classic!


  115. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear this September, if you have any unwanted outdoor gear, regardless of brand, bring it to us at Rohan York and as a thank-you we’ll give you 15% off all full-price purchases that day. And with our new Autumn/Winter range now in store the timing couldn’t be better!

    Andrew @ York

    Gift Your Gear – Donate your unwanted outdoor gear

  116. Rohan York says:

    Take advantage of the great assortment of tops and trousers that will keep you warm and comfortable this Autumn. Stop into the York Rohan store today!


  117. Rohan York says:

    The icepack jacket is warm lightweight, comfortable and shower proof, surely a perfect fit to your’e Rohan wardrobe? as the weather gets colder the icepack jacket is ideal for the coming autumnal season!

    Connor@Rohan York

  118. Rohan York says:

    We’ve just received our pack of entry cards for the Rohan Yorkshire Dales competition. For your chance to win a day with a National Park Ranger, plus an overnight stay in a B&B, pop into Rohan York and complete the entry card before the end of September. It won’t take you two minutes, and it’s definitely worth a punt!

    Andrew @ York

  119. Rohan York says:

    Looking to stay dry during your outdoor travels? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our waterproof jackets and waterproof trousers.


  120. Rohan York says:

    There’s loads of new stuff in here at Rohan in York, come on in and treat yourself. You deserve it!!

    Connor @York

  121. Rohan York says:

    Anyone out there looking for a ‘Stanley’ might just find one here in the York Store.

    Intreged? Watch this space


  122. Dobra @ York says:

    Well it does feel good to be back in the York store after such a hectic weekend at Rutland Birdfair. Thanks to all of you that made the trip to our stand in Marquee 8. Apparently over 20,000 attended over the three days and it felt like every one of you was trying on a Rohan item at one time or other. For a first visit for Rohan it was a massive success, and also great fun for all of us working there.

    Andrew @ York

    PS. A lot of new lines have arrived in my absence – come and have a look asap, they’re already flying out!

  123. Dobra @ York says:

    Looking for some new colours and styles of travel clothing? Stop into the York Rohan store to see the latest designs.


  124. Rohan York says:

    Come and try out our whole range of new colours and styles, the new season has landed, come into Rohan York to see what you’re missing!


  125. Dobra @ York says:

    Our Ridgeway Skirt is back this season in a beautiful Claret Red. It is offering classic good looks, with a technical twist and is the perfect cord skirt for travel and everyday wear.

    Visit our store and try it on today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  126. Rohan York says:

    Why not call in and benefit from the Great Customer offers in your Voucher booklets, during August – including 10% off our new season range…Which is very much taking center stage in our York Store.

    Ps Hurry, the range is fast selling already.

  127. It’s start raining again and i am thinking that, since i arrive in York i didnt bought a waterproof jacket. I come from Italy and i never thought about buying a waterproof jacket.
    So i start working for this amazing shop Rohan and i realize that the Waterproof ‘Cascade Jacket ‘ for woman is exactly what i need.Offering complete coverage and totally waterproof protection, our Cascade Jacket is perfect for walking – naturally – but it’s also an excellent choice for travel, everyday or work wear.
    Mirela @ Rohan York

  128. Rohan York says:

    More and more new season items are arriving at Rohan York!
    The ones that are definitely worth considering are our Superfine Merino garments. Made from 100% merino wool they have natural ability to regulate your body temperature, absorb vapour and resist the build up of odour.They are also incredibly soft and luxuriously comfortable next to the skin.
    Superfine Merino works perfectly as a base layer with Rohan fleeces and insulated vests/jackets. I am going to pair mine up with Rohan Shivling fleece and Icepack vest.

    Lucy @Rohan York

  129. Rohan York says:

    It seems too early to be thinking about Cold weather but i thought that its worth mentioning the fantastic and ever popular Superfine Merino range has arrived into the York store. Including a new (dressier) V neck Long sleeve for Ladies perfect for everyday use when you want to look like you haven’t just walked off a mountain.

    Strike whilst the weather’s Hot!



  130. With this overcast weather, you’re likely to need a great waterproof jacket to keep you comfortable on your journey. Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection.


  131. Rohan York says:

    Come into Rohan today and check out some of our fabulous garments that have just landed! From the new Mountain Leader jacket to new colours of our classic bags, come on down to our York store soon. You won’t be dissapointed!!

    Connor @ Rohan York.

  132. Rohan York says:

    Solid, reliable and comfortable in any environment. All good qualities to look for in your outdoor companions. And they’re certainly all present and correct in our Mountain Leader Jacket.

    Beautiful new colours have just landed today! Come and see us in our Rohan York store.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  133. Well that brief but lively storm certainly brought a lot of you into Rohan York! Elite, Hilltop, Cascade and Mountain Leader Jackets all sold as the rain fell, as well as a couple of Globetrotter Macs. All completely waterproof, of course, so complete protection however much it pours. And now the sun’s out again. For now, at least…

  134. Rohan York says:

    With summer nearly over and September fast approaching it’s time to think about keeping warm this autumn. What about our Icepack vest for ladies in a new exciting Anemone colour?
    Available @Rohan York, it’s light, stylish and almost as effective as natural down without any washing complications.
    It works perfectly with Rohan Jeans Plus and our new season Stria polo.
    Visit us @Rohan York and we will be happy to help you find your winning outfit!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  135. Rohan York says:

    Take advantage of our extra reduced prices on many items until Sunday 2nd August. Stop into the York Rohan store.

    KC @ York

  136. Rohan York says:

    Women’s Sundown Shirt in sea coral has been my favourite garment in the current season. It has got lyocell fibres in it which are made from Eucalyptus trees and are highly absorbent and naturally wicking. Lyocell is also a natural temperature regulator and inhibitor to the growth of bacteria.
    And now this amazing shirt is only £32 (down from original £55)!
    It works perfectly with Pacer Capris in saffron (now £52) or our Jeans Plus Bootcut (now £60).
    Come to Rohan York and get your winning combination!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  137. Rohan York says:

    Our new season Headland Vest for men is already selling well here at Rohan York. Not only as a highly technical fleece vest, but also as a perfect companion for our now in sale Mountain Guide waterproof Jacket (now only £94!).
    Add our now in sale long-sleeve Element V (now only £21.50!) as a base layer and you have a perfect outfit which will keep you warm and dry for a number of years and all for under £200!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  138. New Lines are coming in thick and Fast!

    These include:

    New colours of:


    Grand Tour Chinos

    Hilltop Jackets

    Who’s Excited?

  139. Stop by the York Rohan store to see our latest styles. We have new colours of current ranges and new lines of jackets.

    KC @ York

  140. Come on down to see some of our new range, why not spice up your wardrobe this summer with the new Wayfarer shirt in chile red.

    Connor @Rohan York

  141. Rohan York says:

    It’s another beautiful day here in York! Town’s very lively, the sun’s shining, the Races are on and there’s a great atmosphere. So come in and make the most of your Saturday. And of course come and say hello to us at Rohan York!

    Andrew @ York

  142. Rohan York says:

    Take advantage of our great offers on tops, trousers and accessories. Stop into the York Rohan shop soon.

    KC @ York

  143. Rohan York says:

    Vibrant colours seem to be popular at the moment so why not come and see our Progress Polos, for women the ankle length Tangier trousers are a hit and for Men the ecco Colin Lace summer shoes.

    Don’t forget our sale starts on Thursday 3rd July with our York store opening at the earlier time of 9am!


  144. Well, the weather here in York is warm and sunny, and there seams to be a nice atmosphere building in the run up to the Tour de France.

    Why not call in-store this week, to stock up on those summer garments, they will keep you cool and fresh in this milder weather.

    See you soon in sunny York!


  145. Rohan York says:

    Hi Ladys, looking for a perfect outfit to walk your dog on the nearby moor?
    Come to Rohan York and try our water-repellent Troggings. They’re tough, wind resistant, highly breathable, water resistant and offer completely unrestricted freedom of movement.
    To be fully protected why not pair them up with our waterproof Dharam shoes and Canopy Cape. The cape is roomy enough to be worn over another coat and a rucksack and will pack in it’s own pocket for an easy storage when you don’t need it.

    Lucy @Rohan York

  146. We have a great selection of water-resistant and waterproof jackets for men and women. Stop into the York Rohan shop and have a try on! Enjoy your travels more by being comfortable.

    KC @ York

  147. By combining traditional linen with sophisticated modern fibres, Rohan Linen Plus™ features all the cool, classic comfort of linen without looking like an unmade bed.

    Pop in and try our lovely Tunis and Maroc range today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  148. Rohan York says:

    Looking for a good selection of travel bags and wheeled luggage? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection.

    KC @ York

  149. Rohan York says:

    Just a week to go now before the Tour de France comes to Yorkshire! We’re all very excited here in Rohan York – it’ll be here next Sunday, and in Leeds on Saturday. If you’ll be one of the many people here next weekend do make time to come see us!

    Andrew @ York

  150. Getting ready for a holiday this summer and looking for a durable reliable suitcase?
    Look no further than Eagle Creek Load Warrior available @Rohan York. Coming in 3 sizes from 36L to 67L (39L to 73L extended) this rugged, durable wheeled duffel are designed for adventurous travel and lugging serious loads of outdoor gear.
    They are compatible with Eagle Creek Pack-It system which includes cubes, folders and toiletry bags/kits. All come in different sizes and colours. And to make things absolutely perfect why not get one of our high quality Pacsafe padlocks.
    So, what are you waiting for? Come and pick the right set for yourself!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  151. Smart, casual whatever the weather, the Freelance shirt is ideal for any occation.

    Connor@ Rohan York

  152. Two styles of men’s shirt are really flying out at the moment – the Aura and the Equator. The short-sleeved Aura is ultra-lightweight (110g) and has full UV protection. The short-sleeved and long-sleeved Equator is highy wicking and comes with a patch for cleaning your spactacles and sunglasses sewn inside the hem. Both the Aura and Equator also have Dynamic Moisture Control, anti-odour treatments and are incredibly crease-resistant. If you’re in York come take a look to see for yourselves!

    Andrew @ York

  153. Rohan York says:

    Win a guided cycling holiday for two with Rohan and HF Holidays! All you need to do is come to our store, complete your details on a competition post card and hand it in at the counter. The lucky winner will be able to choose from one of seven UK country houses across UK, located in some of the best cycling areas!
    We are looking forward to seeing you soon in our York branch!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  154. Le Tour de France will be passing through York on Sunday 6th July, why not get involved in the run up and jump on a bike! Rohan offer the Outrider shorts that are great for cycling and for extra protection for your behind why not team it with one of our Bumper Liners. If your looking for footwear for mountain biking then look no further than the Brasher Tour GTX which is comfortable while staying technical. The GTX’s Gore-Tex lining is sure to protect you from those water-filled potholes.

    So join the fun and get on your bike too!


  155. With a bit of luck we shall continue to experience this warm weather, allowing us to get out and explore the beautiful British countryside. So why not call in to Rohan York and look at our lightweight trousers, base layers and microgrids perfect for walking though don’t forget that fold away waterproof… you never know!


  156. What can be a better material for summer clothing than linen? While you will agree, you will still say – Yes, it’s great, but the way it creases drives me mad!
    Well, here at Rohan this issue has been taken care of. Visit us in the York store and try our Tunis and Maroc Linen Plus range. It is made of an effecient blend of linen and polyester meaning all the amazing qualities of natural linen are still there while all the annoying creasing is gone!
    I know what I am talking about, because I have got a Tunis dress myself!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  157. Smart? Casual? Or just something for the road. The stria polo is perfect for that balmy summer air this year. Go on, treat yourself!

    Connor@ Rohan York

  158. Stop into the York Rohan store to see what type of rucksacks and hand luggage we offer. We have a variety of bag styles to help you with your journey.


  159. The Men’s aura shirt is proving very popular here in our York store, a gentleman has just purchased one of each colour. They are perfect for this warm weather that we have been seeing over the last days.


  160. It’s another blazing hot day in York! There’s surely no better time to visit York than this week with the sun shining. And no better time to re-stock your summer wardrobe. So for women, have a look at the Swift Ts, Pacer Capris, Sanctuary and Leeway Shirts, and Serene and Essence Vests and Tops; and for men check out the Equator and Aura Shirts, Progress and Core Ts and Stria Polos. And then there’s all the Ultra Silver layers and, of course, our famous linens. There’s so much, you’re best just popping in to Rohan York to see it all…


  161. Rohan York says:

    Well, British summer has been true to itself so far providing sunshine in the morning and then unexpected shower in the afternoon.
    Our extra light shower- and waterproof shells will help you prepare for such unpredictable weather.
    Come to Rohan York and have a look at our Aura, Meridian, Windshadow and Elite Jackets. All are extra light and can be packed in their own pocket taking no room at all in your bag!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  162. Father’s Day is fast approaching! Here, at Rohan we have some perfect gift ideas for all Super Dads. How about a Nite Ize S-Biner to keep the keys safe, secure and close at hand or an ultimate emergency head torch- Petzl E-Lite?

    Visit our store today and get inspired!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  163. Rohan York says:

    Looking for a good range of shorts and tops this summer? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection.


  164. Stay cool and comfortable this summer with our Core Silver T-Shirts.

    Connor @York

  165. Rohan York says:

    Here comes summer! And, whatever your plans to make the most of 18 hours of daylight, one thing’s for certain: now’s a great time to stock up on some new gear. Because, right now, we’re offering 20% off a wide selection of ‘perfect-for-summer’ essentials.

    But hurry, this offer ends tomorrow, on Sunday 8 June 2014!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  166. Did we mention we now open an extra half an hour on Sundays? 11.00am – 4.30pm Sunday, and 9.30am – 5.30pm Monday to Saturday.

    Do give us a ring to enquire about any items, or to have anything saved for you to try on – our number’s 01904 674 619.

    Andrew @ York

    PS. Our Summer Clearance promo is on all this week, so there’s no better time to come to Rohan York!

  167. At the York Store we have a vancancy for a part time position (perminent)

    The hours : 7.5 Hours Thursday
    5 Hours Friday

    If you believe you can offer a high standard to our fantastic customers joining great team then pop instore with a CV or you can post FAO: Gary Sutemire (Store Manager)


  168. Rohan York says:

    Summer promotion continues at Rohan York! Get 20% off selected summer essentials and create a perfect outfit for your holiday. Here is an idea:

    Serene Vest £23.20
    Crossover shorts £44.00
    Worldview shirt £44.00

    Hurry up! The stock goes quickly!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  169. A good morning to all from a wet York today. Brave the rain and come on down to our store on Stonegate for our Summer Essentials 20% off sale starting as of TODAY. We have multiple lines on the sale including a selection of short sleeve shirts and shorts. Don’t miss out as the sale ends on the 8th June. If you are put off by the rain give us a ring and we can hold any items until you.

    Regards from all of the Rohan York Team

  170. Rohan York says:

    OUR SUMMER ESSENTIALS PROMOTION STARTS TOMORROW! Some great items at really great prices. Get into Rohan York as soon as you can – some of these items won’t be around for long at these prices. Give us a bell on 01904 674619 if you’d like us to save any items; otherwise just come in!

    Andrew @ York

  171. Rohan York says:

    Have you been invited to a wedding this summer? Well, I have been and I know what my husband will be wearing – available at Rohan York Envoy jacket + trousers. Being stain-repellent and crease resistant it will definitely survive a train journey and will be good enough to cycle to work after that special occasion. It goes without saying that it simply ooks great!

    Lucy @ Rohan York

  172. Come and try the mountain guide jacket, stay warm dry and comfortable just in case our british summer isnt up to scratch.

    Connor@ Rohan York

  173. Out in the rain this week? Stop into the York Rohan store to see what waterproof gear we offer. We have a great range of waterproof jackets and even waterproof trousers to keep you comfortable on your outdoor travels.



  174. And so, alas, the heatwave has ended – it was good while it lasted but now the shorts and sandals must be put back in the wardrobe for a while longer yet. Never fear, it’s always sunny in Rohan York! Though that may just be the fluorescent lighting. Come see for yourselves and cheer us up this cloudy Thursday…

    Andrew @ York

  175. If you are heading over to York for the Bank Holiday remember we shall be open on Monday 26th from 11am – 4pm.



  176. Even though some of us are jetting off to hotter climates, the summer seems to be certainly starting here!

    We have all your summer essentials here and now in the shop at York! Come on down and prepare for what the British summer has to throw at you!

    Liv @ York

  177. Rohan York says:

    Rohan does Ruffwear! Please call in advance before making a special journey to Rohan York!

    Ruffwear is the number one name in accessories for Dogs on the Go®. If you and your dog like to get active – out and about in the countryside – then look no further than Ruffwear.


    Dobra @ Rohan York

  178. Anybody heading for Brazil to support England in the World Cup? UV protection is a must then! Majority of trousers and tops we sell at Rohan York have UPF 40+ rating meaning up to 97% of harmful UV radiation is blocked. As usual, friendly and helpful sales assistants come at no extra cost!

    Lucy @Rohan York

  179. Rohan York says:

    It’s the perfect time to stop into the Rohan York store to see our collection of lightweight tops and trousers for warmer weather.



  180. Our lightest shirt yet! Aura shirt weights only 110gms and is amazingly durable and brathable- fantastic garmet for sunny days like today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  181. Rohan York says:

    It’s a beautiful morning in York! Sun’s shining at last! No better time to have a trip into town, and do come and see us all in Rohan York – we’ll even make you a cup of tea if you ask nicely…


  182. I am a new team member at Rohan York. Genuinely overwhelmed with all the high performance garments we sell! Waterproofs, UV protection, silver technology, mosquito repellency… Come to Rohan York and share my fascination!

  183. looking for something light, comfortable and durable, the zephyr top is great for the warm summer ahead, great for smart and casual occations.

  184. Ready for a great holiday? Why not go prepared for all conditions? We have great clothing for sunny days or whatever the weather. Stop into the York Rohan store today.



  185. Rohan York says:

    The weather may be horrendous, but we’re still smiling at Rohan York! We offer not only shelter from the rain but a wide selection and variety of waterproofs to keep you dry during this very wet spring!

    Come on in, and we’ll have you dry in no time!

    Liv @ York

  186. Well it’s not been the nicest weather here in York today – rain, rain and more rain. But we’ve been promised it’s going to come good for the rest of the week, so do come into York and do come and say hi to us all in Rohan. And anyway, we have clothing here for you for whatever the weather, rain or shine!

    Andrew @ York

  187. Men’s Ecco Offroad Lite is comfortable, rugged and supportive, the perfect sandal for adventurous travel and summer walking.

    Visit us today and try it on!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  188. You can still take advantage of our recent sales offer if you stop out to the York Rohan store today. We’re here until 4:30 this afternoon. Great savings on many items.



  189. …and so we reach the half-way stage of our Mid-Season Sale. Reduced stock flew out over the weekend, many lines selling-out altogether; but we’ve just received a big delivery of sale stock, so the top-sellers are back out once again. Pop into Rohan York or give us a bell on 01904 674619 if you’d like us to save any lines for you…

    Andrew @ York

  190. Rohan York says:

    Win a fantastic cottage holiday worth £1000 with self-catering holiday specialist Cottageline! Pop into our store and fill in your details today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  191. Rohan York says:

    Looking for a good deal on some great clothes? Stop into the York Rohan store to see what we have on offer.



  192. Try out our award winning Spark Top. It’s a great new mens top that gives you excellent warmth and very little weight and it’s reversible so you have an option on the colour.


    KC from York

  193. It’s another blazing-hot day here in York, and the forecast says it’s going to stay this way all week! There’s lots going on in town so there’s no better time to come for a wander. Stop in Rohan York and have a look at all of our warm-weather gear – whatever the activity we’ll kit you out impeccably!

    Andrew @ York

  194. The sun is here in York and so are our new Aura and Zephyr shirts ready for the summer. We also have new items in womens including tunis capris!

    M @ Rohan Team

  195. Rohan York says:

    Come along and check out the new lines arriving in our store.

    Sundown Top for ladies – Very nice!

    Maroc Shorts for Mens – Casual yet Smart!

    If you want to know further arrivals then pop along and breath in Summer.



  196. Stop in to the York store to see all of this season’s newest colours. Progress Polo shirts, Microgrid jackets and the Elite jacket are just a few examples.



  197. Great to have the men’s Journal Jacket back in-store. This one has been a seriously good-seller so far – we sold out of our fist batch in record time. The women’s version is a top-seller too! Come see them both at Rohan York before they disappear again!

    Andrew @ York

  198. Rohan York says:

    Our Journal Jacket is the perfect travel jacket: it’s relaxed without being too casual – smart without being over-formal. And incredibly functional without looking too technical.

    Visit us in Rohan York and try this beauty on today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  199. For the warmer weather, why not try our selection of shorts. We have bags shorts, fusion shorts and rangefinder shorts for men and crossover shorts for the ladies.



  200. Why not ‘gear’ up for York’s Grand Départ?
    With a pair of Rohan’s Outrider Shorts you are bound to look the part for the ‘Tour de France’.
    Though you won’t just look good but you’ll feel good too with UPF 40+ sun protection and with stretch in the fabric… Not to mention the fact that the Outriders are highly wind resistant too!

    Come and see us at 24 Stonegate York

    Callum @ Rohan

  201. The sun’s out again here in York! Unsurprisingly our current best-sellers are all hot-weather gear: the women’s Pacer Capris, Progress Polos and Stria Tops; and the men’s Fusion Shorts, Freelance Shirts and Core Silver Ts. Come see those and loads more at Rohan York!

    Andrew @ Rohan York

  202. GIFT YOUR GEAR only 3 days left to get those last outdoor garments that are hidden away to Rohan for 15% off any new purchase.

    Why not bag yourself a weekend bargin?

    Think about it 15% equals (Aprox.):
    £30 off the Eagle Creek Load Warrior 28 Luggage
    £33 off our Elite Jacket
    £44 off our Pinnacle Jacket
    You could even put it towards a new Envoy Travel Suit!

    In any case your clothing donations are really helping and we just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us at Rohan York.

    Callum @ Rohan York

  203. It seems Spring has been delayed this year!

    Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just around the corner, but in the meantime come along to Rohan York and have a look at our versatile all year round jackets for times when the autumn and winter months drag on!

    Plus our cheery smiling staff make it seem like summer everyday!

    See you soon!

    Liv @ York

  204. Rohan York says:

    Last 4 days to GIFT YOUR GEAR! Hurry, hurry! Come visit us in Rohan York and get your 15% off on all full price items!
    The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. Enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors regardless of their circumstances.


    Dobra @ Rohan York

  205. The Globetrotter Mac offers great protection from those unpredictable showers that we have been having over the past few days.

    Why not add one of Rohan’s Folding Umbrellas?

    Slipping easily into the inner pocket, it can provide rain protection to any companion who is less equiped for the weather !

    Callum @ Rohan York

  206. Rohan York says:

    Did you know? – The Womens’ Serene Top/Vest are made using lyocell fibres which are highly absorbent and naturally wicking. The best part is they come from a natural sustainable source —> The Eucalyptus tree!

    Why not come to Rohan York and try one on for yourself?

    Callum@ Rohan York

  207. A bit of a cold snap seems to have hit in the last few days – hopefully summer’s not over before it’s even begun! But we have all the cold-weather gear you could ever need here in Rohan York all year round: from Spark Tops to Icepack Jackets to Microgrid Zips to Windshield Jackets…

    Andrew @ York

  208. Rohan York says:

    Thank you to everyone who has donated their unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear.
    One more week to go and we have already filled in 6 boxes with useable clothes, that will benefit outdoor enhusiast in need!

    Regards from York

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  209. Like a waterproof jacket but prefer to be light on your feet? Try the newest version of the Elite jacket. It’s available in different stylish colours. Windproof, waterproof and comfortable.

    Regards from the York Team,


  210. GIFT YOUR GEAR only 1 more week to go to bring along your old (but useable) gear and receive 15% off. It’s a great way to clear the wardrobe of surplus clothing giving others the opportunity to benefit whilst having money off a new purchase.

    Come on into the York Store and see just why we believe we have something for your Spring/Summer Wardrobe.


  211. Rohan York says:

    Rohan is here to get you through the rest of the spring weather. We have new colours in our packable microgrid fleeces and our all new windproof and showerproof Aura jacket is now in, ultra-light at under 90g, perfect for carrying in your bag for emergencys!

    M @ Rohan York Team

  212. Heading out for an international expedition? Why not get yourself an Overland shirt, its durable Biteguard protection will keep mosquitoes at bay while protecting you from harmful UV rays. Our Trailblazers can be teamed up with the Overland to give you the full protective outfit.

    Why not come in and give them a try!

    Callum @ Rohan York

  213. The new Ecco shoe range is proving very popular here at Rohan York. Come and see the men’s Collin Lace and the women’s pumps and slip-ons, as well as the new summer sandals, before they’re all gone!

    Andrew @ York

  214. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear is an award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors. Founded by Sarah Howcroft, Gift Your Gear encourages people to donate outdoor gear they no longer want or need.

    Last year our team donated 147 items to York Duke of Edinburgh project. This year thanks to all our local Rohanists we have already collected 6 boxes of outdoor gear…
    Visit our store and join in with this great idea… additionally get yourself 15% off any full price purchase!


    Dobra @ Rohan York

  215. As ever there’s always things happening in Rohan to tempt you in. So what can I tell you, you have 3 days left to take advantage of the wonderful Winter’s End Promo Down Jackets are flying off the shelves.

    New season products are coming in thick and fast but there’s nothing thick about the brand new Aura Jacket weighing 80g you’ll not not find a lighter jacket out there. We had a delivery today at 11am by 2pm had sold 2. Interestingly we haven’t even put them out onto the shop floor. What can I say we are enthusing about them.

    Also the eagerly awaited Equator shirt has come in and will certainly not disappoint.

    Please feel free to call us on 01904674619 and we hold items for you to try on.

    We look forward to seeing you


  216. Looking for some great new colours? Stop into Rohan York to try on the latest spring tops and trousers. We will be carrying Action Bags and a few other styles.


  217. …and the new lines keep on coming thick and fast! We now have the new women’s Crossover Shorts, Progress Polos and Windshadow Jackets and Macs; and in men’s the new Microgrid Zips, Stronghold Trousers, Wayfarer and Worldview Shirts, Spark Tops, Progress Polos and Tees, and Windshadow and Crossborder Jackets!
    And loads more still to come!

  218. Come and have a look at our new Spring/Summer range including the all new Action Bags!

  219. New colours of the Wayfarer Shirt have now come in. This being a personal favourite of mine, it pleases me to say that they are fantastic and would form part of a great outfit with most of our trousers. My recommendation would be the Jeans Plus.

    Come on in and check them out.


  220. It looks and feels like it’s made from the finest quality cotton. But it’s not. It’s made from a high-specification blend of sophisticated modern synthetics.

    Come and have a look at our new colours in Worldview Shirts!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  221. Rohan York says:

    Looking forward to the warmer weather? We’ll soon be carrying temperate and warm weather gear, such as the new men’s Fusion Shorts. Stop into the York store to see what’s coming in these days.



  222. Rohan York says:

    A little bird told us that you can park all day for free in York! Just today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  223. Stop in to see the new range of styles and colours available this season. We’ll get you ready for your outdoor travels.


  224. Beautiful Garnet Red Escapist Jacket now in our York Store! It is totally waterproof, phenomenally breathable and amazingly light in weight.

    Regards from York

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  225. Rohan York says:

    Change for change’s sake is not our way. Innovation, though, is.
    We are happy to present Meridian Jacket in our store! It is a light, warm jacket that’s perfect for those tricky ‘in-between days’ of early spring and late autumn.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

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