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Welcome to Rohan York from Manager Gary, Andrew, Ken, Charlie, Mirela, Max and Claire.

Shop Address: Rohan York, 24 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS

Shop Phone Number: 01904 674619

Opening Times:

Monday 09:30-17:30
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-19:30
Friday  09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday 11:00-16:30

Directions to our shop: York Station is a central hub for the region. All trains from London through to Scotland stop at York, as do the cross-country trips from Birmingham and Manchester. Once at York follow the path left out of the station (100yards) to a crossroad, continue ahead and follow as the footpath veers right under the City wall and then left at the traffic lights. Proceed ahead, you will find yourself crossing a bridge over the River Ouse. The major shopping area, and the heart of the city, are now of close distance. You should be able to see York Minster ahead, about 50 yards from the bridge take a right. A short distance down this street and past the prominent Post Office takes you into a small Plaza. Turn left and ahead you should see a Quaint little street called Stonegate. Our store is midway on the left!

Most bus services stop at the Train station so follow the above directions. We also have a Park and Ride service from the Designer Outlet (just off the A64), Monks Cross and Askam Bryan. Most people find these easy to use and much cheaper than central car parks.

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The Nearest Parking – The centre of York is limited access. It is encouraged that visitors use the various Park and Ride schemes located on the outer ring road of the city. There are a number of car parks central: Clifford’s Tower, Picadilly, Leaman Road, Clarence St., Foss Island, Stonebow and Rougier St. These are normally sign-posted as you enter the city. Charges are varied depending upon where you go.

Our shop was opened March 1990 and has been a strong feature of one of York’s most recognised streets now for almost 20 years. Located on Stonegate (recently voted the 2nd best fashion clothing street in the UK by Google), which in medieval York housed many of the city’s most prominent members of the merchant classes, as well as a strong presence from the Minster’s religious hierarchy. The building itself dates from the Stuart period, like the majority on Stonegate. Most of the buildings on the street have also been affected by the Georgian and Edwardian periods, when many older buildings were bricked up on the outside to make them look newer, while retaining the original interior features. The shop’s main nod to this past is the exposed beams on the first floor.

 York Wheel located in the Royal York Hotel grounds

Staff Recommendations –  Like most cosmopolitan cities, York is no exception in that it has many coffee shops. However if you are wanting somewhere child friendly, then the Spurriergate centre is a great place to drop off at serving healthy food too.

A great Bistro close to the Store is Stonegate Yard. This is a firm favourite with the York Team.
If take-away sandwiches are chosen desire, then our recommendation is Krusties. This one is a best kept secret from tourists.
For somewhere in the evening we strongly recommend Cafe No.8. Amazing food in an intimate environment.

Local Knowledge – York has been known as England’s second city for the best part of the last millenium. This stems initially from its origins as a major Roman settlement in the north (known as Eboracum), and then the first city in the Viking north (known as Jorvik). In Cristian and then Norman England, it maintained its dominance in the north in the large part due to its religious rivalry with Canterbury and its strategic location for campaigns against the Scots.

St. Mary's Abbey located in the Museum Gardens

York’s lack of industrial success has led to the maintaining of the medieval street plan within the city walls, allowing for both a great day out shopping and a wonderful insight into the life of York in its heyday. York still holds so very much of that Viking heritage today, however, as the majority of York’s street names derive from their occupation here. In Norse, ‘gate’ means street, hence Monkgate and Coppergate. The towers which allowed access through the city walls were known as ‘bars’, hence the saying in York that ‘ The streets are called gates, the gates are called bars and the bars are called pubs!’ By the way, there are apparently 365 of these within the city wall, one for each day of the year.



  1. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Looking forward to being warm this winter? We have some great new fleece items and warm coats at the York Rohan store. Stop in and say hello.


  2. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    St Nicholas’ Fare is officially up and running here in York from now until Christmas, and is chock full of fantastic food and gifts – not to mention chock full of people!

    If you’d rather escape the crowds, why not pop in and see us at Rohan, and enjoy a little oasis of calm amidst the madness of Christmas shoppers, and maybe spot some gift ideas you’d never even thought of!

    And if the food element was a little more up your street, we’ll be hosting our annual Christmas event this Thursday, and will be fully stocked with mince pies, mulled wine and hot coffee.

    Happy shopping


  3. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Need a warm coat for the holiday season? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection of down coats.


  4. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Our Winter Warmers promo is well and truly underway here in Rohan York. Some great bargains to be had in the lead up to Christmas. Men’s Boundary Button Jumpers and Carrig Crew Tops, and Women’s Pathway Cardis and Downtown Coats are early pace-setters, but there’s plenty more bargains to be had. Get in while stocks last and get some of your Christmas shopping done early.

    Andrew @ York

  5. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    It’s late night shopping from now on at Rohan York, with the store staying open until 7:30 every Thursday night until Christmas. So beat the weekend crowds and pop in while it’s quiet to get that super secret gift they’ve been hinting about for weeks! They’ll never know where you found the time to get it.

    Happy shopping


  6. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Late Night Shopping is upon us and so residents and visitors will be able to make use of the longer running Park&Ride services 26th November until 17th December with the last buses from the city centre departing at approximately 9:30pm.

    Rohan York will have its first Late Night Shopping on 26th November opening until 7:30pm.

    So soak up the festivities in one of the most Picturesque places in the country. York really is the place to be at Christmas


  7. Rohan York Outdoor & Travel Clothing says:

    Check out the Christmas section of the Rohan website for great ideas for what to buy, whether it’s great gifts for under £50, Winter Woollies, or just to check out our top ten gifts for men and women for presents that are bound to go down well.

    And don’t forget, you can always call us here at Rohan York on 01904 674 619 to reserve any garments you might want them to subtly try on beforehand, or pop in to check up on pervious purchases for sizes and colours that are sure to fit!

    Don’t delay, there’s just over six weeks to go!

    Happy shopping


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