Rohan Shop York

Rohan Shop York
Welcome to Rohan York from Manager Gary, Dobra, Andrew, Michelle, Ken and Liv.

Shop Address: Rohan York, 24 Stonegate, York YO1 8AS

Opening Times:

Monday 11:00-16:00
Tuesday 09:30-17:30
Wednesday 09:30-17:30
Thursday 09:30-17:30
Friday 09:30-17:30
Saturday 09:30-17:30
Sunday Closed

Shop Phone Number: 01904 674619

Directions to our shop: York Station is a central hub for the region. All trains from London through to Scotland stop at York, as do the cross-country trips from Birmingham and Manchester. Once at York follow the path left out of the station (100yards) to a crossroad, continue ahead and follow as the footpath veers right under the City wall and then left at the traffic lights. Proceed ahead, you will find yourself crossing a bridge over the River Ouse. The major shopping area, and the heart of the city, are now of close distance. You should be able to see York Minster ahead, about 50 yards from the bridge take a right. A short distance down this street and past the prominent Post Office takes you into a small Plaza. Turn left and ahead you should see a Quaint little street called Stonegate. Our store is midway on the left!

Rohan York Interior

Most bus services stop at the Train station so follow the above directions. We also have a Park and Ride service from the Designer Outlet (just off the A64), Monks Cross and Askam Bryan. Most people find these easy to use and much cheaper than central car parks.

The Nearest Parking – The centre of York is limited access. It is encouraged that visitors use the various Park and Ride schemes located on the outer ring road of the city. There are a number of car parks central: Clifford’s Tower, Picadilly, Leaman Road, Clarence St., Foss Island, Stonebow and Rougier St. These are normally sign-posted as you enter the city. Charges are varied depending upon where you go.

Our shop was opened March 1990 and has been a strong feature of one of York’s most recognised streets now for almost 20 years. Located on Stonegate (recently voted the 2nd best fashion clothing street in the UK by Google), which in medieval York housed many of the city’s most prominent members of the merchant classes, as well as a strong presence from the Minster’s religious hierarchy. The building itself dates from the Stuart period, like the majority on Stonegate. Most of the buildings on the street have also been affected by the Georgian and Edwardian periods, when many older buildings were bricked up on the outside to make them look newer, while retaining the original interior features. The shop’s main nod to this past is the exposed beams on the first floor.

 York Wheel located in the Royal York Hotel grounds

Staff Recommendations -  Like most cosmopolitan cities, York is no exception in that it has many coffee shops. However if you are wanting somewhere child friendly, then the Spurriergate centre is a great place to drop off at serving healthy food too.

A great Bistro close to the Store is Stonegate Yard. This is a firm favourite with the York Team.
If take-away sandwiches are chosen desire, then our recommendation is Krusties. This one is a best kept secret from tourists.
For somewhere in the evening we strongly recommend Cafe No.8. Amazing food in an intimate environment.

Local Knowledge – York has been known as England’s second city for the best part of the last millenium. This stems initially from its origins as a major Roman settlement in the north (known as Eboracum), and then the first city in the Viking north (known as Jorvik). In Cristian and then Norman England, it maintained its dominance in the north in the large part due to its religious rivalry with Canterbury and its strategic location for campaigns against the Scots.

St. Mary's Abbey located in the Museum Gardens

York’s lack of industrial success has led to the maintaining of the medieval street plan within the city walls, allowing for both a great day out shopping and a wonderful insight into the life of York in its heyday. York still holds so very much of that Viking heritage today, however, as the majority of York’s street names derive from their occupation here. In Norse, ‘gate’ means street, hence Monkgate and Coppergate. The towers which allowed access through the city walls were known as ‘bars’, hence the saying in York that ‘ The streets are called gates, the gates are called bars and the bars are called pubs!’ By the way, there are apparently 365 of these within the city wall, one for each day of the year.

Gift YOUR Gear it belongs outdoors


  1. It’s another blazing-hot day here in York, and the forecast says it’s going to stay this way all week! There’s lots going on in town so there’s no better time to come for a wander. Stop in Rohan York and have a look at all of our warm-weather gear – whatever the activity we’ll kit you out impeccably!

    Andrew @ York

  2. The sun is here in York and so are our new Aura and Zephyr shirts ready for the summer. We also have new items in womens including tunis capris!

    M @ Rohan Team

  3. Rohan York says:

    Come along and check out the new lines arriving in our store.

    Sundown Top for ladies – Very nice!

    Maroc Shorts for Mens – Casual yet Smart!

    If you want to know further arrivals then pop along and breath in Summer.



  4. Stop in to the York store to see all of this season’s newest colours. Progress Polo shirts, Microgrid jackets and the Elite jacket are just a few examples.



  5. Great to have the men’s Journal Jacket back in-store. This one has been a seriously good-seller so far – we sold out of our fist batch in record time. The women’s version is a top-seller too! Come see them both at Rohan York before they disappear again!

    Andrew @ York

  6. Rohan York says:

    Our Journal Jacket is the perfect travel jacket: it’s relaxed without being too casual – smart without being over-formal. And incredibly functional without looking too technical.

    Visit us in Rohan York and try this beauty on today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  7. For the warmer weather, why not try our selection of shorts. We have bags shorts, fusion shorts and rangefinder shorts for men and crossover shorts for the ladies.



  8. Why not ‘gear’ up for York’s Grand Départ?
    With a pair of Rohan’s Outrider Shorts you are bound to look the part for the ‘Tour de France’.
    Though you won’t just look good but you’ll feel good too with UPF 40+ sun protection and with stretch in the fabric… Not to mention the fact that the Outriders are highly wind resistant too!

    Come and see us at 24 Stonegate York

    Callum @ Rohan

  9. The sun’s out again here in York! Unsurprisingly our current best-sellers are all hot-weather gear: the women’s Pacer Capris, Progress Polos and Stria Tops; and the men’s Fusion Shorts, Freelance Shirts and Core Silver Ts. Come see those and loads more at Rohan York!

    Andrew @ Rohan York

  10. Whatever the weather we’ve got you covered! from lightweight waterproofs to shirts with sun protection. Come and visit us in York today!

    M @ Rohan Team York

  11. Gift Your Gear ends today! Visit our store and get 15% off on your purchase. Today is your last chance to donate some used gear and make a real difference to the community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  12. You still have until tomorrow to stop in with your fleece, jacket or trouser donation for Gift Your Gear. Take advantage of the chance to receive 15% off your entire purchase.


    KC at York

  13. Rohan York says:

    This is your last call for the Gift Your Gear, why not join many others who have donated their old gear to good causes and in return we’ll give you 15% off a purchase on that day.

    Already today a gentleman has benefitted from this offer by bringing in an old waterproof jacket. He bought an Envoy Suit with a discount of £52.75 Nice!

    Call us on 01904674619 to reserve items, remember we can offer great advice on our clothing so if you are unsure about which size you are, we can arrange for 2 sizes to be held for you.



  14. GIFT YOUR GEAR only 3 days left to get those last outdoor garments that are hidden away to Rohan for 15% off any new purchase.

    Why not bag yourself a weekend bargin?

    Think about it 15% equals (Aprox.):
    £30 off the Eagle Creek Load Warrior 28 Luggage
    £33 off our Elite Jacket
    £44 off our Pinnacle Jacket
    You could even put it towards a new Envoy Travel Suit!

    In any case your clothing donations are really helping and we just want to say a big ‘Thank You’ from all of us at Rohan York.

    Callum @ Rohan York

  15. It seems Spring has been delayed this year!

    Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s just around the corner, but in the meantime come along to Rohan York and have a look at our versatile all year round jackets for times when the autumn and winter months drag on!

    Plus our cheery smiling staff make it seem like summer everyday!

    See you soon!

    Liv @ York

  16. Rohan York says:

    Last 4 days to GIFT YOUR GEAR! Hurry, hurry! Come visit us in Rohan York and get your 15% off on all full price items!
    The outdoor gear you donate will make a real difference to the community organisations, youth groups and charities who receive it. Enabling others to benefit from life changing experiences in the great outdoors regardless of their circumstances.


    Dobra @ Rohan York

  17. The Globetrotter Mac offers great protection from those unpredictable showers that we have been having over the past few days.

    Why not add one of Rohan’s Folding Umbrellas?

    Slipping easily into the inner pocket, it can provide rain protection to any companion who is less equiped for the weather !

    Callum @ Rohan York

  18. Rohan York says:

    Did you know? – The Womens’ Serene Top/Vest are made using lyocell fibres which are highly absorbent and naturally wicking. The best part is they come from a natural sustainable source —> The Eucalyptus tree!

    Why not come to Rohan York and try one on for yourself?

    Callum@ Rohan York

  19. A bit of a cold snap seems to have hit in the last few days – hopefully summer’s not over before it’s even begun! But we have all the cold-weather gear you could ever need here in Rohan York all year round: from Spark Tops to Icepack Jackets to Microgrid Zips to Windshield Jackets…

    Andrew @ York

  20. Rohan York says:

    Thank you to everyone who has donated their unwanted outdoor clothing to Gift Your Gear.
    One more week to go and we have already filled in 6 boxes with useable clothes, that will benefit outdoor enhusiast in need!

    Regards from York

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  21. Like a waterproof jacket but prefer to be light on your feet? Try the newest version of the Elite jacket. It’s available in different stylish colours. Windproof, waterproof and comfortable.

    Regards from the York Team,


  22. GIFT YOUR GEAR only 1 more week to go to bring along your old (but useable) gear and receive 15% off. It’s a great way to clear the wardrobe of surplus clothing giving others the opportunity to benefit whilst having money off a new purchase.

    Come on into the York Store and see just why we believe we have something for your Spring/Summer Wardrobe.


  23. Rohan York says:

    Rohan is here to get you through the rest of the spring weather. We have new colours in our packable microgrid fleeces and our all new windproof and showerproof Aura jacket is now in, ultra-light at under 90g, perfect for carrying in your bag for emergencys!

    M @ Rohan York Team

  24. Heading out for an international expedition? Why not get yourself an Overland shirt, its durable Biteguard protection will keep mosquitoes at bay while protecting you from harmful UV rays. Our Trailblazers can be teamed up with the Overland to give you the full protective outfit.

    Why not come in and give them a try!

    Callum @ Rohan York

  25. The new Ecco shoe range is proving very popular here at Rohan York. Come and see the men’s Collin Lace and the women’s pumps and slip-ons, as well as the new summer sandals, before they’re all gone!

    Andrew @ York

  26. Rohan York says:

    Gift Your Gear is an award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors. Founded by Sarah Howcroft, Gift Your Gear encourages people to donate outdoor gear they no longer want or need.

    Last year our team donated 147 items to York Duke of Edinburgh project. This year thanks to all our local Rohanists we have already collected 6 boxes of outdoor gear…
    Visit our store and join in with this great idea… additionally get yourself 15% off any full price purchase!


    Dobra @ Rohan York

  27. The summer is coming!

    Have you created your new Rohan summer wardrobe?

    Everything in our Spring/Summer range is ready for you to try on and buy here at Rohan York! Come along today and take a look at everything we have to offer to keep you as cool as a cucumber in the likely heatwave we’ll experience this year!

    Hope to see you all soon!

    Liv @York

  28. Take advantage of our popular “Gift Your Gear” offer going on now at Rohan stores. If you have a suitable jacket, fleece or trousers that you would like to donate for a good cause, you can receive 15% off on your entire purchase. It’s a good time to stock up on an outfit for the warmer weather.


    KC – York Team

  29. If when the sun shines, your thoughts turn to summer hollidays, head to our York store and see our new range, including new travel accessories!

    M @ York team

  30. We’re a just a few weeks into our new season and already some big-sellers are emerging. So come to Rohan York to check out the men’s Journal Jacket, Aura Jacket and Spark Top; and the women’s Meridian Jacket, Tunis Jacket and Stria Top. And loads of other good stuff too, of course…

    Andrew @ York

  31. Rohan York says:

    The spring is here and so is our full range! The garments look great both in store and in the catalogue. Gift Your Gear and get 15% off on any full price item, so why not visit our store today and try something new today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  32. Looking for a short sleeve business shirt? Stop into the York store to see what colours are available in the worldview series. The Worldview shirt is also anti-bacterial, so it stays fresh for longer.



  33. Well I’m sure that most of you will have now received the much anticipated Spring Summer catalogue and with it brings a frest range to delight i’m sure. Remember that we have a great promotion on Bags for men (mariner blue and sepia) now at a remarkable price for a limited time only £39.90. For the ladies we have brand new style ‘Tourers’ again at a great price.

    Don’t forget that we also have Gift Your Gear on this month so 15% will be taken off any Full Price purchases.

    Please feel free to call us 01904674619 if you would like us reserve any stock.



  34. Gift Your Gear is an award-winning nationwide initiative that provides outdoor clothing and equipment to UK community organisations, youth groups and charities working with young people in the outdoors. Founded by Sarah Howcroft, Gift Your Gear encourages people to donate outdoor gear they no longer want or need.

    Donating your old outdoor gear makes a real difference and gives you a 15% off discount on purchases made on the same day!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  35. Would you like a stylish button-down shirt this season? Stop into the York Rohan store to see the new selection of colourful equator shirts and waypoint shirts.



  36. As ever there’s always things happening in Rohan to tempt you in. So what can I tell you, you have 3 days left to take advantage of the wonderful Winter’s End Promo Down Jackets are flying off the shelves.

    New season products are coming in thick and fast but there’s nothing thick about the brand new Aura Jacket weighing 80g you’ll not not find a lighter jacket out there. We had a delivery today at 11am by 2pm had sold 2. Interestingly we haven’t even put them out onto the shop floor. What can I say we are enthusing about them.

    Also the eagerly awaited Equator shirt has come in and will certainly not disappoint.

    Please feel free to call us on 01904674619 and we hold items for you to try on.

    We look forward to seeing you


  37. Rohan York says:

    The warmest jacket in our range, our Nightfall Jacket is perfect for high mountain camping and winter trekking – but just as useful around town in bitterly cold winter conditions! Only until 02nd of March you can save a whooping £98 and buy it for £147! Don’t miss this great offfer and visit our store today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  38. Rohan York says:

    1 week left to take advantage of the Winters End Promotion!

    With some great reductions across the store (of up to 40%) on many of our products such as Men’s and Women’s Nightfall Jackets, Icepack Vests and Men’s Daybreak Jacket and the Backcountry Shirt!

    Our staff are more than happy to locate any items that may not be available instore, in all sizes and colours available so don’t hesitate to ask when you’re in the store!

    Hope to see you soon!

    Liv @ York

  39. Rohan York says:

    The clock is ticking down fast for the arrival of the much anticipated and lightest (weight) ever jacket from Rohan It’s called the Aura Jacket and weighs just 80g. There are already customers in our order book ready to snatch them right out of our delivery box. Why not order yours?


  40. THE WINTER’S END PROMOTION IS NOW ON! Men’s Winter Route Trousers, Nightfall Jackets, Icepack Vest, Icepack Jacket, Daybreak Jacket and Backcountry Shirt; and Women’s Nightfall Jacket, Icepack Vest, Icepack Jacket and Cocoon Vest – all got some great reductions in Rohan York right now!

  41. Hear all about it! Sign up to receive our Rohan e-mails and always be up to date with latest special offers, the summer and winter sale or competitions and giveaways!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  42. New lines are arriving weekly in our York store. The mens Waypoint shirts are now in!!

  43. Stop in and ask us about new technical advantages in many of our tops and trosuers. We help make it easier for you to enjoy being outdoors… with less of the worries. Go out and discover the world!



  44. Rohan York says:

    Like a new microgrid? We have a variety of new colours to choose from.
    Stop in and have a try.



  45. The Elites are back in! Men’s and women’s Jackets and Overtrousers, both top-selling lines for us, so it’s good to see their return in new colours. And already this week we’ve had the return of the women’s Tunis Trousers and Jacket and the new men’s Trailblazer Convertible Trousers and Freight Vest – come see it all for yourselves!

    Andrew @ York

  46. Rohan York says:

    After quite a frosty morning it turned out to be a rather sunny and pleasant day! What a fantastic opportunity to organise a trip to York and visit our store today.

    We are looking forward to seeing you!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  47. Looking for some great new colours? Stop into Rohan York to try on the latest spring tops and trousers. We will be carrying Action Bags and a few other styles.


  48. …and the new lines keep on coming thick and fast! We now have the new women’s Crossover Shorts, Progress Polos and Windshadow Jackets and Macs; and in men’s the new Microgrid Zips, Stronghold Trousers, Wayfarer and Worldview Shirts, Spark Tops, Progress Polos and Tees, and Windshadow and Crossborder Jackets!
    And loads more still to come!

  49. Come and have a look at our new Spring/Summer range including the all new Action Bags!

  50. New colours of the Wayfarer Shirt have now come in. This being a personal favourite of mine, it pleases me to say that they are fantastic and would form part of a great outfit with most of our trousers. My recommendation would be the Jeans Plus.

    Come on in and check them out.


  51. It looks and feels like it’s made from the finest quality cotton. But it’s not. It’s made from a high-specification blend of sophisticated modern synthetics.

    Come and have a look at our new colours in Worldview Shirts!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  52. Rohan York says:

    Looking forward to the warmer weather? We’ll soon be carrying temperate and warm weather gear, such as the new men’s Fusion Shorts. Stop into the York store to see what’s coming in these days.



  53. Rohan York says:

    A little bird told us that you can park all day for free in York! Just today!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  54. Stop in to see the new range of styles and colours available this season. We’ll get you ready for your outdoor travels.


  55. Beautiful Garnet Red Escapist Jacket now in our York Store! It is totally waterproof, phenomenally breathable and amazingly light in weight.

    Regards from York

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  56. Rohan York says:

    Change for change’s sake is not our way. Innovation, though, is.
    We are happy to present Meridian Jacket in our store! It is a light, warm jacket that’s perfect for those tricky ‘in-between days’ of early spring and late autumn.

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  57. Rohan York says:

    Brand New Spring /Summer Range products are arriving almost every day at the moment – Be Excited!! We are sure that you will be.


  58. Rohan York says:

    Massive further reductions, many sale lines now half price.Remember these bargains are only available while stocks last – when they’re gone, they’re gone!
    There is still plenty of soft and warm Pathway Cardis and best selling Atlas Jackets in our store!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  59. Stop into the York Rohan shop to see our latest new colours of our spring range. More coming in each week.


  60. Come and visit us in York to grab some bargains. Further reductions on many lines until the 26th January!

  61. Rohan York says:

    FURTHER SALE REDUCTIONS START TOMORROW – THURSDAY JANUARY 9th! Don’t miss out, get yourselves into Rohan York asap and grab a serious bargain!

    Andrew @ York

  62. Rohan York says:

    12% OFF all Full Priced Items ends Today!! Come and visit us in York!

    Dobra @ York

  63. Rohan York says:

    Need a good base layer for those cold afternoons? At the York Rohan store we have great merino wool tops and leggings to keep you warm.



  64. Rohan York says:

    There are still plenty of items available to help keep your friends and family warm this winter. Stop into the york Rohan store to see our selection.



  65. Only a week to go til the big day! That’s one week of potential Rohan shopping days! Whether it’s those last few stocking fillers or the final items of clothing to help a loved one through the cold winter months, come see what we can do for you in Rohan York.


  66. Our team is happy to present some new arrivals from the upcoming Spring 2014 range including some of the real highlights of the range.

    If you get time pop in to our Rohan Shop in York and then share a comment below.We will be keen to get your feedback!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  67. Rohan York says:

    Come Join in the Christmas Festivities this weekend here in York with the wonderful Festival of Angels to dazzle you. Incredible Ice sculptures to wow the family.

    …and if this wasn’t enough to entice you to this fine city then pop into Rohan York where we have 20% off all our Superfine Merino products. Hats,Scarfs,Buffs base layers and long sleeve tops. Great winter warmers! Great Prices!

    Best Wishes

    Gary (Store Manager)

  68. Are you looking for a perfect Christmas gift for your Rohanist friend? We have something right for you!

    No fuss. No risk. The Rohan Gift Card allows the Rohan enthusiast in your life to shop at their leisure – and choose the perfect gift, in just the right size.

    The Rohan Gift Card is redeemable online, by mail order and in all Rohan shops.

    We are looking forward to seeing you in our York store!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  69. Need a new hat or a warm pair of gloves? Stop into the york Rohan shop to see our great selection.



  70. Made from a cosy and functional 100% acrylic, our Rannoch Hat is perfect for outdoor, travel and everyday wear.

    It features a double-thickness cuff and an extra-warm 100% polyester lining. It will present itself perfectly with a pair of matching gloves!

    Visit us in our store and have a look at these warm matching accessories!

    Dobra @ York

  71. York seems to have finally calmed down a bit following the hectic weekend of St Nick’s Fayre, so now might be an easier time to get into town for those winter layers and Christmas gift ideas. The Daybreak and Countrywide Jackets are selling especially well right now, so best look lively!

  72. Come and visit us in York today and grab some last minuite bargain in our winter warmers offer!

  73. Rohan York says:

    So you drank all our Mulled Wine and Cleaned us out of mince pies! None left for Father Christmas when he comes down our chimney!!

    There’s still 24 shopping days until Christmas, so there’s still time for you to shop for those all important Rohan presents!

    Ho Ho Ho!

    Liv @ York

  74. Rohan York says:

    Need a great scarf or winter hat? Stop into the York Rohan store to see our selection. ]There’s no need to be chilly when you’re enjoying the outdoors this season.



  75. Rohan York says:

    Free Mince Pies and Mulled wine!

    Now that I’ve got your attention, Thursday 28th November offers Rohan Customers the opportunity to visit us in the York store and indulge in some Christmas spending with 20% off all full priced purchases!

    9.30am – 7pm All through the day Wine and Mince pies will be flowing!

    We hope to see you all there!

    Liv @ York

  76. Rohan York says:

    Hello All,

    By now you will know about our Xmas Event being held in store on Thursday 28th November. Over the course of the day we will be serving mince pies and Mulled Wine and as an added incentive (call it an early Christmas Present from us) This also coinsides with St,Nicholas’ Fayre which has a wonderful array of Market stalls to really get you into the festive spirit.

    Our opening hours are 9.30am – 19.00pm

    Friends old and new,we look forward to seeing you all.

    Best Wishes

    Gary (Store Manager) Rohan York

  77. To warm you up on your travels, why not try a stowaway microgrid fleece that layers well under your waterproof jacket? Very thin and comfortable.


    The York team

  78. Winter warmers available in the York store now. From down jakets to hats an gloves, we have lots to help you to stay warm this winter!

  79. It’s about time you guys thought about presents for your loved ones and here at Rohan in York you’ll find alsorts of great ideas from stocking fillers such as socks, compasses and sporks through to Microfibre fleeces, Hats, gloves scarf sets and if your loved one is the adventurous type maybe a Nightfall (Down) Jacket will make them glow on Christmas Morn.

    Please come and see us maybe we can help to inspire.

    Best wishes


  80. Christmas is approaching fast, so get those presents early to avoid the hordes of shoppers! Make sure you have a Merry Rohan Christmas this year!


  81. Rohan York says:

    Stop in to the York Rohan Store to try out our range of waterproof jackets and trousers, so you can enjoy your outdoor journeys this autumn and winter.


    The York Team

  82. Rohan York says:

    Icepacks, Hilltops, Daybreaks and Countrywide Jackets – they’re all flying out! Get to Rohan York to see what all the fuss is about and get yours before it’s too late!

  83. Rohan York says:

    One for your diaries. St Nicholas’ Fayre a winter wonderland treat for all who come. Nobody does a Xmas market quite like York and thats why people come from all over the country to get into the festive spirit.

    26th -29th November

    We look forward to seeing you


  84. Rohan York says:

    Brave the gloomy weather this week to see what we have in store to keep you toastie warm! An array of soft, comfortable and cosy products to stave away the winter chills and keep the flu at bay!

    Pull yourselves away from the fire and enjoy warmth that isn’t so much of a strain on your household bills!

    Liv @ York.

  85. Rohan York says:

    Feeling the chill already this year? Stop into the York Rohan store to try out the new range of warm fleece tops. We have mid-weight and thicker fleeces to chase out the cold!

  86. Rohan York says:

    It looks like winter is really on its way!! Warm, light and highly compressible, our Daybreak Coat is the perfect choice for days like today- cold shopping sessions in town, ski trips and winter city breaks!

    Dobra @Rohan York

  87. Rohan York says:

    Hey now don’t be glum you missed the sale!

    We still have lots to offer you in terms of a high standard of quality products all at your disposal! So why not drop the post sale blues and brave the weather to grab your coveted selection of Rohan products?

    Buy a Jacket- Prepare for the Winter months ahead!

    Liv @ Rohan York

  88. Our Mid Season Sale ends today!! It might be your last chance to get yourself some of our fantastic products at such attractive price!
    Women’s Cocoon Coat in Dark Fig is only £148 and Men’s Elite Jacket in Graphite is now £180. Hurry!

    Regards from York Team

    Dobra@ Rohan York

  89. York Team says:

    Hi Folks,

    Remember the clocks go back tonight so bear this in mind with our opening hours tomorrow.

    Last chance to grab a bargain in the Miid season clearance

    A good evening to each and every one of you


    The Mid Season Sale is now in it’s final few days. You really do need to come in and take a look at the the great offers.

    we look forward to seeing you

  91. Rohan York says:

    Another busy day on the streets of York, glorious weather and plenty of things to do! Our Mid Season Clearance sale is now on – with many lines at 30% off. With such great savings across a wide range of outdoor and travel gear, now’s the perfect time to buy. But hurry! Our Mid Season Clearance ends on Sunday 27 October 2013!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  92. Rohan York says:

    OUR MID-SEASON SALE IS NOW ON! Don’t delay, get in store now to snap up those bargains before they’re all gone!
    And what’s more, we’ve just given our women’s floor a lick of paint. Come have a look see, and try and spot our (deliberate) mistakes…

  93. Feeling the cold this Autumn? Why not stop in to the York Rohan store, where you can find hats, gloves, tops, jackets and trousers to keep you warm and protected on your fieldwalking or holiday tour.

  94. Rohan York says:

    20% off Selected Fleece!
    Just when you need it. Which is why, right now, we’ve got 20% off selected Men’s and Women’s fleeces… but, hurry, offer ends TODAY!

    Dobra @ Rohan York

  95. Stop in today for a last chance to take advantage of our latest fleece promotion. Great new colours and 20% savings. We also have a range of stylish hats and gloves to help keep you warm this Autumn and winter.

  96. Effortlessly stylish, wonderfully comfortable and simplicity itself to care for, our Radiant Dress is the definitive travel piece!! Come to our store and try on one of these fantastic dresses. It will look great with our Islay Jacket, sourced from our Italina mill- technical and stylish wool blend fleece.

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