National Walking Month – May 2015


Rohantime is supporting this year’s National Walking Month, which is promoted by Living Streets.

Most of us need no encouragement to get out and get walking. Over the weekends you share your walks with us on Facebook and Twitter in the Nation Parks, National Trails and fantastic walking areas all over the UK. Many of us walk to work, on holiday and just walk. After all we have the gear for it. There is a lot of information on National Walking Month to help Discover where walking can take you this May. A couple of events organised by Living Streets are  Walk to Work Week and Walk to School Week.

Walk to Work Week is running from 11 – 15th May A free workplace walking challenge a fun way to get some healthy competition going between you and your colleagues, and get you feeling all the benefits of walking more during the working day. Read more

Walk to School Week is running from 18 May to 22 May. Every year, this event brings together nearly one million schoolchildren, teachers and parents. Read more

Top Walking Songs #WalkThisMay

A selection of Top 10 Walking Songs see below.

Any others?

  1. Walk on the wild side ~ Lou Reed
  2. Walking on Sunshine ~ Katrina & the Waves
  3. Walk like an Egyptian ~ The Bangles
  4. Walking through barbed wire ~ Papa Roach
  5. Walk between the raindrops ~ Donald Fagen
  6. Walking on the moon ~ the Police
  7. Walk on by ~ Dionne Warwick
  8. Walk this way ~ Aerosmith
  9. Walking in Memphis ~ Marc Cohn
  10. Walking Man ~ James Taylor

Happy Walking Everyone

Rohan Heritage


  1. Rohan Inverness says:

    Walking By Myself – Gary Moore

    I Walk Alone – KISS

    Take a Walk with Me – Muddy Waters

    Walking Through The Park – Howlin’ Wolf

  2. Rohan Shrewsbury says:

    I could I forget;
    “walking in the rain” by the fabulous Grace Jones.

  3. George @ Kingston says:

    Walk with me in hell – Lamb Of God

  4. Rohan Inverness says:

    Walk Of Life – Dire Straits

    Walk Like a Man – Bon Jovi

    Walk all Over You – AC/DC

  5. Kingston team says:

    Scarlet’s Walk – Tori Amos

  6. “500 miles” by ‘The Proclaimers’

  7. “Walk the line” and “I been everywhere(man)”
    Johnny Cash (R.I.P.)

  8. Walking Alone by Greenday

  9. How about…

    Walk on by – Dionne Warwick

    Walkin’ Back to Happiness – Helen Shapiro

    Just Walking in the Rain – Johnnie Ray

    Take a walk on the wild side – Lou Reed

  10. These Boots were made for Walking by…. errrr…. Nancy Sinatra did a version?

  11. Rohan Shrewsbury says:

    “walk”- Pantera

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