A Special Day At Rohan Inverness March 2015

Chris on the Continental Divide Trail

Look who popped into the shop with some wonderful Gift Your Gear donations.

Rohan Inverness enjoyed a special day on Thurdsay 19th March.

Chris at Rohan Inverness generous donation to Gift Your Gear

Whilst he was in the shop Iain asked Chris if he would sign the heritage photo of Chris, taken on the Continental Divide Trail wearing Rohan Bags and a Moving On.

The Chris Townsend Chronicles 1975-1985 – Read more about the epic trips on Rohantime and at Chris Townsend Outdoors

In The Beginning
Pacific Crest Trail
Rohan on the CDT
Chris in early Rohan







The very generous donations to Gift Your Gear will make a very big difference to many young people about to start their outdoor experience. Thank you Chris.

Notice Chris is wearing one of the very first Pampas Jackets.

Could it be the jacket mentioned in the wonderful story Chris did for Rohantime on his early Rohan memories – In The Beginning?  I think it may well be.

Chris very generous donation to Gift Your Gear at Rohan Inverness

Many thanks to Iain at Rohan Inverness


Rohan Heritage

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