Can you spot the first Rohan Pampas Jacket?


Iain at Rohan Inverness gathered his extensive Rohan Pampas Jacket collection together and took this really interesting photograph in the shop, illustrating the Rohan Pampas over 40 years.

We asked the question on Facebook and Twitter.
Can you spot the first Pampas?

The response was very interesting.

Please have a go send us a comment below…

Thank you Iain

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3rd June 2017  A super update to this story.

The Pampas has now taken its place in the Rohan Inverness Heritage collection.

Rohan Inverness Heritage Collection

Story on Rohan Inverness Facebook page

Rohan Inverness Heritage Collection Rohan Pampas

Thank you Iain

Rohan Inverness Heritage Collection Rohan Pampas

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  1. Laurence Cox says:

    Looking at your article here on old ‘Pampas’ jackets, I would like to ask: am I the only person still enamoured with the old ‘over the head’ style of tops. One of my first purchases in 1984 after ‘bags’ was a grey/red top; I think it was a ‘moving on’ but the label is almost completely faded. I also had a light grey/stone coloured insulated version (an ‘olfio’?) and still have a ‘Goa’ top which I have just had repaired by Rohan to replace a zip and some stitching; if you still did these, I would happily have gifted it but there is nothing to replace it in the Rohan range.

    So my question for you, which I would like you to post here, is: Is there a unfilled demand for ‘over the head’ tops from Rohan wearers? Could you make one (perhaps in a single neutral colour and in the most popular sizes) and see how well it sells?

    • No Laurence, you’re not the only one. I have several Moving Ons and their successor, the Goa Top. A couple of years ago Rohan brought out the Spark Top which was also over the head and was a cross between the Olfio and the Moving On in weight/insulation.

      I’d love to see more over the head technical tops back in the range.

      • szegerely says:

        I have been scouring eBay over the years with some success to pick up old Moving on jackets. I have a few now, in pretty fair condition, and I get a bit of positive comment about them. I am sure people would still buy such a versatile jacket. I am really attracted to the design, and would love to see it updated and reintroduced to the range. A great accompaniment to bags!

  2. Sarah Howcroft says:

    & the answer is top right.

  3. Dave Parker says:

    Middle navy blue…. I had the charcoal grey .. Lasted years before the cuffs wore out… Loved the breathability. One of the best jackets I ‘v had to date.

  4. Peter Suggitt says:

    The green just looks old – not a very forgiving colour (in my opinion). Then you start to notice the evolution of design ideas – the green – light blue and ?light olive? – looking similar. So that leaves the mustard, two tone and royal blue.

    I’m going to settle with the mustard – too colourful for an older jacket ?? But its that – or the royal blue – I would love to own either and the nicest looking.

    And if its either of those that’s the oldest and is brought back for 2017 – I’m in ! (Although – what about orange – please – need something to match my soft top car for on those less sunny days ! Too few orange jackets around – that are not high-viz)

  5. Top right is my guess. With the contrast ‘Napoleon’ style chest pockets. Circa 1977-78. Being that it is beige/blue that would make it the 128gm/m2 polyester/cotton version. Other colours (Blue or Biscuit/Brown) were available in 193 gm/m2 100% cotton. I believe the ‘classic’ diagonal chest pocket version first appeared in about 1979-80, as Pampas Mk II, and one its colourways was Blue/Grey, which would, at first glance, suggest the jacket in bottom left is the second oldest. But the vertical embroidery on the front zip placket did not arrive until around 1986. So I’d suggest the Lovat coloured jacket in bottom right is the second oldest in the display. The top left and bottom middle jackets look to be Savannah or Prairie with foldaway hoods. (There was apparently a Gore-Tex Pampas, again in about 1979-80, known as the ‘Arrival.’)

  6. Tomas from Devon says:

    I have one that looks like top right
    But it has a raised pile lining.
    Any idea what it might be called?
    I inherited it from the family

  7. JaniceRainer says:

    Must be bottom right. It’s just like mine and I got that in the early 1980’s

  8. Its the bottom right of course!
    Bought from Field and Trek in about 1976 it lasted quite a few years- subsequently I have never been without at least 2, the last one was the green with red trim bought in 2009 and proved its worth on its first outing as a top layer (of 5!) on North Ronaldsay at the Bird Observatory and still looks the part, and not as dated as the wearer!

    great jacket- not sure about the colour of the new one though. going to have a look at it at Preston tomorrow!
    ps have a photo from 1980 of 12 of us at Dufton YHA in pampas (and black striders)- having come through a rigorous training exercise on Appleby car park- due to absence of snow we transferred to dry ski rollers! Not a rip in sight!

  9. Peter Copping says:

    No cos I have a later one which I will wear today.

  10. HilaryC says:

    Bottom right I think

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