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Gold Bags

The colours options of Rohan Bags have been numerous over the last 36 years.

We have tracked the price of a pair of Rohan Bags over the years in the Bags Price Index but not the colours. Maybe that’s the next Rohan Heritage project.

Black, white, shades of grey, red, yellow, green, blue (including indigo) and violet all represented in the gallery of Rohan Bags colours. Spot the Bags colour frames in the Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick.

Rohan Originals from Flickr

Have you noticed the new Bags colour in the Spring Summer collection?

Rohan Bags Dark GoldSpring 2015 Rohan Bags 

The iconic Rohan Bags are the original multi-functional outdoor trousers and the blueprint for all contemporary travel trousers.

Everything in our clothing range – and, whatever they may say, everyone else’s, owes a little something to the ground-breaking inspiration behind Bags.

Bags were, astonishingly, first introduced way back in the 1970’s.

And, at the time, they caused a bit of a ‘stir’.

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rohan bags 1982

Spring 1982 Rohan Bags 

This catalogue was ground breaking.

It was the first Rohan Catalogue that illustrated the new Rohan Daywear. Note the Wild Vest for warm climates, Dunova, Pampas, Savannah, Action Pants, Gold Bags and the move from Skipton to Airton. There is also an introduction from Paul Howcroft. Photos for the catalogue taken in Harrogate Exhibition Centre.
Photos Paul Howcroft.


Browse the catalogue on the Rohan Gallery

New Arrivals Spring Summer 2015  – Goas First Impressions


UPDATE: Rohan Gold Bags in Mid Season Sale

Good News: Rohan nominated twice in TGO Awards – Voting now open




Rohan Heritage


  1. Steve Moore says:

    If you’re compiling a list of Bags colours, make sure you include the ‘exclusive’ colours that the two London stores sold in 1988 when I worked in them.

    We had loads of white Bags left. The big problem was that they were semi-transparent. So several buckets of Dylon later we created some pretty funky new colour lines. The banana yellow was particularly memorable.

    • Sarah Howcroft says:

      Hi Steve – Thanks for the contact. If you are ever in Keswick call in and take a look at the Rohan Originals collection in Rohan Keswick. Banana yellow is on display along with pink and some other ‘interesting’ colours

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