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The Kettlewell Hostel

Saul Heads For The Hills

Those of you that have read the jobs vacant page on Rohantime recently will have noticed that there has been an advert for the Manager’s Job in the Harrogate shop.

This can only mean one thing; that after 17 years Saul has finally decided to leave the Rohan family and set up a new venture having bought a former YHA Youth Hostel in Kettlewell, in the heart of Rohan country.

There are only two problems in life.
Either you don’t know what you want,

You know what you want, and don’t know how to get it. So there must be only two solutions, right? You either have to 1. Make it up or 2. Make it happen.
Making things happen is what we do all day long. Get the gear, buy the ticket, pack the bag, that sort of thing. Sometimes a little bit of inspiration to get things started would be nice. I tend to meet people who are right on the verge of something. Preparing for a trip is in itself a really creative part of the travelling process. Whether you’re embarking on a great long-planned expedition or just short trip to the continent with an overnight bag, I love hearing about what they hope to do or see. That’s what I wanted to bring to our customers.

In my new role as owner of The Kettlewell Hostel is, on the face of it quite a different proposition, however I am still part of the journey, just a little further on in the process, whether walking the Dales Way, or climbing on Kilnsey Crag or just having a couple of days walking in the Dales, or fishing in the Wharfe, or cycling The Tour De France route, Kettlewell is an amazing base for loads of activities. I think that when people see what we have to offer they are going to just love it. We currently have 40 beds in 8 rooms, mainly bunk beds, we hire them out as individual beds in shared dorms as well as private rooms. We also hire out the whole hostel for larger groups, our first customer turned up on the day we moved in and spent the weekend with friends celebrating his birthday it is just as much of a pleasure to be part of that as it is to have helped my many customers in the planning stages of their life changing journeys.

Saul Ward

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I am sure you will want to join us in wishing Saul and family all the very best and don’t forget if you are in Kettlewell and in need of a bed for the night Better Call Saul.


Rohan Heritage


  1. Paul & Sue Mansfield says:

    Well congratulations and good luck!
    But sadly, if you think you’ve seen the last of us – think again!
    Looking forward to seeing you in Kettlewell before too long.
    Best wishes,
    Paul & Sue

    P.S. Did we hear Gill & Basia make mention of a tea shop?
    Cinnamon buns!

  2. Rohan Edinburgh says:

    All the best in your new and exciting adventure Saul! Kettlewell looks like a beautiful place, you lucky man.

    From Pat and the Edinburgh Team

  3. Hi Saul,

    Rohan’s loss is Kettlewell YHA’s gain.

    We wish you all the very best in your new venture, no doubt there will be opportunities to bump into you in the dales.

    All the best from all at Woodbridge.

  4. Rohan Chelmsford says:

    Hi Saul,
    All the best with your new venture.

    Take care from all at Rohan Chelmsford

  5. Peter Clinch says:

    Too long since I’ve been in Kettlewell… used to be my main centre for caving trips but haven’t been since foot and mouth year!

    • Rohan Harrogate says:

      Hi Peter, you are quite right there are some amazing caves in the neighbourhood, now where are the batteries for the headtorch….

  6. Gift Your Gear says:

    Hope it goes well Saul. A very big thank you from Gift Your gear for all the support.

  7. David Mills says:

    Best io luck Saul & Floss.
    Looking forward to our visit in April.

  8. Kingston team says:

    Good luck Saul in your new venture!

    Michelle & all the team at Kingston

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