Stop dreaming! Dig out the Winter Bags & Base Layers…

Dig out the Winter Bags and the Base Layers - Grahame Soden

“You’re excited and so are the dogs. They’re yelping and straining against the harness. The next second the sleigh is skimming along the frozen river, diamond-bright ice crystals sparkling in the sunlight and a hot coffee & cinnamon bun waiting for you ….. tomorrow perhaps some cross-country skiing followed by a relaxing evening sauna ….”

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Katharina and I are very lucky – we live in North Sweden and enjoy winters that you can only dream of in the UK. In recent months we have seen Elk, Foxes, Reindeer, Golden Eagles, and have Red Deer feeding outside our window every day.

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I am a photographer and the opportunities for stunning snow-scapes, wildlife photography and, perhaps, the Northern Lights are unsurpassed.

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It really is a different world here. The winters can be intense, with -20c common, but it is a dry cold, and much easier to deal with than the grey gloom of a big city. Plenty of layers with good wicking properties and looking after the extremities are the answer, as is a crackling log fire!

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This winter we’re helping Ian Mitchell, a British ex-pat, with his winter activity venture, Loki Sno, so why just dream? It’s all just a couple of hours away by Ryanair from Stansted.

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Ian is a mountaineer, sailor and motorcyclist with experience ranging from being an instructor at a Highland outdoor centre and a fisherman on a South East Alaskan fishing vessel, to assisting an RAF Mountain Rescue team in the Scottish mountains and sailing in both the northern Atlantic and the Baltic. He’s based at Rambo (yes really!) and is happy to share his knowledge & experience with you during an unforgettable adventure. The other members of the team include engineer Andy Field, “bear guardian” and skier Melanie Gaff, deer-stalker Hugh Standen, and linguist Katharina Wand who are always there for you with advice & assistance and, of course, I can provide photographic tips to help you capture that once-in-a-lifetime moment. Last but not least there is Kira the SAR (Sausages are Recovered) dog!

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Ian also has Oscar, an all-terrain tracked vehicle whose proper name is BV 202 and is a Swedish ex-military ambulance, now cunningly disguised as a mobile observation post. The rear compartment is heated and it will take you through the snow & forests in comfort on animal safaris or night-time explorations. Other activities on offer include dog-sleigh rides, cross- country (Nordic) skiing on pisted or unpisted tracks, and snow-scooter excursions.

So stop dreaming! Dig out the Winter Bags and the Base Layers, wax the boots and come and join in the fun!

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Grahame-Soden-ARPS_1We are always interested to discover what Rohanists are up-to.

It is always good to receive postcards and updates from all over there world.

We are very grateful to Grahame Soden for this post and fantastic photo’s. He is over wintering in Sweden and has shared the story with us. You can follow Grahame and Katharina  ‘No Fixed Abode’ Tour and catch up with Grahame on photograhame
Grahame has shared other posts with us on Rohantime Why not Germany?


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