Banff Mountain Film Festival – UK & Ireland Tour

Banff Mountain Film Festival - UK Tour

If you can catch the amazing Banff Mountain Film Festival I am sure you will not be disappointed. The UK venues start at the end of January and tour’s the country ending in June.

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the largest mountain festivals in the world. Since 1975 the festival draws some of the world’s best film makers and accomplished outdoor heroes to celebrate adventure, the environment, mountain culture and the outdoors through film.

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Coming to a town near you:

Edinburgh Sat 24th January

Cambridge 27th January and 10th February

Leeds 29th and 30th  January

Stockport 31st January

Leamington Spa 5th February

Llandudno 6th February

Birmingham 7th February

Inverness 12th & 13th February

Pitlochry 14th February

Shrewsbury 18th February

Stafford 19th February

Liverpool 20th February

Stockport 21st February

Salisbury 24th February

Bath 25th & 26th February

Malvern 27th February

Canterbury 3rd March

Tunbridge Wells 4th Match

Dorking 5th March

Weymouth 6th March

Croydon 7th March

London 10/11/12/13/14 /18/19/20 21st March

Reading 11th March

Colchester 12th March

Peterborough 13th March

Porthcawl 18th March

Brecon 19th March

Lianeli 20th March

Abingdon 25th March

Portsmouth 25th March

Truro 26th March

Exeter 27/28th March

Shrewsbury 9th April

Cardiff 10th April

Brighton 11th April

Weston-super-Mere 15th April

Bristol 16/17/18th April

Harrogate 22nd April

Keswick 24/25th April

Truro 27th April

Cheltenham 28th April

Swindon  30th April

Watford 1st May

Torquay 2nd May

Matlock Bath 6th May

Whitley Bay 7/8th May

Yarm 9th May

Glasgow 10th May

Wimborne Minster 13th May

Norwich 16th May

Kilkenny 21st May

Dublin 22nd May

Cork 24th May

Galway 26th May

Newtonabbey 27th May

Milford Haven 30th May

Poole 5/6th June

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