‘Best house for hide and seek in the world.’

Rohan Christmas Gift selection

Welcome to Christmas our new Christmas Gift catalogue is on the way. We really hope you enjoy it and it helps make gift selection a little easier.

You may enjoy a behind the scenes story of how the catalogue came together.

cavendish house drive
We where very lucky to be offered the wonderful Cavendish Hall to take the photos. A big thank you to The Landmark Trust for making this possible.

Cavendish House
Say hello to the team from left to right, Josh Taylor – Art Director, Natalie Armin – Fashion Stylist, Jonathan Oakes – Photographer and Danny Walker.

This early Regency country house, familiar to anyone who has ever read a Jane Austen novel, was restored by The LandmarkTrust in 2010 and made available for holidays.

Our gift selection is all about the products so we needs a calm environment to show them at their best. Cavendish Hall proved to be a lovely location and fantastic back drop to our gift selection.

cavendish house 2
Just right.

Cavendish Hall
This quote from the Cavendish Hall website sums it up…

‘Best house for hide and seek in the world.’

So do these photos thank you to Jonathan Oakes.

Find out more about Cavendish Hall and its history

Welcome to Christmas  – Find the perfect gift for the Rohan enthusiast in your life



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