Rohan History through the memories of Rohan Customers

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We try and record on Rohantime the history of Rohan through the memories of Rohan customers. The early Rohan garments, their travels and their own memories of Rohan over the years.

Recently Rohan Keswick sent us this story…

A lovely lady,  Ann Wood, called into the shop to show us a very early Rohan Action Jacket. She told us stories of her meeting Paul in the 1980’s with her husband and son. Her son was adamant it was 1981 as he remembers Duran Duran releasing ‘Planet Earth’ and Paul had a Saab 900 turbo first generation hatchback!

While she was in the shop she mentioned she had some photo’s of the Rohan Action Jacket.

The first one with her sons in North Sweden in 1983 and the picture was taken on the bridge over Storsjön between Frösön and Östersund.

The group photo is on the ski resort of Åreskutan near Östersund.

Christeen – Rohan Keswick

If you have a particular memory of early Rohan please share it with us 


Rohan Heritage

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