Clare, Sarah And Bertha On The Dales Way

Ramblings - The Dales Way Reflection

Last month I returned to The Yorkshire Dales to do something I have not done for over 20 years.

Walk The Dales Way.

I had received a lovely invitation from Clare Balding Ramblings team to join them on the first stage from Ilkley to Bolton Abbey.

This was the Met Office weather forecast for my day in The Dales…

Heavy rain and strong winds have begun to affect parts of the UK as the remnants of Hurricane Bertha arrived.

The Met Office – which has issued yellow weather warnings telling people to “be aware” of downpours – said the rain was most severe at around 3am.

As usual they were accurate. We set off early afternoon and by the time we reached Bolton Abbey we were all very wet indeed.

At some point Clare asked me if should she put on her over trousers and I said No. Why I don’t know. I think it was because I was walking in my Rohan Bags and for the first part of the walk the weather was warm, as it got wetter my Bags were drying as we walked. So over trousers did not enter my mind. I don’t think I have been forgiven yet. She was very wet.

I decided to take my Hilltop Jacket because of the pending forecast and reasoned that with the extra length the jacket offered I would not need over trousers. I was almost right.

I discovered walking and talking in heavy rain is quite difficult.

The walk and company proved delightful.

Please share the experience listen now. If you listen carefully you will hear Bertha.

Sarah Howcroft



Rohan Heritage


  1. Mike Whittaker says:

    I have been listening to Ramblings (usually early in the morning !) since its early days, before Clare was a familiar face on TV, and it always makes me want to get outdoors on a walk. I used to wonder which would be my own favourite walk for doing a recorded episode !
    Very nice to hear from Sarah about an iconic, clothing name; my kids like the Middle-Earth namecheck as well.

  2. adrian lawson says:

    That was a lovely programme. I really enjoyed that!

  3. Peter Clinch says:

    Good to hear the traditional o-trews decision chain is still widely popular…

    1) it’s hardly raining/it’ll blow over soon, it’s not worth it…
    2) I’m soaked now, what’s the point?

    For a dander in warmish weather there’s a lot to be said for shorts, sandals and a brolly!

  4. Lauren @ Rohan Chelmsford says:

    We are looking forward to tuning in!

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