Rohan Originals at Keswick

From the Rohantime Archive 1st published on Rohantime 2009


I know a place that houses the most complete collection of early Rohan garments I have ever seen.
I know a person that has spent years collecting the garments. Rohan garments that even I had long since forgotten. Rohan garments that chart the lineage of Rohan from 1975 with pride.

Where is this place? Rohan Keswick

Who is the person? Ben Evans Owner of Rohan Keswick

Next time you are in Keswick call into the Rohan shop and ask for Ben. Vintage Rohan is a favourite subject.

I was on my first visit back to Rohan Keswick in 12 years when I discovered the bounty. Wow! the shop had changed.  So much bigger, on the other side of the road a  substantial, smart, sunny shop greeted me. It was a dreadfully cold day in early March. No daffodils up.
I was made very welcome by Ben and his great team.
The shop was very busy but it was not long before our heads where deep into the awesome archive boxes, billing and cooing over the bounty. Garments that I had not seen for many years, bursting with the colour and innovation of Rohan Originals.  A fantastic vintage Rohan collection.

A week or so after my visit I learnt from Ben and his team that they have decided to display the best of the Rohan Originals in the shop so we can all share them.

“We have many customers that are very interested in Rohan’s history. They have many of the early garments , some they are still wearing or are still in use because they have handed them down in the family and we all want to talk about them. So it makes sense to display some of the real landmark originals for us all to share”

That’s exactly what has happened. The gallery is now displaying a fantastic example of the first Rohan Tundra circa 1978-80 – soft shell before soft shell was thought of,  the Starkhorn Jacket circa 1976 – Rohans first jacket and the 1st Strider  circa 1976. The good news is there is more to come including, rumour has it,  The Pacer a very unusual and rare find. More to come on this one in future posts on Rohantime

Next time you are in Keswick call in and get acquainted or re-acquainted with the Rohan Originals.

Ben will keep us all posted on new updates to the Rohan Original gallery at Rohan Keswick.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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