Review: Rohan Action Bags by Clive Tully


Rohan Action Bags Reviewed by Clive Tully in Camping Magazine – June 2014

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“Is it possible to improve on perfection”

Great question Clive.

You may remember when Action Bags, Spark Top, Aura Jacket and Ladies Tourers were introduced I said this…

Note from Rohantime: It is the intention that all first reviews of new Rohan gear on Rohantime will be undertaken by Rohanists who have an understanding of outdoor gear, the fundamentals of keeping warm, dry and safe on the hills, an appreciation of  Rohan’s core values and how they are expressed in the clothing and a working knowledge of similar products that are available. These reviews, will represent a fair and balanced evaluation.

Longtime Rohanist Peter (PJ Clinch) did a fantastic job with a comprehensive Review of Rohan Men’s Aura Jacket plus  a very detailed Review of the New Rohan Spark Top and the Review of the New Rohan Tourers by Andrea Meanwell another longtime Rohanist.

The task of an Action Bag Review went to Clive.

Clive wore Bags way back in the day and is well versed in the properties of Airlight Fabric.

So a review of the new Rohan Action Bags was always going to be a comparison.

Thank you Clive.

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