Back to Rohan Bags by Sarah Howcroft co founder Rohan

I have recently returned to wearing Rohan Bags. After an absence of some years during which I have to admit to a brief affair with no name trousers of dubious origins. Then I came back to Rohan Bags.
I slipped into a new pair of Rohan Bags in the Rohan shop in Long Preston and something quite amazing happened. It was that feeling of now being ready for whatever the day had in mind.
rohan bags
I remember asking the question ‘why it had taken me so long to get Back to Bags‘? I guess because I have long legs and the 36″ inside leg Rohan Bags actually fit straight off the hanger makes it easy for me.
The bigger question – Bags don’t change but had I?

Back to Bags happened on my way to The Lakes 21st Anniversary of the opening of  the first Rohan Lake District shop. I called in at Rohan Long Preston the first time for many years. Buying Bags in Long Preston to me is like buying Ginger Bread in Grasmere, Kendal Mint Cake in Kendal and Guinness in Dublin. Some things are just right.

A big thank you to all in the Long Preston shop people for the great welcome.
So now I am back in Rohan Bags. I no longer worry about what I did with my credit card, passport, driving licence and mobile. All zipped into pockets along with the endless till receipts we collect on a journey. I no longer have cold legs. When you are tall cold legs is something that you put up with because trousers ride up your legs when you sit down or raise your legs. Trousers that are long enough are a valued find for the tall, believe me I know. Strike a cord anyone?

During the trip I washed my new found Bags overnight and yes they dried ready for my mornings work. That hadn’t changed. They look as good now as the day the first pair rolled of the machines, over one million pairs have now been manufactured.

Since my purchase the Bags have not been left in the wardrobe a good test of any garment purchase.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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