Postcards From Rohan Friends and Customers

Every day we are so lucky to receive updates, stories and photos from our lovely customers and friends from all over the world, telling us where they are and often sharing the stories of their own Rohan time.

We thought we would keep a running diary. If you have a photo and a couple of paragraphs you would like to share please send them to Rohan Customer Service or Rohantime and we will post them on this page. Keep scrolling it is a long page!

Rohan Moving On A Rohan Heritage Garment 1982

A lovely photo from Gary

Here is a picture of me in January 2018 wearing a Moving On I bought  direct from Rohan around 1980/81

Thanks Gary

Peter Savin - Rohan Keswick

Super photo from Christeen at Rohan Keswick today.

Peter Savin trying on his new Stretch Bags.

Rohan Springback dress


Karen sent us this message about her Springback Dress


” I recently came back from a back packing holiday in Devon. My husband was shocked after 5 days for me to pull out of my tiny scrunched up clothes bag your dress. Crease free . It always looked elegant and I was so thankful”



David Happy 70th
Happy 70th birthday David from us all at Rohan and thank you for sharing the photos with us all.

David is a big Rohan fan and recently celebrated his 70th birthday where he got a generous Rohan Gift Card from his family.

We love reuse stories. This one is lovely. A very big thank you to Heather for sending us the super photo of her work with a pair of old Rohan Bags.

Rohantime Postcards

I love that you are doing a similar jacket to this again.  My fabulous Rohan jacket has FIVE pockets.  Last year I went for a long weekend to Vancouver Film Festival to see a movie I backed and managed with just small hand luggage. Kind Regards – Barbara.

The cosy Nightfall! - Raymond Rumbold.
The cosy Nightfall!
Just returned from a birdwatching trip to Northern Finland and Norway and have worn my Nightfall Jacket every day staying wonderfully warm and dry an arctic gale, a minus 20C wind chill and horizontal blown snow!
Here’s a photo of me in the jacket on Vadsoya Island in Varanger Fjord. In the background is the mooring mast used by Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile to moor the Norge and Italia airships on their way to the North Pole in 1926 and 1928. Birdlife on Vadsoya was very sparse but we had an added bonus of mountain hares!

Thanks for a brilliant jacket! – Raymond Rumbold.

Two Rohan customers on a recent trip to Finland stayed in little ‘Aurora Cabins” Chris Martin enjoying Snow-shoeing. in his Tunrda Jacket

“Despite the low temperatures, perhaps minus 12 degrees C, under the Rohan Tundra jacket all I had on was a cotton T-shirt and long sleeve (UK) open neck shirt. Sadly didn’t have the Rohan gloves on as I saved them for night-time activities when temperatures were lower and wind chill was higher” – Chris

Stories on Rohan Facebook and Twitter as well and photo’s on the Gallery.
Happy Birthday to Ron

Ron Bear, long time Rohan friend, has shared with us a lovely special birthday photo and also some super photos of earlier days, in his Rohan clothes.

Ron Bear in Rohan Crew T and Rohan Shorts late 1970's

Ron in a Crew T and Rohan Shorts late 1970’s

Bags and early Action Jacket?

A big happy 80th Birthday Ron from us all at Rohan and a big thank you for sharing the photos with us all.


Postcards from Rohan friends and customers on Rohantime

A big thank you to Ian for sharing the photo above of the Super Salopettes

“After 30 years I went skiing again and found my old Rohan salopettes stored away from the 1980’s. Fortunately they still fitted and were brilliant. I left off the boot protector and stretched the leg over the ski boots” – Ian

John Harmer - Snowdon a perfect day

A big thank you to John Harmer for sharing a perfect day on Snowdon with us all

John Rose Rohan Bags

A big thank you to John Rose for sharing his Bags story

After over 20 years of being my best companion, my original Rohan Bags have seen better days. It breaks my heart to see these faithful companions go but that’s life.
I must admit that I almost lived in them, they have also been on my travels around the world with me and never let me down. Keep up the good work. – John Rose

America Bike Trip - Rohantime

A big thank you to Phil for the America Bike Trip photo’s and update. 

My wife and I just completed a 4000 mile motorcycle trip through eight States and six national Parks. We had a complete set of Rohan clothes as they pack down small, are light and the creases drop out! Don’t think your gear is that well known in the motorbike world but is now an essential part of our trip packing. We had extremes from mountain snow to desert temps. The micro fleece was the only cold weather piece we took, relying on layers if it was chilly. The gear performs fantastically and is amazingly comfortable, particularly the underwear! The added advantage of short drying times means you don’t need to take much as it can be washed and dried overnight – Phil Hall

Martin - Rohan Long Preston

A big thank you to Martin for this lovely photo and Rohan Long Preston

“Above is the  photo of myself in the Mall on 12th June 2016 at the Patrons’ lunch representing the Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show.  The Roham suit I am wearing I have had for twenty years and is labelled Globetrotter. By the time the photo was taken the sun had come out but in the morning I had been very glad of my Hilltop and by chance, (although you cannot see them) I was also wearing a pair of branded Rohan shoes from a sale at the Long Preston branch a few years ago.  Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed the day in London.  I was a wonderful experience” – Martin


Mike Orritt - Farne Islands

Many thanks to Mike for sharing this wonderful photo.

“We had a great time on the Farne Islands, my Rohan clothing got covered in bird droppings but it washed out easily and looks as good as new. The Farne Islands is one of the only places in the UK you can get close to nesting Arctic Terns, the National Trust who manage it recommend that you cover your head as the birds attack you. My Rohan cap served me well, one bird who liked it so much decided to use it as a perch” – Mike

Kay Stanbridge Rohantime Postcard

A big thank you to Kaz and the gang for this great photo. I have counted 22! Have I missed any?

“We were in North Korea and discovered many of the Brits were Rohan fans, so we chose a day and a spot where there is the triangle of Chinese, Russia and North Korea borders in the background and we all wore as many pieces of Rohan clothing we could carry.” – Kaz Stanbridge December 2015

Rohan Postcard

A very big thank you Susan for sharing the photo of her well travelled Rohan Cargos 

My well travelled trousers…

Hi. This is me in my well travelled Rohan trousers. Bought Christmas 1999 for a trip to Saudi Arabia for the Millenia.  Since then they have been on five international Guide camps to Canada, Switzerland,  Mexico, France and India. Numerous Guide camps all over the uk. Bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh expeditions, Scar Pike,  Snowdon and Ben Nevis, where this picture was taken in July this year. Still as comfy and good as new. Susan Marshall. 18th Enfield Guides and Rangers.

Wendy Bainbridge

A very big thank you Wendy Bainbridge for sharing the above photo with us.

Good luck on Mont Blanc Trek…

Wendy worked in Weldmar Hospice as a Specialist Palliative Care Nurse since 1994.  Retiring in 2009 she continues to  work part-time and since 1996 has undertaken all sorts of fundraising challenges including 16 Marathons, fun runs, coffee mornings and long distance walks such as the Camino de Santiago, the Great Glen Way, the Jurassic Coast etc.

Weldmar needs to raise well over £10,000 every day of the year to continue giving their care and expertise.  Since April Wendy has raised £3,843 and, on her latest challenge, is looking to more than double this!

In 2 days she will be embarking on the Mont Blanc Trek with her Rohan Elite Jacket and Elite Rohan Elite Overtrousers. As Mont Blanc stands at 4,810 meters she would like to raise £4,810.

Read more about Weldmar Hospice


Tony outside Nassington Church

A very big thank you to Tony Hodgson for sharing the above photo with us.

Tony has been walking theTony, Ashley and Mark Holman arriving at Badby Church Nene Way over the last couple of weeks to mark his 80th birthday and raise money for Freedom from Torture.
In the photo above Tony is wearing a very early pair of Rohan Bags (and one with his friends Ashley and Mark Holman, both also wearing Rohan). Tony mentioned his own Rohan Bags may be 30 years old. He has worn them every day on his walk.
Tony has now exceeded his fundraising target but if any customers would be interested in donating to the charity please go to Tony’s Just Giving Page

Congratulations on the walk Tony from us all at Rohan!

Golden Horseshoe Ride Exmoor

I just thought you might be interested to hear that I wore your waterproof trousers and jacket for 160km riding over Exmoor at the Golden Horseshoe ride, never having ridden more than a few miles in the trousers previously. But the weather was horrendous, torrential rain, wind, sleet and hail over the two days. I stayed warm and dry throughout, when many others didn’t and went on to become the EGB reserve national champion.


Thank you to Georgina for the lovely photo and congratulations on the win.


John on Scafell Pike

Good Afternoon

I thought that I had send you an email to say how impressed I was with the Rohan equipment I used for my walk up Scafell Pike on the 19th May

The weather conditions were really bad with continuous rain high wind and a blizzard on the summit, there is no doubt that the equipment saved the day as it did what it said it would do

I purchased a pair of Outsiders the week before from Hay on Wye and again I was really impressed with them and they kept my map nice and dry in the outer pocket. I think that a zip or a Velcro fastener on the side pockets would of come in handy

John on Scafell

The Rohan clothing I wore:

  1. Rohan Rucksack
  2. Rohan Superfine Merino 200
  3. Microgrid Stowaway Zip
  4. Furnace Fleece

The only piece of clothing that I need now is a decent pair of waterproof gloves as the pair that I had were a lot to be desired (not Rohan )

Best wishes


A very big thank you to John C Rose for sharing a big day on Scarfell Pike.


Chris Bray

I thought you might like to know that I recently bought a pair of winter jeans for use on holiday. I have just returned from this trip after having travelled extensively in Iceland mostly in sub zero temperatures sometimes down to -20.
These trousers are excellent and I must say that I wore them every day whilst walking and visiting the wonderful natural sights that Iceland has to offer.
I would recommend them to anyone needing warm leg wear and shall certainly buy more of your winter kit for future journeys. Thanks Regards Chris Bray

A very big thank you to Chris Bray for the jeans feedback and lovely photo


Hardworking Rohan Jacket

“I am saddened to relate to you that zip has broken on my Rohan jacket after only 18 years of service. During this time the jacket has only had light usage; being used as a pillow in a yurt in Kyrgyzstan, as a sleeping bag on various Eastern European sleeper trains, as a ski jacket in the Alps, as a thermal a layer in the Moscow winter, as a shield against the Glastonbury mud and simply keeping me toasty walking around my home in Snowdonia. It has been ripped at least 30 times, dropped in the Grand Union Canal, covered in expanding foam, repeatedly stolen by a Labrador puppy and was once caught up in the cable of a dry slope lift and was it was lovingly repaired each time. Unfortunately the zip may prove to be the final straw. Admittedly it has outlived, at best count, 14 other jacket from less reputable companies but I would expect no less from Rohan. I am off to the Faroes this summer and Iceland in the Autumn and I am finding it very hard to contemplate these trips without my trusted companion.

I am sure you are as shocked as I am at the early end for this otherwise wonderful jacket. I have enclosed a picture of the zip to see if you have any similar in stock. If not I suppose I will have to get another but really I can’t say I relish having to go through this all again in 2033”

Luke P

Note: The Customer Service team supplied a new zip and are confident the jacket will be good to go. Perhaps not for 18 years but you never know.

A very big thank you to Luke Pettitt for the story of his jacket


Bruce Hammersley, Marj Hammersley, Steve Weake, Isobel Weake.

All in our Rohan, almost top to toe.  Bruce Hammersley, Marj Hammersley, Steve Weake, Isobel Weake.

Enjoying some winter sun in Wales.   Marine Beach, Criccieth.

A very big thank you to Bruce Hammersley for sharing this photo with us all


Everest, Lhotse, Nuptse, Ama Dablam

Just returned from awe-inspiring trip to Nepal – I wore my Rohan throughout including one of the original long- sleeve Finelight shirts with poppers, (anyone remember them?) I have to admit there was a short-sleeve shimmer shirt and vital zip fleece underneath when we reached 4150m, the highest point of the trek as it was a little chilly. Many thanks to all the Rohan advisers who have assisted me throughout my travels and ensured I travel light and efficient.

Here I am on the high-level trail from Phortse to Thyangpoche via Pangboche at 4150m. The view up behind includes Everest, Lhotse and Ama Dablam (6182m) and down to Pangboche in the Dudh Koshi valley on 28th October 2014. The Safari shirt is well to the fore (I have also got it in white and yellow). My Rohan walking gear proved to be ideal for 9 days on trail. The best holiday I’ve had so far and I’m already planning another long-distance walk (this was my first).

Many thanks to Christine Jennings for this story and fantastic photo:


Thank you to Kate Cave for the Bags story:

Love winter, Love my Bags 1

Love winter, Love my Bags – The feature on Winter Bags in the November issue of your Rohan catalogue sparked a question – are these the oldest Bags in use?

We purchased them in 1988, initially, for indoor use. After getting married and buying a chilly old house, the Winter Bags did the biz and stopped us from going into hypothermia!  Twenty six years later, I accompanied my son, now grown up, on a summer field trip to Torridon. I’d imagined long bright nights sitting in the warm sunshine admiring the stunning views. But the reality was torrential rain, cold air and thick clouds rolling in off the Atlantic. Boy was I glad I’d thrown my winter Rohan’s in ‘just in case’.  We waded  through streams in spate, got filthy clambering over 6 foot high peat hags , scrambled over rocks trying to do measurements , got wet and thoroughly  blown about.

Now the result of the gear test!  I never felt the wind or the cold. Although the Bags got wet, they dried super- quick, right after it’d stopped raining. They stretched sufficiently when wet to enable walking uphill comfortable. The fabric didn’t tear or strain with the rough treatment and surprisingly, they didn’t flap around my mountain bike chain.

Love winter, Love my Bags

Finally when washed they returned to their pristine condition. The verdict 5* plus.

Perhaps you’ll say ‘that’s not good for business’. I mean trousers lasting 26 years, where’s the repeat custom? As a consumer I’d say quality and value for money keeps you coming back. So assuming the weather doesn’t’ stop me getting to a shop,( I like real shopping), I hope, shortly, to give a newbie that caught my eye in your catalogue a jolly good test- the Women’s Pathway Cardie!!

Best wishes Kate Cave


Big thank you to Steve for the Rohan Coaster Shirt story…

Alvor Fishing Trip

We are in the Algarve at the moment and a couple of weeks back had friends visiting from the UK. My mate Brian and I like to go fishing and booked a trip on a boat. It was very hot and sunny and was concerned about sitting in the sun and not having a suitable long sleeve shirt for protection.

Being short of time I called at the local charity shop to look for an old shirt. I couldn’t believe it when I found two Rohan “Coaster” shirts in what can only be described as new condition for 3 Euros each.

I just had to tell you these shirts are fantastic and to think they are 16 years old! amazing.

Congratulations on a very impressive product.

Best Regards



Thank you Rohan Southport for the message below

Rohan Southport

“We would like to thank all the customers that very kindly supported the recent Wayfarers fashion show in aid of Queens Court Hospice.

We appreciate that there is a great demand on people’s generosity so a great big thank you to all who made donations to this very worthy cause” – Rohan Southport


Big Thank You Robert for the latest postcard below


Here is my wife, Jane, wearing Rohan for another kind of adventure…our sons wedding!! She is wearing a blue Tunis dress. As one of guests asked, “how can you wear linen all day without it creasing?”   Ah! We know the answer to that! Regards  Robert Ludlow


Big Thank You Raymond Adams for the latest postcard below

Raymond Adams postcard on Rohantime

My wife and I spent some time in Oz recently.  I took almost exclusively, Rohan kit.  It was excellent – light, tough, versatile and easy to launder. I could almost have travelled with hand baggage only, were it not for taking supplies to our daughter and bringing presents home! – Raymond Adams 


Big Thank You to Gregory Steele

George Steel Rohantime Postcard

I completed the Chicago to Santa Monica trip this July on as much of Route 66 as possible on a hired Harley Heritage Softail and was very impressed with my Rohan gear.  Primarily it was the silver ‘T’ shirts and base layers that were invaluable.  Having to pack my helmet, Kevlar jeans and boots, it was really important to keep clothing weight down to a minimum.  A lot of my gear is many years old, but I invested in the silver trunks and they were the best thing I had bought.  My older Central and Expedition shirts were also great, especially wetting the Expedition shirt and buff under my motorcycle mesh jacket as I rode through the Mojave desert.  At 113OF the desert was not a place to overheat!  I have used Rohan for many years now and will continue to use it with confidence. – Gregory Steele

A Big Thank You to Mike Judge 

Mike Judge - Prudential Ride London 100

 “I ‘m sure you were aware of the conditions the 20,000+ cyclists faced doing the Prudential Ride London 100 on Sunday?

I am writing to personally say that the Ultra Silver T I bought at your Milton Keynes store was a life saver.

It did the job of protecting me from the worst rain storms I have ridden in. I did its job of keeping me cool and comfortable and with it’s fast wicking, it was dry by the time I raced up the Mall to the finish.

So thank you again and it meant I could complete the ride in just over 5 hours and more importantly raise funds for The Roy Castle Lung Foundation.

Also a great call by your Manager Simon, in recommending the T for my ride.

Kind Regards – Mike Judge”

A Big Thank You to Brian for sharing this story…

Brian Mor in the Mourne Mountains with his Rohan Super Striders that are almost 40 years old.

Here I am last Saturday in the Mourne Mountains resplendent in my almost forty years old Rohan Super Striders breeks; made fae barbed wire and wool! The best thing you ever made. I have the new ones and good as they are,they are not a patch on the original! Mind you I have just ordered a new set of Bags (I think that I have about six pairs) Which are great, though not very durable but dry quickly, are comfy and go well with my 20 year old Rohan kagoole!
Keep her lit folks! – Brian Mor.


A Big Thank You to John for sharing  this story…

Lost Luggage Rohantime

Dear Sirs

I am not prone to writing to companies with feedback but felt this instance was an exception.

I recently flew out to JeJu island off the south coast of Korea for business via Shanghai with British Airways. However, I had the misfortune to be one of 200 people on the flight whose luggage they had decided to leave behind at Heathrow.

Whether through foresight or just plain luck I had packed a pair of Rohan Rangefinder trousers and a new, light weight World view shirt and Rohan socks in my hand luggage. These items folded up nicely into the bottom of my bag. They are so light weight that I hardly noticed the weight in my bag, Unfortunately the other Rohan items I had were lost with my luggage somewhere…..

I wore these Rohan items for meetings, for social events, travel and field trips and over the eight days of my trip they proved their versatility and comfort in the heat and humidity with an amazing ability to dry over night as I washed them every evening. They did what the advertising said and whilst not a suit for business meetings, I could present myself smartly and I was very very impressed. I have specialist mountain and climbing clothing and business suits, but I think anyone would be hard pressed in deed to find such versatile clothing as I had with me. When I was in need, Rohan stepped up. Full marks.

I recommend Rohan clothing for business, travel and adventure.

Yours sincerely

Dr John Newstead


A Big Thank You to Annette from Jersey for the latest update

Annette (Lowe) Bangladesh Visit

 I wanted to share with you this one of me as smart as I am likely to be, visiting a young lady I have sponsored for 12 years, in a village in Bangladesh, in 42 degrees heat. Your clothes get around and always stand me in good stead! – Annette – from Jersey

I particularly enjoying visiting countries in the developing world – I’m not really one for cruises etc. So on this occasion I was travelling to Nepal with a group from a charity based in the Isle of Man, called the PAHAR Trust Nepal. Their work is to raise money and organise the building of schools, mostly in remote mountain areas, and we were visiting the schools, laying foundation stones, checking new libraries etc, as well enjoying some of the delights of Nepal.

But following this trip I travelled alone to Bangladesh, because I have been a sponsor to Najmin (Rubi) since she was 5 years old and I knew it would be a unique opportunity to meet her and her family. The sponsorship is through Plan UK and it was they who organised my visit, for which I am most grateful. It involved flying to Dhaka, then taking a 10 hour train ride to the north of Bangladesh, where I was accommodated and met the local Plan staff, who had arranged a day long visit for me.

Through Plan sponsorship, the monthly donation does not go to the child directly, but is used to develop facilities in the local community, and so I visited kindergartens and schools, as well as various health facilities, all of which are supported by Plan. But the highlight for me, of course, was meeting Najmin and her parents and sister. I have been receiving letters from her, and photographs of her with various family members for the last 12 years, and have also sent her my letters and photos, so it was very moving when she came out from their home carrying all those past letters neatly tied in a bundle.

Najmin is now 17 and still at school, which is a great achievement in that part of the world. Her sister married at 18, not as a child bride as used to be the case, and her child has her birth registered and will attend kindergarten. The family used to live in a mud and thatch hut but they now have a brick built home, with their own latrine – all these developments have come during those 12 years and much is due to the work of Plan and other NGOs.

At the beginning of my visit everyone was very shy, and in the first photos they look so solemn, so it was lovely to have that final happy smiling picture. And I had worn my Rohan shirt and Tunis trousers because I felt I should try to look smart, and I knew they would stand up to the travelling, and be comfortable in the 42 degrees – apparently a heat wave even by local standards.

Plan pioneered child sponsorship 75 years ago and today over 100,000 people in the UK sponsor a child through them. The minimum donation is £15 a month and further details can be found at Not many sponsors will have the chance to make a visit like mine, but they will still be able to enjoy making a connection with the life of a family in some distant country and it is very worthwhile. Annette


Rohan Bags over 27 year

A big thank you to Richard and Karen Walmsley for this latest update

Hello my wife Karen and I were walking in Derbyshire at the weekend and we felt that we needed to share our good news story with you. Karen is modelling a pair of Rohan trousers that she bought 27 years ago. They are as good as new. I have attached a photo of us both on holiday in New Zealand taken in 1987 wearing the same trousers. Karen has worn well but not sure about me.

Kind regards – Richard Walmsley

Many thanks to Dick Gilpin for the lovely memory, story and photo below.

dick gilpin rohan memories

Back in the 1980’s, when we had a little house outside Skipton, we would often drive past your first shop, which had just then opened in Long Preston. For us at that time the prices were too high – even though we thought the quality was clearly very good. Some years later on a walking holiday in Corsica we met a couple with Rohan shirts, who were enthusiastic about them. We tried one and were immediately converted!

Now in retirement – as you will see from your sales records – we wear very little else. Not only for walking and other outdoor activities, but also simply for everyday use, we can be found in Rohan gear.

We have recently returned from Australia – our daughter-in-law is Australian – and the above photo is from the Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia.

With Best Wishes, Dick Gilpin.

Next we have a lovely Bags story from Jack and Doris Critchley.

Rohan Bags have been in constant production for 35 years. Over the years we have had some lovely feedback on Bags. This one is no exception. A very impressive Bags Collection from Jack and Doris Critchley. Jack has been wearing Rohan Bags since the 70’s.

Jacks Rohan Bags Collection
Recently I returned a pair of Rohan bags with 3 faulty zips which you kindly replaced with a new pair. I have sent photographs of the trendy 81 year old with his collection of Rohan Bags which he has amassed since wearing his first pair in the 1970’s.

Since discovering Rohan Bags, he has refused to wear any other other brand of trousers, he wears the Bags summer and winter (with long johns in Winter!).

As you can see, many of the colours are now discontinued, due to their hardwearing qualities, when they become worn they are relegated to less formal occasions. “Bags don’t die, they just fade away.” With thanks and very best wishes to you all

A big thank you to Jack and Doris.

Last year Denis Pounds sent us his Bags Story

Iconic, Ground Breaking, Inspiration, Bags of Fun


Don’t forget the Rohan Originals Collection at Rohan Keswick with Rohan Bags in many colours over the years


Rohan Heritage


  1. Paul @ Ambleside says:

    We recognise a few familiar faces in those pictures! Lovely to see our loyal Rohan customers showing us these amazing things ‘in situ’.

    Paul @ Ambleside

  2. Lorna @ Rohan Guildford says:

    Very apt shot Raymond Adams of the Pinnacle’s in Western Australia. Judging however by the look of the weather in the photo, you had no need for our fantastic waterproof with the same name. I lived in W.A. for a couple of years and had a few trips north to the Pinnacle’s which are such a unique peice of landscape. Hope you had a great trip.

  3. Lauren @ Rohan Chelmsford says:

    Brilliant story and what a great collection of Bags!

    We enjoy hearing all about our customers travels and recieving post cards from them is even better, our post card wall is filling up nicely- Keep those stories coming!

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