Rohan Ambleside at Easter

Huge thanks to everyone who went to the recent John Beatty Lecture Tour, a literal length and breadth of Britain Tour. From the smallest of venues to the prestigious Royal Geographical Society John warmed hearts this winter with his tales of travel and his breathtaking photography. It was great for our store staff to get out there and spent some time with the audiences during the break to try and spread the good word – as ever the crowd was at least as passionate and knowledgeable as our staff. As I said it was a great event to be involved in both as individuals and as a company. We need to do this again, because though I had the pleasure of meeting John in Kendal, I had to scoot off down to Milton Keynes to see the new exciting range of Eagle Creek luggage.

I met somebody in store last week? Spotting an old Trailblazer Jacket from yesteryear I approached this chap and started chatting, and as he began to explain his future plans I thought I must talk to you all about him. His name is Vic Heaney, and he lives in the Pyrenees, and he is planning to walk from his home in the Pyrenees to the house where he was born, in Blackpool. The objective is for him to do the walk in seventy days, thereby arriving on his seventieth birthday. This is a charity walk and the funds will be for pancreatic cancer research – he lost his first wife to this horrible disease. Though sponsored by Columbia don’t let that put you off, please have a look at his blog. I hope the Shelter Cape I supplied comes in handy as emergency cover. A truly inspiring man, hope all goes well for him.

Well, Easter is upon us almost, the lambs are a frolicking in the fields – hope to see some of you on the fells or in the shop.

Craig – Rohan Ambleside Manager

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