Rohan Assignment Jacket Review

The ultimate world-proof jacket “mix old school charm with hi-tech design”

Having used a khaki cotton field jacket made for my father in India in the late 1940’s and in which I have lived on visits to remote world regions and hot climates as an expedition leader, when the jacket last year reached its 60th birthday it was gently suggested by my family that it had earned an honourable retirement and should be replaced for my journeys to Bhutan and Northern Indian Himalaya being made this year. But with what?

I am now the proud owner of a Rohan Assignment Jacket and must agree with the description of “the ultimate world-proof jacket”, certainly for warm climes. Even the old cotton field jacket nodded approval before being lovingly covered and hung in the kit cupboard where it will occasionally be removed and looked on while it feeds so many happy memories both of the “old man” and of journeys travelled.

The reason for the selection of the Assignment Jacket is that it certainly does “mix old school charm with hi-tech design”. And it is beautifully made with some of the biggest, most practical pockets I have seen on such a garment. I look forward to sharing many adventures with this replacement for the “old guard” which has served so faithfully.

So, congratulations on providing an exceptional item of kit in the much-loved “old school” style but with such an advanced specification.

Yet another success from my favourite expedition kit maker.

With best wishes,

Colin Champion
Overseas Expedition Leader for World Challenge,

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