It’s All Happening at Keswick Mountain Festival

Peter Habeler at Rohan Keswick

We’re all really looking forward to Keswick Mountain Festival 15th – 18th May

A special highlight for us is Peter Habeler’s lecture on Friday 16th May. Read more

Peter’s connection with Rohan goes way back to 1978 Everest and Rohan (Gwaihir) Windlord Jacket.

A Windlord Jacket was worn by Peter Habeler on the 1978 Everest Expedition. Peter Habeler and Reinhold Messner reached the summit of Mount Everest, the first climbers to do so without the use of supplemental oxygen.

Some really good news Peter will be visiting Rohan Keswick on Saturday, times to be confirmed. But latest update is in the morning. Keep you eye out on Facebook and Twitter for updates. Will he bring The Jacket? Read more


News just in Rohan Keswick are ready and waiting to accept your unwanted outdoor gear donations for Gift Your Gear. A great opportunity to spring clean your outdoor gear cache and help get young people outdoors.

More info on Rohan Keswick including opening times.

Don’t forget Rohan Keswick is the home of the unique Rohan Originals Collection.


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