Paddling in Scotland Three Days up in Glencoe

Bob A. padding the End of the World rapid river Leven (Scottish)
“I have just spent the past 3 days up in Glencoe not walking or skiing but whitewater kayaking! For kayaking the area is a classic UK whitewater destination. A step up in difficulty compared to that of my local Lake District Rivers but with my team it was a real adventure navigating the intense features, including going over waterfalls and through tight shoots.

The Team inspecting the River Etive, Trailblazers
Of course off of the river I gave my Rohan Trailblazers and Spark Top a true test. The comfy trousers were used all the time for loading and unloading kit from the car as well as relaxing in the evening at the boozer, I love my trailblazers. The Spark Top I couldn’t have done without too, although we had superb weather, I needed that extra layer when not kayaking to reduce the effects of the chilly breeze and to stay comfortable when relaxing at the side of the rivers and the fact that the top packs away so small left plenty off space for extra lunch. For myself the Spark Top is such as smart investment and will definitely be taking it on my future adventures.

Pete K, Triple Step, River Etive
This was the first time for me paddling in Scotland and I can easily say it was some of the most challenging, scary, exciting, technical boating I have ever done. The team worked well together, we all encountered our own bit of carnage. Luckily everyone came off easy and managed to only acquire a few solid bumps and bruises.

In the super stout SUNNY three days we got on the Orchy, Etive, Alt A’Chaorainn and Scottish Leven all of which I hope to repeat in the future. Anyone that is looking to get up paddling in Scotland I highly recommend getting in touch with a local boating crew as it saves on having to inspect every run and allows you to crack on at a good pace allowing for more time on the water. ”


Gavin HartRohan Ambleside

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    I have seen an interesting picture of my niece making a total custard of one of the more “interesting” falls on the Etive, but respect for trying: I’m a sea tourer, and that looks too scary for me!

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