Living Streets Asks Us To Take To Our Feet

walking month

Living Streets asks us to take to our feet for National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month an annual campaign run by the charity Living Streets who are dedicated to celebrating and raising awareness of the benefits of walking and work to create safe, attractive, enjoyable streets where it’s great to walk.

It is amazing we now actually have to promote the act of walking to maintain our health. Not many years ago it was part of life. Likewise walking for pleasure. I have notices the words Green Exercise creeping into the vocabulary.

Thinking about all this reminds me of experience mountain biking in eastern Turkey a few years ago. The sight of two Europeans on bicycles in the remote hills promoted much concern for our welfare by the local people. When we asked them to explain why they felt as they did, thinking there may be hidden hazards ahead, they recited that nobody cycles unless they have to. Their hopes and dreams centred round the motor car. Why would anybody want to cycle up and down the hills? They asked. You have no money for a car?  It has remained in the back of my mind ever since. As I started to write this I wondered if they have been through the personal mobility phase and have returned to walking and cycling to maintain health and enjoying the outdoors. One day soon, hopefully, I will return to find out.

During  the month there are two initiatives which I am sure will grab the press attention

Walk to Work Week (12–16 May) Read more

Walk to School Week (19–23 May) Read more

Added to this the Ramblers have Get Walking Week 3-10 May 2014. Get Walking Week is a short walks festival designed to help the nation discover the wonder of walking.Most of the planned walks are be under 5 miles – so easy to manage and led by an organiser in idyllic country locations. Read more
Have a great National Walking Month , Walk to Work Week, Walk to School Week and Get Walking Week.

Let’s see who clocks up the most miles!


Rohan Heritage

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