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bagswith-pocket1-200x3001Any Changes? – Rohan Bags circa 1980 look very much the same as Rohan Bags fresh off the production line today or do they?
I thought it would be a great exercise to put a pair of Bags circa pre.1980 up against a pair circa 2008 and do a mini comparison.
Now would be a great time to do this a million pairs out there in the world. That is a lot of trousers. Especially as I remember so well the first pair of Bags.

What did I find? – Well, they have changed slightly in shape. That was needed early Rohan Bags where always a little bit skimpy. I think that was because we where all under nourished at the time.
The D ring was metal, zip position same, zips used to be RiRi, pockets – the lower bellows pocket was removed very early because it could caused abrasion on the leg. Spot the pocket in this great John Cleare picture. John is also wearing a Hyde windshirt. Watch out for a post on the Hyde soon. This is my all time favourite Rohan Bags pic’s John fords the Su-Bachi River in the Chinese Himalaya. Knee patch slightly shorter, seat patch same, price OK yes that has changed but by how much?

I thought it would be a great idea to ask  Tim Jasper Rohan’s Design Director the question. So come on Tim have Bags changed over the years?

tn_tim“I’d be a fool and a bit of a heretic to mess about with such an excellent design. They’ve been described as one of the iconic clothing designs of the 20th Century – along with blue jeans and white T shirts I guess, but maybe not the shellsuit…I’ve tweaked the fit over the years, but otherwise they remain essentially unchanged – a true classic.”

Sustainability through Longevity.

Sarah Howcroft

Rohan Heritage

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