Review of Rohan Dry Requisite Trousers

Rohan Dry Requisite Trousers

Customer reviews are very important. People that use their gear day in and day out in the environment the gear was designed for are going to search out all strengths and weaknesses. We are very grateful to Adrian Partridge –  Hillwise for this really comprehensive review of Rohan Dry Requisite Trousers. Alan also reviewed our Rohan Trailblazer Convertible’s late last year.

Adrian Partridge at HillwiseAdrian, a freelance Mountain and Expedition Leader, and Voyageur Canoe Steersman taken from Twitter@Hillwise. Providing a range of services, both formal, such as the National Navigation Award Scheme courses, and informal like our escorted walks. Each will be lead by a suitably qualified Mountain Leader, with an appropriate 1st Aid certificate and heaps of experience.

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Review of Rohan Dry Requisite Trousers.

I first purchased my Requisite trousers in the summer of 2013, but waited until the winter to test them…..and what a winter to test them! But first the statistics. My Requisites are made of Barricade, and are made of two layers. The  the colour is a charcoal grey. There are 2 zipped back pockets, big enough for a wallet, and 2 open front pockets. The left has a security loop to clip things onto, whilst the right has an internal zipped pocket hidden inside. There are no cargo or map pockets. The weight is about 500g compared to my usual poly cotton trousers at nearly 600g to which you would have to add the weight of your waterproof over trousers of course.

The idea of not needing to pull on over trousers each time there’s a bit of drizzle is very seductive, but will they leak, will they overheat….will they drag?

I first tested the Requisites just after Christmas on a family walk in the Teign Valley on the edge of Dartmoor. I expected rain but it didn’t come. The steep uphill climbs did however, and although I could feel my legs get warm, they never really became sweaty. The Requisites don’t have any supplementary ventilation unlike some Paramo garments of a similar nature, but they seemed to cope pretty well.

I then took several walks in torrential rain, and although I became aware of the colder temperature on my legs, I didn’t feel wet or uncomfortable, and on finishing the walk they dried on me in minutes rather than hours.

I then used trousers during a day of searching in foul weather with the Dartmoor Rescue. This meant a lot of searching in bramble and woodland. I feared the trousers would get damaged but they were remarkably resilient. I felt damp at the end of the days search, but not uncomfortable, the trousers didn’t chafe or drag, I wasn’t cold, and the trousers started to dry as soon as I was out of the rain, so much so that I continued to wear them all evening!

Rohan Requisite TrousersA trip around Houndtor woods brought more steep climbs in both dry and wet weather. I was sweating after an hour of climbing, but I realised that my legs were much less damp than my upper body. Later after a couple of hours of persistent rain I was still comfortable until I sat down for lunch. The material drew tight over my legs in giving that cold wet feeling we all know so well. I was therefore surprised when standing up, to feel dry again! I realised it was all in the pressure against the skin. Later in the day it stopped raining and very quickly the Requisites were dry on the outside again…..ready for an evening out with the moorland rescue team I belong to.

In mid January I ran one of my popular Navigation Workshops on Dartmoor. The forecast was dry but windy, but fearing the worst I wore the Requisites. The weather never achieved the sunny spells promised, the air was damp and the wind grew steadily stronger until we were being blown about as we walked. As my clients stood often shivering despite their layers of clothing, drips on the end of their noses and blue complexions, I realised I was far warmer than they and on thinking further realised that my legs were particularly warm…..not sweaty, just comfortably warm. I was impressed as I had feared it would be cold and had nearly chosen my Vapourise trousers instead! The next day an inch of rain was forecast; I decided not to put the trousers in the laundry, but to use them for the dog walking I knew I would have to do in the rain ( collies need exercise, rain or shine). I walked for about an hour in sideways wind blown rain, and although the front of my upper legs felt damp, the damp didn’t spread and I still felt comfortable and warm. I also still felt drier than I did the previous week wearing a pair of Event over trousers in less rain for a shorter time……they had leaked at the knees and the water ingress had spread over a large area of the trousers inside and stayed wet and clingy. Back to my dog walk, on reaching a friend’s house I stopped in for an hour or so, and left with my trousers completely dry,and without leaving the puddles on his floor that my wife’s over trousers did!

So, another day, another test, this time a day walk with my wife and brother-in-law, starting at Widecombe, which means the only way is up, steeply up. The weather had looked to be cold and overcast, so I was overdressed on the first hill. I noticed I was sweating on my forehead and upper body felt clammy, but my legs felt just fine. Later the sun became stronger and I had to remove two top layers? I was really hot now…..but still my upper body much more so than my legs. my legs had the kind of sensation you feel when blushing, but the material in the Requisites seemed to be dispersing the moisture from my legs. Of course the weather then turned, windy and overcast, rain seemed likely, but the trousers kept out the wind, and when a fine drizzle set in I felt no inclination to reach for my over trousers! These Requisite trousers are at their best on changeable days…..which is almost always in the UK.

Saturday the 1st of February, and I’m out teaching navigation on Dartmoor. The workshops are a combination of walking and teaching, so plenty of standing around. the weather included gale force winds, rain, hail and snow….oh and a bit of sun! Did I my legs stay warm? Yes. Did I stay dry? Pretty well……and the trousers dried off in minutes when the rain stopped.

Next up I wore the Requisite trousers on a winter mountaineering trip to Scotland. I wore them combined with Yeti gaiters, long socks and long thermal boxers. Despite sub-zero temperatures and high winds, giving extreme windchill effects, my legs were never cold, and never needed over trousers. I found they shrugged off all the weather; rain, snow, sleet, wind etc and I see these as my “go too” trousers for winter.

Finally, I managed to pour scalding cocoa all over my leg. The trousers just beaded it off and the liquid did not penetrate the garment, and neither did the heat…..lucky eh?

During this review I did wash the trousers with a Nikwax product and once treated them with TX direct, not out of necessity, more part of my normal care regime. I bought my Requisites from the Rohan shop at Ambleside and I did find staff at Rohan have better knowledge of their products, so I recommend buying from Rohan , because with the kit not being cheap, it is important you get the right garment for you. – Adrian Partridge

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