Rohan Aura Ultra-Lightweight Jacket

Men’s Aura Jacket

The Spring range is arriving at Rohan Shops every day.
New colours, old favourites, some lovely new and very special arrivals.

The new Rohan Aura Jacket has arrived.

Rohan Aura JacketThe Aura is a ultra-lightweight wind and shower resistant breathable jacket. It is both incredibly light and compact. Weighing just 80g, the Aura Jacket is perfect for biking, running and lightweight hillwalking.

The picture above illustrates the small pack size of the Aura. Any colour just so long as it’s Black.
Weight: 80g
Pack Size: 200ml

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  1. Peter Clinch says:

    A full review is in the works but first impressions:
    – it really is amazingly light and packable

    second impressions:
    – the Packpocket doesn’t have a puller on the inside of the zip, so if you pack it in the pocket *don’t* use the zip to close it up as it’s remarkably awkward to undo it again. Don’t ask me how I know this…

    third impressions:
    – not one for those of you who like rolling up your sleeves

  2. Robin Simpson says:

    Black is no use for cycling, you would have to wear a highviz vest over it. Should be orange or yellow.

    • Peter Clinch says:

      Guess someone should go and tell Sky Procycling and Rapha that before it’s too late!

      I prefer bright for cycling, but then again I prefer bright for pretty much anything. Since I’m a cycling instructor I know that position is far more important than brightness when it comes to being seen, which is why people who drive black cars don’t suffer from insurance penalties for all the extra collision damage they surely pick up… Seriously though, check out Franklin’s “Cyclecraft” for stuff that is likely to make a genuine difference to cycle safety above assuming you have to dress up the Yellow Power Ranger.