Storm Trooper Trousers

I got my new Superstriders about a week before Christmas 2009 – just in time for the snow (little did I know). This is my 3rd pair of Superstriders, the others being the old ones – 1 pair fire and polyurethane foam damaged (my fault, not a pretty story) and 1 pair worn to death (I wore them a lot and for just about every outdoor activity from early autumn to spring for several years).
New trousers are more expensive than the old ones, but feel bomb proof and still as comfortable as the old ones so far – they feel ‘a step up’ from the old ones. Gone is the tendency for lacerated skin (caused by the standard issue zip on each and every pocket) each time I reach into my pockets – I had heard negative thoughts about the pockets without zips but they are fine: the zips are still there on other, more secure pockets and no breezes in unwanted places so far as I can tell. I cannot remember when the old ones stopped being shower proof, but the new ones are (at the moment).
The first outing was on the Sunday before Christmas. No snow due until after dark, but the moors above Hartington hosted a veritable blizzard by early afternoon: so bad we abandoned the car later that p.m. on the Buxton road. Warm dry legs throughout. Snow still everywhere, several very snowy walks later, kneeling in the snow a couple of times (can’t remember why) and I’m still impressed.
My children refer to them as ‘Storm Trooper Trousers’ – they certainly look purposeful and so far they are…

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